How to Differentiate Between 3 Popular Types of Artificial Stone?


Engineered stone is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen and bathroom designs. They offer a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-clean option while also allowing designers and homeowners greater flexibility with color, grain, and texture. In this rapidly growing market, artificial quartz, artificial marble and artificial solid surface solids are among the most popular choices. However, to […]

What Is Artificial Marble?


Artificial marble, a favored material in modern architecture and interior design, has attracted much attention for its versatile appearance, durability and relatively low cost. In the field of architecture and design, artificial marble has not only become an alternative to natural marble, but has also become an independent design element through its unique characteristics. This […]

What Is Artificial Quartz Stone?


Choosing the right stone material is an important decision when we are considering a renovation or construction project. In this field, artificial quartz stone has become one of the increasingly popular choices. Its unique appearance and performance make it popular for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other surface applications. This article will explore the advantages, […]

Why Is Waterjet Cutting Better Than Traditional Cutting?


Marble, a stone with a noble and elegant appearance, has always been the darling of architecture and art. Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application of waterjet cutting technology has made the processing of marble more precise and efficient. Waterjet cutting not only provides new possibilities for marble carving, decoration and […]

Typography Design of Marble Stone


Natural marble, because of its natural texture and high-grade texture, is loved by people, and it is also a common material for high-end decoration. As we all know, natural marble is the treasure of the earth and the product of nature. The texture accumulated over hundreds of millions of years is the object that many […]