Translucent Marble Stone—Ultra-thin Marble Stone

Stone is also a great tool for designers to improve the design scheme. Its original texture and unique texture are also a major feature when used properly. Everyone is also changing the use range and characteristics of traditional stone through new technologies and new processes, such as thinner, lighter, bendable and so on. Now, these […]

Top 10 Premium Home Decor Grey Marbles

Once upon a time, beige marble dominated the stone industry, creating many classic and luxurious European-style decorations. With the changes in aesthetics and audiences, the rise of the post-80s and 90s, and now the market has become the world of white stone and gray stone. Much has been said about grey marble. Various marble varieties […]

Why Do People like to Use Marble for Decoration Now?

As the main material of interior decoration, marble is full of classic texture and luxurious and elegant temperament. Marble’s natural texture is the pursuit of fashion. Recombining typesetting and splicing, the texture is melodious and undulating, which brings infinite refinement, fashion and luxury. Today, let’s take a look at the five characteristics of marble and why […]

Explore the World of Quartzite

In recent years, the stone industry, including designers and home decoration circles, all know the name quartzite, and they all know that quartzite is more beautiful, high-end and noble. So what’s so special about quartzite? What kind of stone belongs to quartzite? What are the varieties of quartzite? Let’s talk today. Quartzite, derived from the precipitation […]

The Most Classic 4 Marble Vanities

The bathroom washbasin is a very important part in the interior decoration. To make good use of the bathroom space, the design of the washbasin is very important. When using marble as the washbasin in the bathroom, it is necessary to pay attention to the bonding between the basin under the washbasin and the marble […]