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According to the “2022 American Houzz Bathroom Trend Research” released by Houzz, an American housing remodeling and design platform, homeowners double their investment in bathroom remodeling driven by aesthetic and functional needs, and bathroom cabinets are getting more and more attention. The study was a survey of more than 2,500 homeowners who were doing, planning to, or recently completed bathroom renovations.

The survey found that more than three-quarters of surveyed homeowners (76%) upgraded their bathroom cabinets during bathroom renovations. The bathroom cabinet is one of the few parts that can add bright colors to the entire area, and thus become the visual focus of the entire bathroom. 30% of the homeowners surveyed choose log bathroom cabinets, followed by gray (14%), blue (7%), black (5%) and green (2%). Three out of five homeowners opted for custom or semi-custom bathroom cabinets.

According to Houzz, 62 percent of home renovation projects involve bathroom upgrades, up 3 percentage points from last year. Meanwhile, more than 20 percent of homeowners enlarged their bathrooms during a remodel.

The selection of materials and designs of bathroom cabinets also shows diversity: artificial quartz stone is the preferred countertop material (40%), followed by natural stone materials such as quartzite (19%), marble (18%) and granite (16%).

Major Renovation Changes Made to Master Bathrooms

 in the United States in 2021


Source: statista

Details: United States; Houzz; July 21 to July 27, 2021; 2,891 respondents; 18 years and older; Houzz users who had completed a bathroom remodel or addition project in the past 12 months, or homeowners currently working on one or planning to start one in the next three months.; Email survey

From the above data from statista, this statistic depicts major renovation changes made to master bathrooms in the United States in 2021. In 2021, the survey revealed that 40 percent of respondents modified the walls in their master bathrooms.

I. How to choose a marble bathroom?

People generally like to use plain or solid color or simple-textured marble to decorate the floor and wall of the bathroom, and use rich-textured marble to decorate the countertop of the washstand, which can add an elegant atmosphere to the bathroom.

Marble is also called metamorphic or recrystallized limestone. Real marble is a calcite metamorphic rock with a crystalline structure. Marble is mostly derived from limestone through geological changes. Its main components are calcite and calcium carbonate, and the Mohs hardness value is about 4.5. Therefore, its disadvantage is that it is relatively soft, has poor acid and alkali resistance, and has poor weathering resistance. It is easy to absorb oil, water and other liquids and be polluted. It is easy to be scratched and not wear-resistant. Damage to the marble, stay a little longer, the marble will be damaged and lose its luster.

Therefore, the marble used in the bathroom should be made of hard material and high density, and try to avoid using marble with soft material and high water absorption. It is best to choose a polished surface for bathroom marble, and to do a protective treatment before use, so that the stone can be better protected and easy to clean, and the marble paving is suitable for vertical surface paving. Light-colored marble is more resistant to slight soapy water pollution than darker stone, so it is recommended not to use green serpentine and black marble in toilets and bathrooms, so that the stone surface is less likely to be contaminated.

II. Stone design in bathroom space

Based on its own advantages, natural marble has always played an important role in the bathroom space. Let’s sort out the marble design in the bathroom space.

1. Overall bathroom

Let’s start with the overall decoration of the bathroom. In villas and mansions, the walls of the bathroom space are often paved with marble. The hardness of marble is very high, the material is strong and it is a pure natural material, easy to clean, the focus is on the high value of natural marble.


Black & Grey Marble Bathroom Wall

Black Marble Bathroom Wall


Brown & Golden Marble Bathroom Wall

Brown & Gery Marble Bathroom Wall

2. Bathroom countertop

Next is the necessary countertops for every bathroom. The beauty of natural marble countertops is not comparable to ordinary materials. Natural marble is solemn and beautiful, with elegant style; and has good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, good physical stability, and no burrs on the surface, will not affect the accuracy of the plane, and can ensure that it will not deform for a long time. It is very suitable for use in the bathroom space as a countertop.

