Comprehensive Guide: How to Choose Onyx Marble?


Onyx marble is popular as a unique and beautiful stone in interior decoration and design. Its translucency, exotic textures and variety of colors make it ideal for many projects.

However, when choosing Onyx marble, there are some key factors to pay attention to to ensure you get a high-quality stone that meets your design needs and enhances the aesthetics of your space.

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Table of Contents

I. Examine color and texture

● Colorful appearance

Onyx Marble is known for its rich colors, choose the hue that suits your design style and pay attention to the uniformity of the color.

● Texture characteristics

Carefully observe the texture of the stone, choose a texture style that meets the space requirements, and consider the natural beauty of the texture.

Onyx marble types to choose from

Onyx marble is available in a variety of types and colors, including white, green, and pink onyx. Additionally, each type of stone has its own unique patterns and colors, making it a popular choice for a variety of design projects.

1. White onyx marble

Types: Indian white onyx, white crystal onyx, white onyx and white tiger onyx.

Application areas: It can be used in both commercial and residential settings. Stone is primarily used as a solid surface option, usually flooring or countertops. White onyx is often used for decorative purposes such as countertops, backsplashes, and accent walls.

White onyx marble is a timeless classic that transforms any space into a sparkling haven. White onyx marble is the leader among gemstones. White onyx marble is predominantly white, and may have hints of grey, beige or yellowish tones. The color is beautiful, thin, and the texture is unique. It features a beautiful white icy background with gold and gray textures. Its translucent effect shows a unique beauty under the light.

This is one of the best products for decorating the interior furniture and furnishings of your home. It often brings a stylish feel to homes with hardwood or stone floors. If white onyx is backlit by LED lights, it will create a magical atmosphere, producing a huge and charming effect.

2. Green onyx marble

Types: Light green onyx marble, green onyx marble.

Application areas: The perfect stone for kitchen countertops, vanities, flooring, kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces and tabletops.

Green onyx marble is a gemstone that ranges in color from light green to dark green. Whether you are looking for color or texture, it is a versatile material that can complement any building project and is suitable for outdoor spaces due to its low absorption capacity.

Its smooth texture brings a royal and rich look to your design space. This stone has some premium properties as well as health benefits. This stone has beautiful green waves.

3. Blue onyx marble

Application areas: Blue Onyx Marble is commonly used in interior design, sculpture and decorative projects. It can be used to create countertops, walls, floors, or to engrave artwork and decorations.

The predominant color of blue onyx marble is deep blue, but it may also include shades of light blue, sky blue, or violet, often with natural veining and patterns. The veins and patterns of blue onyx marble vary from stone to stone. Its texture may be abstract and fluid, or it may exhibit natural lines and patterns, making each piece of blue onyx marble unique.

Blue onyx marble is often used in design to create an atmosphere of tranquility and calm. Due to its deep blue color, blue onyx marble blends well into both modern and traditional design styles. It brings a sense of elegance and luxury to the space.

4. Red onyx marble

Application areas: Onyx marble is often used in interior decoration such as floors, walls, countertops and wall cladding. Due to its beautiful appearance, it may also be used in carving and art production.

Onyx marble is predominantly red and may appear in light red, pink or deep red tones. Often exhibiting unique textures and patterns, onyx is often used to create warm and vibrant spaces.

Onyx marble is a fairly bold and loud choice for homes with a more vintage look. The deep red hue is paired with beautiful patterns and textures to create a beautiful metallic vintage look, creating a very lively, welcoming and cheerful tone! Gorgeous vermilion adds an air of mysterious luxury to any room with bold strokes.


5. Pink Onyx Marble

Application areas: Pink Onyx Marble is primarily used for decorative purposes such as tabletops, vases, and decorative items, and its unique color and texture make it an eye-catching element in designs.

