A Brief Guide to Onyx Marble


Onyx marble is a mysterious stone that weaves a complex tapestry of geological history and natural art. It stands out for its unique crystal structure, created after hundreds of millions of years of intense metamorphosis and recrystallization. Onyx marble exudes a warm glow and is known for its refined decorative effect. Onyx marble is notable […]

How to Maintain Onyx Surfaces?


Onyx, this elegant and precious stone, is unique in interior design with its unique texture, color and gorgeous appearance. Its unique aesthetic value and highly ornamental appearance make it a treasure pursued by many decoration designers and owners. However, to maintain the beauty and durability of onyx countertops, proper care and maintenance is crucial. This […]

How to Clean Onyx Surfaces?


Gentle cleansers, gentle cleaning tools, and avoiding the use of acids are essential to maintaining the appearance of Onyx. In addition, regular sealing and maintenance are also key steps to maintain the beauty of Onyx. Whether in a domestic setting or a commercial setting, the right cleaning methods can ensure your Onyx retains its dazzling […]

Mysterious, Luxurious and Noble Granite Color


In the world of decorative stone, black granite and golden granite are highly coveted for their distinct looks and properties. Black granite is known for its deep, noble atmosphere, with its unique texture and black tones adding a sense of mystery and modernity to a space. Golden granite exudes a warm and luxurious atmosphere, and […]

What Are the Colorful Granite Colors?


Although most granite is predominantly gray, pink, black, or white, blue and other colorful variations are sometimes available. Blue granite is usually formed from blue minerals such as kyanite (lapis lazuli) or blue plagioclase. This blue color can range from dark blue to light blue, and sometimes even takes the form of spots or stripes. […]

Elegant and Stylish Granite Colors for 2023


Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, making it suitable for a variety of interior and exterior design scenarios. From classic grays to warm golden tones, or even statement blues, greens or reds, granite in a variety of colors can bring a unique visual impact to a design. Different colors of granite […]