11 Best Places for Practical Marble Home Design

In the design and decoration, some people like Chinese style, some people like European style, and some people like wood. Everyone’s preferences are different, but it’s amazing that everyone is not disgusted with marble at all. On the contrary, marble can be integrated into various design and decoration styles, and it can also bring out another level of beauty.

Today, 13 general home spaces can also be modified with marble design applications, so that your home can also be filled with light luxury and fashion life aesthetics.

Table of Contents

I. Marble design for living room

1. Marble Porch

The design of the entrance has always been a key point. The marble has a high-end temperament and beautiful natural texture. It can be said that it is very suitable to decorate the entrance. At the entrance, marble can be used as a background or as a floor.


2. Marble door sill

The threshold stone is also called the door stone, which is generally used for the connection between two spaces, and is often found at the door of the room. The waterproof effect of marble used as threshold stone is very good, and it also looks very advanced. The gray-white color of marble is the most popular and is a versatile color. Black and dark gray need to have soft color matching before they can be used. For the beige floor, it is best not to choose the threshold stone with heavier color, and the first choice is light coffee color, beige and other earth colors.

3. Marble TV background wall

Everyone has arrived at a brand new home space. If the owner has no special needs and hobbies, the living room area is usually after the entrance. The main visual direction of the living room is the TV wall. The TV wall is the first impression of home style! In order to show elegance, grandeur, and light luxury, marble can be chosen as the TV wall to show the bearing. For example, the simple and refreshing Carrara white marble from Italy, the temperamental silver fox marble, and the classic and calm black marble are all common. choice of TV wall.

4. Marble background

The background wall is the focus of home improvement, and natural marble has always been popular as a high-quality background wall material. Marble has excellent plasticity and decoration, and can create various styles, European style, Chinese style, luxurious and simple, exuding unparalleled charm.


In addition to observing the texture, flowers and colors of marble, its hardness and color can also be explored in depth. As for which stone is suitable for your home, it is recommended that you directly ask a professional stone brand like George Stone or a matching interior designer. Learn more about.

5. Marble stairs


As the most important part of the stair structure, the steps of the stairs are related to the service life of the stairs, which are both dur able and beautiful. That is none other than natural stone. Natural marble stairs have many advantages, such as high appearance, strong wear resistance, no deformation, and can process various edge effects.

II. Marble design for dining room

6. Marble dining room floor

Many homeowners will decorate the living room beautifully, but often ignore the largest proportion of the floor in the room, and the details that really show the taste are often in the restaurant area, so the restaurant floor is a key to creating an affordable luxury home. Especially now, many young people like open kitchen space. From 300 square meters of mansions to 30 square meters of old apartments, open dining and kitchen spaces can be achieved. A well-chosen restaurant floor stone can enhance the style and taste.

7. Marble island kitchen

Nowadays, many families choose to design the island bar when decorating the kitchen. The marble countertop is very low-key and luxurious. With the lighting, it is romantic and sentimental. From the restaurant floor to the bar, the marble design is used, and its appearance is exquisite. Beautiful and noble, it instantly makes the overall three-dimensional sense of the dining and kitchen space at home more prominent, as if a mysterious private bar was created for oneself at home, bringing more layers to the home.

III. Marble design for bedroom

Marble is the preferred keyword for a stylish room that wants to have a dreamy but high-quality, attractive and temperamental room but don’t know how to start decorating it! It is not necessary to fill the whole room with marble, as long as the proportion of stone is properly adjusted, you can also have a warm, warm and comfortable bedroom space at the same time.

8. Marble window sill

There are also many building materials for decorating window sills, but most people choose to use marble when decorating window sills. Why?

The choice of the window sill is related to the practicability, aesthetics and safety of the bay window. There are many window sill decoration materials on the market, including marble, granite, artificial stone, and wood window sills.

Among the many materials, marble should be the first choice for window sills. The color and texture of marble are beautiful and durable, and it is not afraid of the sun. It doesn’t matter if a little rain comes occasionally on rainy days. Marble has good moisture resistance and is easy to clean in daily household use.

9. Marble decoration and storage

When using marble for decoration, there are often leftovers from cutting stone, so don’t be in a hurry to throw it away! These stone residues can be used in the production of sills, window frames and other slender places. If the remaining material is of appropriate size, it can also be made into a sofa side table and small coffee table. In addition, it is also possible to use ingenuity to make the remaining stone materials into paper boxes, storage trays, cutting boards, and armrests next to the sofa. Not only make the best use of everything, but the overall style of the interior is more consistent, showing personal taste in every detail, creating a light luxury boutique residence with zero dead ends!

IV. Marble design for bathroom

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, laying natural marble in the bathroom has gradually become a fashion. The color, pattern and texture of the stone are often selected according to the subjective feeling of the owner. The decorative stones commonly used in bathrooms are mainly marble and granite. Generally, we like to use marble as the decorative countertop of the washstand. Light-colored marble is the most popular choice for decorating bathroom equipment. It looks bright and refreshing, and can improve the texture of the space from the layout itself. The glossiness of itself shows a beautiful texture.

The floors and walls of the bathroom are decorated with more high-grade natural marble, which adds a bit of an elegant atmosphere to the bathroom. If you want to add a little more personality, you can also choose dark marble, so that the unique luster of the stone is in the dense water. The air is soft and blooming, creating a bathroom space that is full of modernity, exquisite and luxurious, like a movie scene.

10. Marble basin

If you want the bathroom to be more upscale and have a modern home environment, it is very suitable to use some marble as the countertop of the bathroom cabinet during the decoration process. The texture of each piece of marble is different, revealing a mysterious and fascinating luxury and extraordinary temperament. Marble used in every corner can bring a visual feast.


11. Marble bath plate


The shower room is a special location. Using marble as the shower panel can be done with grooves or rough surface treatment, which is easy to clean, non-slip and beautiful. The anti-slip grooved plate protruding in the middle is surrounded by water guide grooves, which makes the space more distinct and makes the simple bathroom more intelligent; marble can also play a non-slip effect, and can also bring comfort to the soles of the feet.

V. Conclusion

Finally, as long as you want to add or transform a marble design at home, you must first consult a professional marble supplier like George Marble, because each stone is mined from different countries and regions, showing unique and meticulous texture, color, knowledge There are really too many. Only through experts can you spend every penny worthwhile, and truly give full play to the characteristics of stone, and make up a fashionable life field!

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