Elegant and Stylish Granite Colors for 2023


Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, making it suitable for a variety of interior and exterior design scenarios. From classic grays to warm golden tones, or even statement blues, greens or reds, granite in a variety of colors can bring a unique visual impact to a design.

Different colors of granite have their own characteristics, such as neutral and modern gray tones, warmth and vitality of golden tones, and personality and exaggeration of other bright colors. These colors play different roles in space decoration, providing designers and occupants with a wealth of choices. Today, let’s dive into the features and applications of two of the most popular colors of granite, white and tan.

White granite and tan granite attract attention for their unique properties and charm. The two play different roles in design, bringing people different aesthetic feelings and functional requirements. This article will take an in-depth look at these two different colors of granite, revealing their properties, uses, and applications in interior and exterior design.

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Table of Contents

I. White granite countertops

When we introduce white granite countertops, most people will have a sense of identification. Because we often see white granite countertop products on the market. What is undisputed is that this material will continue the previous trend, because this material has been recognized by most countries and regions in the world.

White granite is a predominantly white variety of granite that may have a few spots, crystals, or veins of grey, black, or other lighter tones. White granite is popular for its clean, bright appearance and is often used for interior and exterior decoration. The white base can be matched with various design styles and decoration schemes, providing a fresh, modern atmosphere and adding brightness to the space.

White granite kitchen countertops embody sophistication and elegance. Color-wise, they offer maximum compatibility and look stylish on top of almost any kitchen cabinet color. While it’s impossible to buy pure white boards, their spots and irregular markings add to their unique character. It’s simple to get a stone that matches your preferred style because they are available in an array of hues.

1. White Galaxy Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $40 – $55/square foot


White Galaxy Granite is an elegant granite variety that is white in base with black or gray flecks and crystals that create nebula-like textures and patterns. Its name comes from its dotted appearance, scattered on a white background, creating a unique, gorgeous effect.

White Galaxy Granite looks exactly like Galaxy Granite. The light white background and black dots are like stars in the sky, which is unforgettable. This material is very color stable and can be cut into large sizes to meet the requirements of different tables. Especially when people use it on countertops, it can perfectly display the charm of natural granite. Its appearance makes the space appear bright and elegant, while also adding a sense of modernity and luxury.

2. River White Granite

Origin: India
Price: $40 – $60/square foot


River White Granite is an elegant granite variety that is predominantly white, often accompanied by light and dark gray veins, flecks or crystals. This stone often presents an elegant, fresh look, with its white base and gray flecks creating unique patterns.

River White Granite is not a new granite material, but a material that has been tested and approved by the market. At the same time, Indian granite has the advantages of their granite, competitive price, hard material, large size and can be cut. Of course, this material is also carefully designed. You can get your kitchen project approved by the end customer.

3. White Valley Granite

Origin: Brazil


If you like the classic appeal of black and white patterns, White Valley Granite is sure to appeal to you. It’s reminiscent of snowflakes on a windswept lava field, with a soft white background chewed by dense, dramatic lines of charcoal gray texture.

For this expressive pattern, it’s best to opt for simple, streamlined countertop edges, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid bold elements in the rest of the design. This granite variety comes into its own when set against rough-grained wood in a rustic, gleaming tawny or cherry color.

4. Pitaya White Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $80 – $100/square foot


Pitaya White Granite’s delicate, low-variation pattern offers excellent versatility, thanks to an icy white background sparsely dotted with black flecks. From a distance, it looks white, but upon closer inspection, the pattern really pops.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated yet relatively inert countertop material to complement other elements in your design, this granite variety can easily play a supporting role. It can also add a touch of depth and visual interest to an all-white kitchen or bathroom space.

5. White Ice Granite

Origin: Brazil


White Ice Granite typically has a predominantly white appearance that may be accompanied by gray, black, or dark gray flecks, crystals, or veins. This granite is popular for its bright, crisp look.

There’s a reason kitchen designers love White Ice Granite. With a background of bright white, light gray and cream and marked by black veins and flecks, this vibrant stone is the perfect statement piece for a range of kitchen designs.

It’ll undoubtedly add visual impact to bright white or light gray cabinets, but it’ll stand out more than chocolate mahogany or other dark woods that feature warm tones in the boards.

6. Colonial White Granite

Origin: India
Price: $80 – $100/square foot


Colonial White Granite is a common granite variety that is primarily white with varying shades of gray or black spots, crystals, or veins.

Colonial White Granite offers a refined beauty and cosmic appeal thanks to a soft white background sprinkled with flecks of silver and black and brushed with sparse, cloudy light grays and graphite. It gives a peaceful mood and is not boring at all.

This off-white granite has brown and rose-colored flakes, smoky gray patches with dark black flecks. Many people have commented that its markings look similar to the patterns in Cookies and Cream ice cream. The grains of Colonial White Granite are generally smaller than 0.5 cm, providing a relatively uniform subtle pattern.

