Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing Onyx Marble for Shower Walls


Onyx marble shower walls have always been admired for their luxurious and unique appearance, and onyx marble is in a league of its own in this area. Its natural texture, rich color and luster make onyx marble a unique choice for bathroom decoration.

However, while onyx marble shower walls are aesthetically unique, they also require some special considerations for their maintenance and use. From cleaning to protecting, this article will take an in-depth look at the properties of onyx marble shower walls to help you better understand how to care for and appreciate the exceptional beauty of this stone.

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Table of Contents

I. Advantages of onyx marble shower wall

1. Extraordinary appearance

Onyx marble shower walls have always been admired for their luxurious and unique appearance, and onyx marble is in a league of its own in this area. Its natural texture, rich color and luster make onyx marble a unique choice for bathroom decoration.

However, while onyx marble shower walls are aesthetically unique, they also require some special considerations for their maintenance and use. From cleaning to protecting, this article will take an in-depth look at the properties of onyx marble shower walls to help you better understand how to care for and appreciate the exceptional beauty of this stone.

2. Multiple colors

As an option for bathroom shower walls, onyx marble is known for its variety of colors. Available in a wide range of color options, this stone offers flexibility and room for personalization in bathroom design. Onyx marble is available in a wide range of color options. It comes in pastel colors and solid colors like white, pink, blue, gold, green and yellow. It also comes in a variety of natural designs such as swirl patterns and colorful textures.

Onyx marble in these colors not only provides diverse options for shower walls, but also brings richer expression to bathroom design. Whether you are pursuing classic and elegance, or uniqueness and fashion, onyx marble can meet the needs of different design styles to create a personalized and impressive bathroom space.

So, if you are looking for luxury bathroom remodeling ideas, use onyx. It also comes in different finishes such as matte and glossy. These options give you more room to be creative with your design.

3. Luxurious feeling

Onyx marble is a high-end marble whose natural and precious material gives the shower wall a luxurious feel. Marble has always been regarded as a representative of luxury building materials. Its unique texture, luster and rarity make any space using marble appear noble and noble.

Onyx marble shower walls show a sense of luxury, making the entire bathroom space more noble and elegant. This material gives the bathroom a warm and aristocratic atmosphere.

4. Translucent effect/backlight option

One special thing about onyx marble is that it is translucent. This means it can be backlit, creating the atmosphere-enhancing illusion of glowing stone.

Onyx marble is translucent. When water flows through the wall, the stone will show a soft light and shadow effect, injecting romance and tranquility into the shower space.


5. Durable

With careful care, onyx marble can retain its charm and integrity for decades. Onyx marble is more durable than many other surfaces, providing a unique beauty that can be passed down from generation to generation.

You’ll find that many onyx marble bathroom fixtures come with warranties ranging from a 10-year warranty to a lifetime warranty. As a natural stone, you can expect it to last just as long as marble. However, some forms of onyx come with solid surface applications, which may shorten the lifespan in some cases.

6. Highly customizable

Onyx marble can be customized according to personal preferences to meet different design needs. Onyx blocks can be chosen in different colors and sizes to create unique bathroom designs.

Onyx marble can be cut and customized to fit different shower wall shapes and sizes. This provides designers and users with greater space creativity and personalization options.

Onyx marble can also choose different surface treatments, such as smooth, polished, frosted, etc., to meet users’ personalized requirements for surface texture and gloss.

Onyx marble can be combined with other materials or colors to create a personalized bathroom design. For example, it can be combined with metal, glass or other marble materials to create a unique and harmonious effect.

7. Environmentally friendly

One of the most important things we look for in interior materials is how safe they are. This is especially true for children and people with weakened immune systems, but it should work for everyone.

Unlike other materials, onyx marble does not emit harmful chemicals into the air once heated. Since onyx is a natural stone, the only thing that evaporates after a hot shower is the hot steam itself.

8. Easy to install

Onyx marble shower walls are equipped with prefabricated shower bases. There are many ways to install onyx marble shower walls. You can choose to use adhesive bonding, mechanical fixing, or other professional stone installation systems.

Each method has its own unique installation steps and requirements. Using a professional installation team or following the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer is key to ensuring proper installation.

9. Resist grouting

Onyx marble background wall is a kind of natural stone. Its unique texture and color can form a continuous and smooth visual effect on the entire wall. Eliminating grout lines helps maintain the integrity of your marble walls, creating a more elegant and seamless look.

Onyx marble is a complete unit so there are no grout lines. This saves you from having to clean up grout buildup. Because it is seamless, there is no need to use large amounts of caulk during installation.

Designs without grout lines may be easier to clean because there are no gaps where scale, mold, or other dirt can collect. This helps maintain a tidy and hygienic appearance of your shower wall.

