High-Value Calacatta Series Marble


Everyone knows that the Calacatta White Marble is very valuable. Therefore, the price of marble with the Calacatta in its name is also very high. Today, we introduce these three kinds of marble, Calacatta White Marble, Calacatta Gold Marble, and Calacatta Grey Marble, which are all high-value marbles for home decoration.

Table of Contents

I. What kind of marble is there in the Calacatta series?

1. Calacatta White Marble

Calacatta White Marble is a kind of white marble mined in Italy. Its color is similar to the color of fish belly. The space atmosphere created when decorating the space is similar to the feeling in the morning light, as if the oriental mystery in the morning light.

Calacatta White Marble is a rare high-quality marble, and marble is a non-renewable resource, so the standard for judging Calacatta White Marble is that the whiter the background, the more expensive the texture, the more uniform the texture is.


2. Calacatta Gold Marble

Calacatta Gold Marble is a rare marble of Italian origin with dark grey/golden web veining. Calacatta Gold Marble has a distinct personality, a strong sense of presence, high quality and low output. High-quality Calacatta Gold Marble is the marble that many designers dream of, and it seems to be the most valuable luxury in the Carrara mines.

Calacatta Gold Marble is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor design projects. Large-scale laying is full of calm and luxurious, and small-area embellishment shows exquisite taste. Calacatta Gold Marble is suitable for indoor applications such as mosaics, walls, stairs and floors, and outdoor applications such as fountains and swimming pools, etc.


3. Calacatta Grey Marble

Calacatta Grey Marble is a natural marble product with a greyish white colour, originating in Italy. The layers are rich, the texture is atmospheric, bold and rough, and it is more inclined to the Nordic style, so Calacatta Grey Marble can be matched with white, gray, black, gray-green and so on.

Calacatta Grey Marble itself has dark lines to highlight the preciousness of marble, and it is also an irreplaceable representative of high-end marble. Calacatta Grey Marble is characterized by a high hardness, high gloss texture.

Calacatta Grey Marble has a wide range of applications and is the first choice for many high-end hotels, villas, entertainment clubs, real estate and other decorations.


The above 3 marbles are relatively luxurious series, but there are also similar styles. The quality and texture are not inferior to the above marbles!

II. What kinds of marble are there similar to the Calacatta series?

Cost-effective options similar to Calacatta White marble:

1. Carrara Marble

The color of Carrara Marble is white. It is produced in Italy. The characteristics of Carrara Marble’s board are white background, light gray silk pattern, dot pattern, fine grain, light gray silk pattern, and good acid and alkali resistance. Carrara Marble is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as floors, walls, carvings, countertops, fireplaces, crafts, mosaics, columns, tables, backdrops, etc.

Carrara Marble’s whiteness is as white as snow on the mountains, as bright as the moon in the clouds, and its unique natural texture is like the beauty and refinement of a woman who does not eat human fireworks. In order to make Carrara Marble’s unique beauty last forever, people also apply it in their daily life, and let its beauty continue to bloom in our lives.


2. Statuari Marble

Statuari Marble, a kind of marble, is produced in Italy. The color of Statuari Marble slate is white, the whole body is snow-white, the texture is pure, and it has the characteristics of crystal, snowflake and transparency. The color of the Statuari Marble is white and slightly cyan, with a crystalline feel, with snowflake-like hidden lines inside. Statuari Marble is mostly used in stone railings, walls, desktops, etc.


Cost-effective options similar to Calacatta Gold Marble:

1. Chinese Calacatta Gold Marble

Chinese Calacatta Gold Marble’s extremely pure white base color and atmospheric gold patterns float on the brick surface. The natural texture is like the sky with golden sunshine at dawn. China’s domestic high-end production technology brings a soft transition of texture, giving People have a blurred and hazy feeling, and the flamboyant golden texture runs smoothly through the white layout, as if the sun shines on the white peaks. Although the Chinese Calacatta Gold Marble is not as refined as the Italian Calacatta Gold Marble, this one has its due value.


2. Gold Veins Ariston Marble

Gold Veins Ariston Marble originated from Greece and belongs to a high-grade marble among white building materials. The color of Gold Veins Ariston Marble is as white as jade, with fine particles, very pure white, inlaid with very pure gray, with few textures and natural texture. It is so charming, unimaginable. Like the white clouds floating in the clear sky, people can’t stand the temptation. Beautiful and elegant, because the high-quality Gold Veins Ariston Marble is the whitest of all marbles.

In terms of space application, Gold Veins Ariston Marble is suitable for modern style because of its hard and delicate texture. Its quiet, elegant, soft and rustic decoration style is deeply loved by modern young people. It is modern and simple. The style reveals a low-key luxury beauty.


Cost-effective options similar to Calacatta Grey Marble:

1. Dora Cloud Grey Marble

Dora Cloud Grey Marble, rich in minerals, gray as the base color, with smart white, brown lines as embellishment, clear layers, rough and not messy, showing the beauty of the atmosphere and fashion, with a low-key luxury beauty.

Dora Cloud Grey Marble’s gray lingering, unrepeatable noble texture, from the surface to the inside, all show the romantic style of Turkey, the elegant gray tone, natural and soft, just like the natural clouds on the surface. Dora Cloud Grey Marble has a hard and delicate texture, which makes the space quiet, elegant, soft, noble, low-key, charming, delicate, luxurious, and has a classical charm, which is especially loved by designers.


2. Hermes Grey Marble

The background colors of Hermes Grey Marble are mainly blue, grey and black, and some Hermes Grey Marble is between blue and grey. The texture of Hermes Grey Marble has white texture, ice crack and less texture. Hermes Grey Marble shows the beauty of the top-level marble atmosphere and fashion, and the low-key light gray extends the vision of the space, making it more simple, generous and smooth.


The above is to introduce the more cost-effective marbles similar to the Calacatta series. Each marble has its own characteristics. No matter if the price is high or low, the important thing is that everyone likes it.

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