White Marble Washbasin


White Marble Bathroom Wall

The shower room is the most important part of the bathroom space. As a place to be with water all the year round, the design of the shower room needs to be thoughtful.

3. Weather bar

The first is the weather bar. The bathroom space is separated from wet and dry. In addition to being delicate, it is also a life requirement. The water retaining strip can block the water left in the shower, prevent the ground from being immersed, and keep the house dry.


Grey Marble Weather Bar

Some people may ask, which is the best material for the bathroom weather bar?

Many shower rooms have weather bars, which are made of granite or marble. The performance of each material is different, the effect is relatively different, and its performance and lifespan are different.

The most suitable material for the weather bar in the bathroom is natural marble. The building materials market can generally do marble processing. Most of the water retaining strips are made of black marble, which looks very elegant, and black with any color of the ground material is generally good. On the light-colored ground, you can use floor tiles to build a table on the ground, which is good-looking and will not leak.

Back & White Marble Weather Bar

After talking about the water retaining strip, let’s talk about the pull groove inside. The floor of the shower space is usually paved with pull groove marble. Because of the special location, a lot of water will flow to the ground when taking a bath. If the floor is made of tiles, it will become very slippery, and it is especially dangerous to bathe while standing on it. Therefore, many families now do not use tiles when decorating the shower room, but choose to use trough stone.

In the shower room, use a piece of marble to cut a non-slip groove board, lay it in the middle of the shower room, and then make a low-lying channel around it. This is the pull groove.


Black Marble Weather Bar


Black Marble Weather Bar

Golden Marble Weather Bar

4. Marble broached groove

Design points of marble broached groove: The floor drain of marble broached groove is generally designed at the corner of the wall to facilitate drainage.

The marble broached groove drains quickly, feels good on the feet, and does not slip. It is very comfortable to step on the marble trough when taking a bath, which is a reason worth doing.

Marble troughs are more beautiful and classier than simple ceramic tiles. The shower room has a broached groove, which is indeed much more graded than the monotonous tiles. The integrity of this approach is very strong, and the weather bar of the marble can also be integrated with the ground. If the bathroom as a whole is paved with marble, the effect is better. The middle of the shower area is made of marble, and the broached groove is raised, and the surrounding of the marble is slightly inclined to be lower, forming a broached groove board and a water guide.

The above is the application of marble in the bathroom space, let’s enjoy the exquisite marble bathroom space together!

White Marble Bathroom Wall

White Marble Vanity Countertop

Black Marble Bathroom Wall

III. How to clean and maintain a marble bathroom?

Marble bathrooms should also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. Next are some cleaning and maintenance methods for marble bathrooms:

Natural marble is a high-grade decorative material with natural beauty and unique texture. The surface looks natural. The marble has a fine texture and high hardness. However, due to its naturalness and diversity of mineral structures, as well as the marble itself, there are many defects and problems. In fact, natural marble is very delicate. Natural marble not only needs to be carefully installed and laid, but also needs to be carefully cared for and maintained in daily use.

Due to the special environmental conditions of toilets and bathrooms, there is a lot of moisture, humidity, mold and dirt, and frequent contact with daily chemicals such as detergents, so bathroom marble is very easy to be polluted. Once the maintenance is not good, the surface of the marble will suffer corrosion, becoming dull, and even appearing stained lines, etc.

Therefore, in daily life, be careful not to use shampoo products containing dyes, do not use soaps and shampoos containing artificial colors, and do not use acidic or alkaline detergents, and neutral detergents should be used to clean the surface. Try to dry the marble surface as much as possible, wipe it immediately when there is contamination on the marble surface, and so on.

Exquisite decoration is for exquisite life. Whether a home decoration is exquisite or not, in addition to the living room, which can be seen at a glance, there is also a relatively private bathroom space. Details determine success or failure. If home decoration is exquisite, it must be implemented into every corner of the house. In a luxury villa, an exquisite bathroom must be standard. Although the bathroom is relatively small and not an open space in the home, it must also pay attention to its practicality and comfort. Of course, appearance is also very important.

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