10 Best Grey Marbles and Tips for Buying

As we all know, marble is a very common interior decoration material and has a good decoration effect, so what are the main components of marble? What are the advantages of this finishing material? What are the properties and uses of marble? The following will answer these questions for you by introducing 10 kind gray marbles.

Types of Marble

1. Pietra Grey

Variety name: Pietra Grey

Color: Gray and other plain colors

Texture style: Irregular texture

Scope of application: Indoor floor, indoor wall

Features: With everyone’s respect for minimalism, low-key, unassuming but with high-level temperament, ‘gray’ has become more and more everyone’s favorite. ‘Gray’ is neither heavy makeup nor understatement, it has a mid-tone, and it is the most versatile tone. The mildness, fashion, and simplicity of gray give infinite beauty to the space. Today we are going to learn about a grey marble – Pietra Grey.

The background color of Pietra Grey is gray, and the layout is pure; the lines are simple and special, such as lightning-shaped white lines are evenly distributed, and the thickness and thickness are harmonious, making the entire layout appear clear and neat; the color matching and texture structure are very comfortable, simple and generous. Pietra Grey appearance is simple, elegant and unique.

As one of the popular gray marble varieties in 2022, Pietra Grey has a delicate and deep gray color, revealing a strong personality in its solemnity. The appearance is advanced, elegant and unique. The perfect combination of texture and gloss allows it to create extraordinary effects in different environmental spaces.

Pietra Grey actually has many variations. It is high-cold literature and art, applied to the product, giving the space infinite beauty. Its appearance texture is like nero marquina, or Lauren Black Gold Lauren Black Gold; different from their dark black, Pietra Grey gray bases, with white, gold, brown border lines, the whole match is more modern, and its texture changes more is deeply loved by designers.

Application scenario:

Grey Marble Bathroom

Grey marble is used for indoor laying with a lightning-like white texture. It walks on the gray tone with a unique sense of luxury.  The texture is delicate and warm and looks comfortable.

It is a very good choice to use dark grey marble to decorate the bathroom. It is a little more advanced than white walls and has a stronger sense of design.

2. Grey Night Marble

Variety name: Grey Night Marble

Color: Gray

Texture style: Irregular texture

Scope of application: Indoor walls, cylinders, floors, stair steps, pillars, fireplaces, stair railings, stone carvings.

Features: In recent years, Grey Night Marble has led the trend of decoration. Grey Night Marble is between black and white. The overall feeling is fashion, high-end, low-key, restrained, and full of mystery. The fast-paced modern rhythm inevitably makes people look at life itself. The natural lines represent the eternity of art. No matter when and where, the pursuit of beautiful things will never stop.

Grey Night Marble ‘s elegant warm gray gives people a sense of dignity and texture, and the silky white patterns are casually scattered on the gray background, which is elegant and soft. The low-key color interprets the sense of luxury.

Application scenario: The Gray Night Marble surface texture is formed by elegant small dark grey and crystal spots, like lightning flashes in a grey sky.

Grey marble slabs looming lines, changeable textures, and good visual effects; deep gray and flickering beige blend naturally, making the paving effect natural; showing elegant texture, giving people a calm and down-to-earth comfortable feeling.

Grey Marble Bathroom

3. Armani Grey Marble

Variety name: Armani Grey Marble

Color: Grey and white

Texture style: Random uniform distribution

Scope of application: Commonly used in indoor floors, walls, countertops, background walls, pillars, door covers, skirtings, etc., in a wide range.

Features: Armani Grey Marble uses gray as the base and is decorated with flexible white and brown lines. Light grey marble has the style of high-grade gray and elegant texture. It has the advantages of good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance and small temperature deformation. The elegance and nobility of Armani Grey Marble seems to be innate, and only the word exquisite can interpret it. It can be both fashionable and classical, suitable for various styles of decoration, simple style, classic style, and modern style.

Application scenario: The Armani Grey Marble decoration effect of stair laying is very good, low-key, and high-end.

4. Tundra Grey Marble

Variety name: Tundra Grey Marble

Color: Grey and white

Texture style: Lump flow pattern 

Scope of application: Living room, room, kitchen, stairs, etc.

Features: Tundra Grey Marble is not as absolute as black and white, but it is softer and more inclusive and elegant. From the field of art to the fashion industry, from architectural works to interior space decoration, you can see that the matching application of gray is timeless. The classic gray color is simple and clear, dignified and generous, it is a low-key luxury, and it is also a high-profile gentleness. Gray can always occupy a place, and the floor is made of gray marble, creating a calm and ideal home environment. High-grade gray, the ultimate interpretation of fashion and elegance, exquisite and calm.

Application scenario: The light gray base color is scattered with irregular white textures, and the overall tone is warmer, bringing a warmth to the cool modern decoration.

Grey Marble Livingroom

5. Grey William Marble

Variety name: Grey William Marble

Color: Gray

Texture style: Mesh texture

Scope of application: Indoor walls, floors, shopping malls, exhibition halls

Features: Grey William Marble belongs to the high-end stone in the grey marble series. The characteristic is a color-stable, clear-textured stone. It has a very strong decorative effect on the texture improvement of the whole space. Good wear resistance, not easy to age.

Application scenario: Grey William Marble is a very mysterious color, and its rich sense of layers and colors is intoxicating and deeply loved by people. It is becoming more and more popular in the interior design industry, and its casual collocation is favored by designers. It not only has a style, but also hides a design pattern. Grey marble occupies a large proportion in the stone market.