Pink Onyx Marble is a rare and beautiful gemstone that is primarily pink in color with unique pink and white streaks. The appearance is unique and gives a warm and soft feeling. Pink Onyx Marble is both opulent and beautiful, making it a unique and stylish stone for any living space.

Due to the warmth of pink, pink onyx marble is suitable for a variety of decorating styles, integrating well into designs from traditional to contemporary.

6. Honey onyx marble/Yellow onyx marble

Types: Cloud Onyx Marble, Honey Caramel Onyx Marble, Rainbow Cream Onyx Marble, Multicolor Onyx Marble and Turkish Onyx Marble.

Application areas: It is perfect for bar tops, walls, floors, desk tops, countertops and kitchen backsplashes.

Honey onyx marble, also known as yellow onyx marble, orange onyx marble and golden onyx marble, honey onyx marble is one of the finest gemstones on the market with rich honey tones of caramel, tan, beige, ivory with a soft Clouds and swirls pattern.

Honey onyx marble may have light or dark yellow variations. Yellow onyx marble is often used in interior design to create a warm and bright atmosphere. To fully embrace this natural work of art, you have to experience its versatility and durability for yourself.

7. Black onyx marble

Application areas: Due to its beautiful appearance, black onyx marble is often used in the making of jewelry and decorations. In architecture and interior decoration, similar-looking black marble varieties, such as black granite or black marble, may be more common, used for floors, walls, countertops, and more.

Black onyx marble is characterized by its deep black color, which can have shades of grey, blue or purple. Usually exhibits a glossy surface. Its appearance can be textured, speckled or otherwise patterned, exuding sophistication, luxury and pure elegance, giving the space a sense of depth and mystery in the design.

The most popular type of onyx marble is black onyx marble, which makes the most impression due to its super rich and sophisticated appearance. The natural textures and patterns on this stone combined with its translucent properties make it the perfect choice for those who want to create a sophisticated and modern look. It can also work wonders if you want to achieve a luxurious minimalist look, from bathroom wall tiles to kitchen countertops and even floors. Black onyx marble often carries a sense of luxury and elegance in design. It’s suitable for a variety of decorating styles, from modern to classic.

8. Brown onyx marble

Application areas: Brown marble is widely used in interior decoration and can be used for floors, walls, countertops, etc. Due to its natural appearance, it is suitable for a variety of decorating styles.

Brown marble is usually predominantly brown and may contain other colors in the veins and patterns. It may exhibit natural texture, spots, or other unique appearance.

Brown onyx marble comes in a variety of patterns, from dark brown shades with lighter veins and patterns to lighter shades of brown onyx marble with reddish veins and patterns.

Brown onyx marble often has a warm and natural feel to the design and is suitable for modern, traditional and various other decorative styles. If you’re looking for an earthy vibe when building your space, brown onyx marble will satisfy all your needs. When you want to achieve a natural earthy look while still being very sophisticated and elegant, these stones will impress!


II. Consider transparency

● Light effect

Considering the performance of Onyx Marble under light, stones with higher transparency can present a more unique effect under light.

● Design lighting

If you need to apply it to lighting design, choose onyx marble, which is more sensitive to light transmission, to create a unique lighting atmosphere.

Onyx marble is a translucent marble that is unique in its ability to transmit light, revealing beautiful texture and color. Due to its translucency, Onyx marble is often used in lighting projects such as lampshades, chandeliers, table lamps, etc. to take full advantage of its transparency effect.

It’s worth noting that the degree of transparency of Onyx marble may vary depending on its specific variety and thickness. Some varieties of Onyx marble may be more transparent, while others may be slightly cloudy. When selecting and using Onyx marble, designers often consider the penetration of light and the overall appearance of the material.

If you have specific needs for the transparency of Onyx marble, it is recommended to speak with your supplier or dealer to learn about the transparency of their specific variety and how it can best be applied to your design project. They will usually be able to provide you with detailed information about the material’s properties and provide you with examples of transparency and light effects.