As a vanilla-colored stone, it’s perfect for both dark and light kitchens. In bright spaces, it creates a warm, refreshing and elegant atmosphere and complements darker spaces. If you like white countertops and light wood cabinets, but prefer warm tones to cooler white tones, this is an attractive option.

7. Andromeda White Granite

Origin: Sri Lanka

Price: $55/square foot


Andromeda White Granite has an ultra-modern look that is a subtle change from pure white countertops. This white and beige speckled stone has gray veins, as well as small stripes and black veins. It’s effortlessly vibrant and suitable for both traditional and modern kitchens.

Andromeda White Granite is used in mosaics, fountains, swimming pool and wall cappings, stairs, window sills and of course kitchen countertops. Additionally, it is the stone of choice for bakers and food content creators because its light surface contrasts beautifully with the darker colors. The mid-level variations present in the stone provide texture and character to the all-white kitchen without compromising the neutral design palette.

8. Alaska White Granite

Origin: Brazil and India
Price: $49/square foot


Alaska White Granite typically has a predominantly white appearance that may be accompanied by gray, black, gold, or brown flecks, crystals, or veins.

Alaska White Granite contains more densely distributed onyx throughout the stone than Colonial White Granite and Andromeda White Granite, making it the most striking of the three white granite varieties. These gray patches vary in color and size and make up 40-50% of the stone’s mass.

Its irregular white and silver pattern and large expanses of gray and black swirls give it a modern, eclectic feel. This cool, icy granite pairs well with white, black, blue, brown and gray cabinets. Pale silver and frosty white tones are accentuated by less uniform brown tones from light to dark.

II. Tan granite countertops

Tan granite typically has a brown or predominantly brown appearance, which may be accompanied by spots, crystals or veins in varying shades of black, grey, brown or light brown.

Brown granite countertop colors come in rich blends and natural tones, offering cozy, earthy tones. Brown granite stone is versatile, ranging from deep chocolate to cappuccino, with brown sometimes accounting for more than 50% of the dominant color. The lighter stone deposits capture the light and add sparkle to this luxurious stone, perfect for urban and provincial homes.

When it comes to decorating, the shade of tan granite can be paired with many different decorative elements, providing flexibility and versatility, making it versatile in design. As a result, tan granite is a popular stone choice for many people, especially in designs looking for a natural, warm atmosphere, from traditional to contemporary or even more natural-inspired designs.

1. African Ivory Granite

Origin: South Africa
Price: $55/square foot


African Ivory Granite typically has a predominantly ivory white appearance that may be accompanied by gray, beige, or light brown spots, crystals, or veins.

African Ivory Granite pairs well with a variety of cabinet colors, from light to dark woods, white and almost black cabinets. Its delicate ivory and gold waves blend beautifully with blue-gray flecks of translucent quartz and sometimes even purple.

Unique combinations of popular granite colors provide an earthy tone that can unify any wooden cabinets or furniture in bathrooms and kitchens. The colors are softer and lean towards modern and classic designs. Its natural color can also be used to create durable floors. Although mined in warm climates, it is still strong enough to withstand all temperatures, no matter how hot or cold.

2. Coffee Brown Granite

Origin: India
Price: $39/square foot


Coffee Brown Granite typically has a predominantly coffee or brown appearance that may be accompanied by black, gray, or dark brown spots, crystals, or veins. This granite is prized for its deep, mellow appearance.

Coffee Brown Granite, one of the most intriguing granite stones available, has a color scheme similar to that of ground coffee beans. It’s rich and inviting, with less variation, which means its patterns remain relatively consistent. Less serious than black, this understated stone can make any environment warm and cozy.

If you are a designer or homeowner who enjoys well-defined color schemes and consistent patterns, Coffee Brown Granite is a great option. This granite pairs well with light to medium wood or cream cabinets and is relatively less expensive than other brown granites on the market.

3. Chocolate Bordeaux Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $70/square foot


Chocolate Bordeaux Granite usually has a rich chocolate or reddish brown hue, hence its name. It may be accompanied by black, gray, or light brown spots, crystals, or veins. Its striking patterns combine waves and linear movements with subtle variations. Often considered the wild card of the Bordeaux granite family, its abundance of quartz creates dimension and depth, with lines of rose and chocolate colors snaking through the stone.

The appearance of each slab of Chocolate Bordeaux Granite can vary greatly, so designers are advised to consider its natural pattern. Sometimes this stone may have a brick-orange undertone. In general, Chocolate Bordeaux Granite has a warming effect.

III. Conclusion

White granite and tan granite are two completely different tones, showing their own unique charm and advantages. With its fresh, bright appearance, white granite brings a modern feel and refreshing atmosphere to the space. Its variety of textures and colors makes it suitable for a variety of design styles and is widely used to create bright, stylish interior and exterior decorations.

In contrast, tan granite shows its deep, warm characteristics, giving the space a steady, natural atmosphere. Its durability and resistance to fading make it popular in a variety of design scenarios. Both occupy a unique position in decorative design, providing designers and owners with a variety of choices. If you still have any ideas and questions about granite color, please feel free to contact us.

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