Factory Photo for Grey Marble Slab

6. Grey Emperador Marble

Variety name: Grey Emperador Marble

Color: Grey

Texture style: Irregular texture

Scope of application: Suitable for indoor floor and wall paving, stairs

Features: Grey Emperador Marble has rich texture and unique modern artistic texture; excellent layered color; low-key fashion and strong decoration; fine material and good gloss. Applicable to various styles, Grey Emperador Marble can sublimate the design sense of the space very well.

Application scenarios: A large area of grey marble slabs is used to lay the ground, and the entire space belongs to the modern minimalist design style, creating a comfortable, warm and simple atmosphere.

Grey Emperador Marble is also very effective in the kitchen, and the overall space is simple and atmospheric.

7. Calacatta Grey Marble

Variety name: Calacatta Grey Marble

Color: Grey, white

Texture style: Irregular texture

Scope of application: Villas, walls, floors, counters, hotel lobbies, etc.

Features: Calacatta Grey is mainly based on gray lines and white board surfaces, with high oiliness, small color difference, natural transparency and fineness, and large texture is very atmospheric. Calacatta Grey itself has a very strong contrast, if you choose a large area of paving, you can make the whole space unique and casual. As a single product, it can also make this single product full of luxury. The gray tone is full of pure texture, and the fish maw-like texture is imaginative, as if you are in the wild!

Application scenarios: Calacatta Grey for kitchen countertops and islands looks great.

8. Grey Travertine Marble

Variety name: Grey Travertine Marble

Color: Grey

Texture style: Water pattern

Scope of application: Grey Travertine Marble is not only suitable for indoors, but also for outdoor use. It can be used for floors, walls, facades, background walls and countertops. You can use it in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, toilets, entrances, corridors, swimming pool decks or other Decorative uses, especially floor coverings with Grey Travertine Marble are very popular.

Features: The main difference between Grey Travertine Marble and other natural stones is the formation, hardness of the rock, its fibrous structure and the appearance of the holes. The main feature of the silver-gray hole is that there are naturally occurring pits on the surface of the stone, and the special texture creates a layered spatial layout. Paired with shades of shades and textures with just the right benefits, it’s classy but not too cold, giving it a sense of comfort.

Application scenario: Art created by nature, Grey Travertine Marble ancient tones can give your space a natural, rustic yet stylish appeal, and you can use Grey Travertine Marble to add extra appeal to your floor coverings. Walls and floors made of Grey Travertine Marble can be used for a long time and stand the test of time and even history!

9. Invisible Grey Marble

Variety name: Invisible Grey Marble

Color: Black, grey, white

Texture style: Irregular texture

Scope of application: Indoor, island, background wall

Features: Whether it is the application of building commercial space, or the interior decoration of living room, bathroom, wall and floor, home background wall, home cabinet and wardrobe customization field. Invisible Grey Marble can always bring people the appropriate aesthetic sense of space, or grand atmosphere, or leisure and romance, full of artistic atmosphere. It can be matched with various decoration styles, and the style is durable and will not be out of date.

Application scenario: A wide range of grey applications enhances the application of other hues, blending understated whites with bold blacks to enhance the atmosphere of the space.

Invisible Grey Marble

10. Burberry Grey Marble

Variety name: Burberry Grey Marble

Color: Grey

Texture style: Irregular texture

Scope of application: Wall, desktop, floor, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Features: The tone of Burberry Grey Marble is soft and elegant, luxurious, and generous, with classical beauty and royal style. After polishing, Burberry Grey Marble is crystal clear and has a smooth and natural stone texture. It is different from the general gray marble surface which has no luminosity structure. The color is clear and delicate, and the glamorous brilliance reflects its noble and elegant quality.

Application scenario: Burberry Grey Marble is a high-grade warm gray marble with lightning-like golden patterns evenly distributed. Its appearance is simple and elegant, and it has become one of the popular colors to replace the beige series of stones. It is suitable for large-scale use and can fully reflect the designer’s ingenious ideas and exquisite creativity.

Burbberry Grey Marble Flooring

So here 10 kinds of gray marbles have been introduced, and it is not enough to know these. Next, George Stone will give some tips on how to buy marbles.

Tips for Buying Marble

1. Choose the right color and pattern. When you choose a color, you can ask the merchant to provide a small sample and check the goods against the small sample when picking up the goods. It is required that the color difference is small, and the patterns are roughly the same or similar.

2. Confirm whether there are cracks or bumps on the surface. Marble is a natural product, and the surface will inevitably have defects. A few holes are acceptable and can be repaired after polishing and filling. However, pay special attention to whether there are cracks or bumps on the marble surface.

3. Pay attention to the processing accuracy of the grey marble slabs. Natural stone floors are processed by mechanical sawing, planning, or grinding and cutting. The finely processed stone should be regular and tidy, so that the quality of the stone floor can be guaranteed. In order to prevent irregularities, you can stack two stone floor surfaces when purchasing to see whether the specifications of the stone floor are consistent, whether the surface is flat, and whether there are defects such as warping and depression.

4. Pay attention to the marble pattern. When choosing marble slabs, various patterns and shapes can be spliced together, but attention should be paid to the matching degree of patterns and colors to avoid too much messy style and affect the aesthetics.

The above is the whole content of this article. George Marble hopes to be helpful to you. Thank you for reading. If you are interested in stone, you are welcome to consult George Marble.

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