Tips: Be aware that eliminating grout lines may increase the risk of moisture penetration because there is no filler to prevent moisture from penetrating into the interior of the wall. Therefore, when choosing a design that eliminates grout lines, appropriate waterproofing measures need to be taken to ensure the waterproofness of the shower area. If you are unsure whether a design is suitable for a particular environment, seek the advice of a professional designer or contractor.

10. Quickly heat water

If you’ve ever stood around waiting for your shower to heat up before getting in, an onyx marble shower wall is your solution! Onyx is a stone that can hold natural heat, that is, natural solar energy. For example, an onyx water heater can even extract heat from the air, thereby heating the water even further.

For showers, just know that an onyx shower will heat up more easily, but it will also retain heat for a while. This is because onyx marble has tiny pores that retain heat. This advantage makes it easy to have a hot shower and lower your water bill.

11. Easy to clean

The surface of onyx marble is impermeable. This means that water or any other liquid cannot pass through the surface of the onyx shower head. This feature alone makes it easier to clean and more hygienic, which is exactly what we need in the shower! Since water cannot easily penetrate its surface, the possibility of bacterial growth is greatly reduced.

The surface of onyx marble is usually fairly smooth, which helps prevent water and soap stains from settling on the surface. The smooth surface makes the cleaning process easier and can be wiped clean quickly. Use a mild, pH-balanced cleaner to wipe down onyx marble shower wall surfaces. Avoid using highly acidic or alkaline cleaners as they may damage the surface.

II. Precautions

As with any stone surface, there are many things to consider when considering onyx marble for various applications. If you’re particularly interested in onyx shower walls, here are some important factors to consider:

1. Sealant required

Regular sealing of onyx is highly recommended as it is porous like many other natural stone varieties. This maintenance step is especially important in high-humidity areas like showers or bathtubs. For onyx shower walls, sealing prevents water, bacteria, bath and body products, and other substances from discoloring or intruding into the stone.

2. Softer than other natural stones

Onyx is soft and delicate compared to granite, marble and quartzite. In turn, it’s not the best choice for high-traffic areas.

Onyx marble shower walls come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. It’s also scratch-resistant and fire-resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as hotels or hospitals where cleanliness can be an issue.


III. Disadvantages of onyx marble shower wall

1. Fragile

Although onyx marble is tough enough to resist scratches, it can be very fragile when cut. In order to install an onyx shower enclosure, it must first be cut into large panels, which can damage the stone in the process.

However, you’re most likely not the one doing the cutting, so this may not be a cause for concern. Additionally, once installed, it is difficult to damage onyx panels, especially in the case of a shower.

2. Easily scratched

Onyx marble is relatively soft and easily scratched by hard or sharp objects. In the shower area, various items may come into contact frequently, so care needs to be taken to prevent scratches.

3. Expensive

Onyx carries the word luxury. So it’s no surprise that it’s expensive. Onyx marble is a high-end stone material whose procurement and installation costs are relatively high. This can make Onyx marble shower walls more expensive compared to other materials.

4. Maintenance work is difficult

While installing an onyx marble shower wall is relatively easy and inexpensive, its maintenance is not. That’s because there are not many families using onyx shower heads, so there are very few people who specialize in repairing them. Cutting the onyx marble panels and finding replacements was also a challenge.

Onyx marble shower wall repair may require specialized skills and tools, including stone restoration techniques, color matching skills, and an in-depth understanding of marble’s properties. This makes repairs more specialized and complex.

5. You need to maintain it carefully

Over-the-counter bleach cleaners are not suitable for use on onyx surfaces. The recommended cleaning process uses warm soapy water and contains no harsh chemicals. You may also choose to purchase specialized natural stone cleaning supplies. These supplies add cost but make maintenance easier.

However, you can also clean onyx with vinegar, which may save you time and money. Use a mild, pH-balanced cleaner for cleaning, and avoid cleaners that are too acidic or alkaline. Special stone cleaners and tools may be required to maintain the shine and texture of your onyx marble surface.

IV. Conclusion

While appreciating the unique beauty of onyx marble shower walls, we should also be aware of its special characteristics and some points that require careful maintenance. The elegant look and natural texture of this stone infuses luxury and character into bathroom spaces, but with it comes responsibility for maintenance.

By regular cleaning, sealing, and avoiding the use of substances that may damage the stone, we can extend the life of your onyx marble shower wall and ensure it retains its original shine and charm. There is no denying that understanding and adopting the correct maintenance methods is crucial when appreciating this miraculous natural stone.

Therefore, investing in onyx marble shower walls is not only an upgrade of the bathroom space, but also the pursuit of exquisite life. While appreciating this natural beauty, let us treat it with caution, so that the onyx marble shower wall can continue to exude its unique charm in the bathroom and become the eternal beauty of the space.

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