III. Observe the structure and texture of onyx marble

● Cracks and blemishes

Check the surface of the stone for excessive cracks and blemishes, which may affect the strength and beauty of the stone.

Ensure the uniformity of the stone to avoid inconsistent colors or too messy textures throughout the application.

● Uniformity

Ensure the uniformity of the stone to avoid inconsistent colors or too messy textures throughout the application.

Observation Items



Onyx marble may contain hairline cracks that are often formed during crustal movement and stone formation. In some cases, these cracks may be smaller and in other cases larger.


Air pores in onyx marble are small, naturally occurring voids that can occur when gases become trapped during the formation of the stone. These pores can create tiny holes in the material.

Mineral Texture

Imperfections in onyx marble may include uneven texture related to minerals. These textures may create spots or color changes on the surface of the material.

Blemishes and Imperfections

Onyx marble may have some minor blemishes and imperfections on its surface that may be introduced by natural formation processes or during quarrying and processing.

Color Difference

There may be slight color variations in different areas of onyx marble due to uneven distribution of minerals.

Color Uniformity

Observe the color consistency across the entire onyx marble surface. High-quality onyx marble should exhibit a relatively uniform color with no noticeable color differences.

Texture Uniformity

Texture should not be concentrated in specific areas, but should present a consistent overall texture. Consistent and clear grain contributes to the overall beauty of the stone.

Check steps

1. Direct observation

Before purchasing onyx marble it is best to look directly at an actual sample of the stone. This can help you see surface and interior features more clearly.

2. Light inspection

Use light on onyx marble to highlight cracks and imperfections in the surface. Seeing the stone through light makes it easier to detect possible invisible problems.

3. Observe the surface carefully

Pay attention to whether the surface is flat and smooth, and whether there are cracks, depressions or irregular textures. The surface of onyx marble should have a beautiful texture, but there should be no visible cracks.

4. Observe the color

Note the color consistency throughout the stone. Color differences may indicate uneven distribution of minerals, but excessive color differences may be a problem.

5. Find pores

Onyx marble may have pores, these are small voids that are often naturally occurring. When purchasing, look for air holes to make sure they are not too large or too dense.

6. Check the edges

Check that the edges of the stone are intact and that there are no cracks or chips. Make sure there are no obvious imperfections around the edges.

7. Ask suppliers

Speak with your stone supplier or dealer for more information about this onyx marble. They can often provide information about the stone’s properties and possible problems.

8. Request samples

If possible, request a sample of onyx marble for more detailed inspection. Cracks and imperfections are easier to spot when actually looking at a stone sample.

IV. On-site sampling

● Field visit

Observe onyx marble samples in the field as the stone appears differently in different lighting and environments.

● Tactile inspection

Touch onyx marble in person to feel its surface texture to ensure it meets your expectations of feel and texture.

V. Understand maintenance requirements

● Sealing and cleaning

Learn about the care requirements for onyx marble to determine whether regular sealing is needed and how to perform proper cleaning.

● Anti-fouling treatment

If necessary, consider anti-fouling treatment on onyx marble to enhance its anti-fouling properties.

For information on onyx marble cleaning, care and maintenance, check out our articles below:

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VI. Budget considerations

● Price difference

The price of onyx marble varies depending on the variety and quality. Choose a moderate variety according to the project budget.

● Purpose planning

Plan the budget according to the purpose of the stone to ensure that you do not overspend during the selection and customization process.

VII. Conclusion

When selecting and viewing onyx marble, it is best to examine the actual stone sample directly to get a clearer idea of its surface and interior features. If you are interested in a specific onyx marble variety, it is recommended to speak with a supplier or dealer for detailed product information and the opportunity to observe samples. They will often be able to provide you with detailed information about the stone’s properties and allow you to observe cracks and imperfections in the stone in person.

Onyx marble is a unique and wonderful stone that with careful selection you can create beautiful effects in your space. Follow this selection guide to bring the wonder stone to perfection in your designs.

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