How to Clean Onyx Surfaces?


Gentle cleansers, gentle cleaning tools, and avoiding the use of acids are essential to maintaining the appearance of Onyx. In addition, regular sealing and maintenance are also key steps to maintain the beauty of Onyx.

Whether in a domestic setting or a commercial setting, the right cleaning methods can ensure your Onyx retains its dazzling shine and gorgeous appearance. With the right care, you can enjoy the unique charm and beauty of Onyx for a long time to come.

But because it’s a stone made of calcium, it needs to be properly maintained to avoid damage and make sure it lasts and looks nice. We want you to have years of enjoyment from your onyx countertops, so we’ve come up with these cleaning tips. You can follow these cleaning tips!

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Table of Contents

I. Steps: How to properly clean agate countertops?

The most striking fact about onyx marble is its recrystallizing properties, which makes it become more translucent and clear over time. However, spillage onto the surface can darken and damage it. Therefore, regular cleaning is required to maintain the shine and quality of this fragile natural stone.

Onyx countertops are typically wiped down immediately after each use and spot-cleaned as needed. Many people recommend using a cleaner formulated specifically for natural stone. Using glass and window cleaners is not an appropriate way to care for onyx countertops. Cleaners other than specialized natural stone cleaners can damage the surface, resulting in a cloudy and dull appearance. These instructions serve as a guide. Always follow the orders listed on the intended product and test in an inconspicuous area to determine the consequences.


1. Use special stone cleaner to clean the entire onyx countertop after each use.

2. Do not pour sealant directly onto the surface.

3. Pour sealant onto microfiber or terry toweling. Instantly distribute sealant evenly to desired areas, treating smaller, manageable areas at a time.

4. Let the sealant sit on the countertop for about five minutes.

5. Using a microfiber or terry cloth, redistribute the sealant and re-cover the work area.

6. Allow the sealant to penetrate for an additional five minutes. Also, add new sealant if necessary to achieve complete wetout.

7. Apply a small amount of sealant to the desired area and wipe off immediately with a clean, dry cloth.

8. After ten minutes, wipe the countertop with a clean microfiber or terry cloth to remove any residue.

9. Finally, let the onyx marble dry for at least six hours.


II. Daily cleaning skills

Whatever the reason, you should always take care to clean your onyx surface. As we mentioned, you’re dealing with a calcium-based natural stone, which means it will react with acids, including common household liquids like lemon juice, vinegar, coffee, and even wine. You should avoid using homemade cleaners or other conventional cleaners to clean your kitchen countertops, as these products may be too acidic.

Another important thing to remember is to avoid using abrasive cleaners. Stay away from cleaners that are too acidic or harsh for agate. Instead, you should look for products with a neutral pH. Clean your countertops with a soft cloth. Our best advice is to apply the cleaning solution to the soft tissue and then use it on the surface. Do not pour cleaner directly onto onyx countertops.

1. Clean up spills immediately

Remember, onyx is a porous natural stone. So it absorbs liquid quickly. Acidic liquids such as coffee, wine, ketchup, and juice can easily damage the surface. To avoid surface damage, clean up any spills immediately. Simply place paper towels over the spill and let them absorb the liquid. This is important to note, especially if the liquid is acidic. Acid etching may occur, darkening the onyx countertop. Also, consider using coasters under bottles and glasses. This will help clean spills quickly and prevent any stains from being left behind.

When cleaning a spill, don’t just wipe it away. Instead, you should first use porous paper to blot up the spill, then use a soft cloth to clean the surface.

● Steps to clean up a spill quickly

1. Use a gentle cloth dampened with mild soap to clean the surface. Common household cleaners are often acidic and can damage agate. Milder soaps are ideal, such as dish soap or soaps labeled “green,” which usually have a neutral pH.

2. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove crusted spills. Rough scrubbers can scratch onyx, so it’s best to use a cleaning brush. Moisten the brush slightly and apply some mild soap to it before scrubbing. 

3. Wipe off the soap with a clean damp cloth. You can use a new cloth or rinse the soapy cloth thoroughly and use it to wipe the soap off the onyx surface. Wipe the surface at least twice, rinsing the cloth in between, to completely remove the soap.

4. Pat the surface dry with a clean towel. Prolonged exposure to moisture may cause stains and blemishes to appear on the onyx surface. Use a dry towel to pat rather than wipe the water off the agate.

2. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners

Agate stone is undoubtedly beautiful, but it is also quite fragile. Soft surfaces are easily scratched and stained. Avoid using lemon juice, vinegar, scouring powder, or harsh chemical cleaners such as Lime Away or CLR to clean tiles. Use warm water or mild dish soap to clean tiles. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with a soft cloth or sponge.


3. Seal your countertops

While sealants won’t make your countertops stain-proof, they will slow down the process of absorbing spills. To maintain the luster and durability of your onyx surface, we recommend using a sealant on it. That said, your best bet is to hire a professional to do it, as the process can be complicated.

When you choose Aurora Stone, we will install sealed onyx slabs on your countertops. As one of Western Australia’s largest stone manufacturers, we know how to properly incorporate this material into your home. Keep in mind that onyx is a rare material. Therefore, not all contractors have the expertise and knowledge to handle this issue properly.

If you want to seal your countertops yourself, it’s crucial to find the right product for the job. Unfortunately, the products you can find from your local hardware store won’t do this, so if you want to do the task yourself, it’s best to look for a quality sealant. If you would like more information about countertop sealants, please feel free to contact Aurora Stone. We can provide you with products suitable for your onyx surface.

Keep in mind that you will need to reseal your onyx countertops every two to three years. The frequency depends on how much abuse the surface has received, its color, and the type of cleaner you use. If your agate is lighter in color, you may need to seal it more often. After all, they are easier to stain.

4. Use doormats

Dirt and dust can cause damage to the surface of onyx tiles. To avoid damaging the surface, you should place doormats at entrances to more cluttered parts of the house, such as workshops, basements, and garages. Consider placing door mats on the inside and outside of your house for maximum protection of your shoes from anything.

5. Seal your Onyx countertop regularly

Sealing your Onyx countertop helps improve its resistance to the elements like stains and scratches. Make sure to use an impregnating sealer suitable for porous stone. The sealer will act as a grout releaser, making cleaning the stone easier. You can hire a professional to do the job, or you can do it yourself by purchasing the right products. Resealing needs to be done every 1-2 years, depending on the level of exposure the countertop has received.

● Steps

1. Apply a small amount of sealant to a dry cloth and rub it into the stone using small circular motions.

2. Let the sealant dry for 5 minutes, then wipe with a new dry cloth for 10 minutes.

3. If possible, keep the onyx dry for 6 hours to allow the sealant to fully soak into the stone.

III. Conclusion

Onyx is a unique and gorgeous stone whose unique texture and color make it popular for interior decoration. However, cleaning and caring for Onyx is essential to maintain its beauty and shine. Proper cleaning methods are essential to protect and extend the life of your Onyx.

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