How to Estimate Granite Countertops Cost?


Estimating the cost of granite is one of the important tasks when embarking on a home renovation or new construction project. A high-quality stone commonly used for countertops, floors, and walls, granite is popular for its strength, beauty, and durability. However, the price of granite varies based on a variety of factors, making estimating its cost complicated. This article will show you how to estimate the cost of granite so you can better plan your home project budget.

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Table of Contents

I. Average cost of granite countertops

Below are the average costs of granite countertops, if you are interested in the average cost of marble you should definitely check out this article: Budgeting Tips: How to Estimate the Cost of Marble?

Price per Square Foot

Average DIY Cost


Average Contractor Installation Cost


Typical Cost Average

$65 – $215

II. Cost estimation of granite countertops

1. Estimated granite countertop cost by location

We discuss specific granite options in detail below. The table below shows the approximate cost of several commonly installed granite countertops.

Dimensions (Feet)
Average Cost Range

Kitchen Counters (Each)

24 × 100

$1,300 – $2,500

Average Kitchen Counters (Each)

24 × 160

$2,100 – $4,000

Kitchen Island

36 × 78

$1,600 – $2,900

Small Kitchen Island

40 × 40

$890 – $1,700

Bathroom Vanity Top

20 × 36

$400 – $750

Bar Counter

16 × 36

$320 – $600

Bathroom Tile Floor

60 × 96

$400 – $750

Bar Counter

16 × 36

$320 – $600

Bathroom Tile Floor

60 × 96

$600 – $1,200

Kitchen Tile Floor

120 × 120

$1,500 – $3,000

2. Estimated granite countertop cost by size

Kitchen Size
Countertop Area (Square Feet)
Average Installation Cost

Small Kitchen (70 – 99 Square Feet)

20 – 30

$1,600 – $4,500

Average Kitchen (100 – 200 Square Feet)

30 – 40

$2,400 – $6,000

Large Kitchen (200+ SF)

40 – 60+

$3,200 – $9,000+

3. Estimated granite cost by grade

Granite prices depend on slab grade, thickness, color or pattern. Low-grade granite is the cheapest, thinnest, simplest in design, and richest in color. Premium granite slabs cost the most because of their unique colors and patterns, and are available in limited supply.


Grade indicates the rarity of the style and color. The higher the level, the more unique and valuable the stone is. Here’s how each tier breaks down by price:

Granite Grade
Cost per Square Foot Installed

Level 1: Low Level (A)

$50 – $80

Basic colors and simple design

Level 2: Intermediate (B)

$80 – $150

More color and pattern options

Level 3 and Above: Advanced/Exotic (C, D, E, F)

$150 – $250

Bright colors and unique patterns

III. Budget Tips for Granite Countertop Projects

1. Steps to preliminary budget price

Now that you’re familiar with the factors that affect the cost of granite countertops, it’s time to calculate the actual price. Here’s a step-by-step process:

a. Measure your countertop

Accurate measurements are crucial. Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of your countertop. To calculate the square footage, multiply all of these measurements together.

b. Choose granite

Visit a stone supplier or showroom to choose the type of granite you want. Keep in mind that the rarity and color of the gem will affect the cost.

c. Select your edge profile

Discuss edge profile options with your installer and choose one that suits your aesthetic preferences and budget.

d. Determine thickness

Decide whether you want 2cm or 3cm of granite. Thicker boards tend to be more expensive.

e. Get an installation quote

Contact a reputable granite countertop installation professional for a quote. Make sure the quote includes labor, shipping, and any additional charges.

f. Calculate total cost

Add up the granite slab, edge profile, thickness and installation costs. Don’t forget to consider taxes and any other fees you may incur during the installation process.

2. Cost estimate of granite countertop installation supplies

(1) Cost of installation consumables


Floor slab costs average $72 per square foot.

$40 – $200

Plywood and screws are installed over cabinet vanity tops to support bathroom or kitchen counters.

$20 – $66

Countertop adhesives and caulk

$15 – $30

Granite sealer (optional, most counters are sealed at the factory)

$28 – $40

Edging (optional). If the edges are not factory cut, they are sometimes applied on the job to give the counters a thicker or decorative appearance.

$80 – $400

(2) Permits, inspections, related fees and installation time

➢ License and inspection fees

$0 | No license required for countertop installation.

➢ Associated costs and installation time

Remember, the table at the top of the page shows the complete installation costs – granite, supplies and labor. We itemize material costs. Here are the countertop installation costs:


Installation costs depend on size, number of panels and complexity of the job. Most veneer bathroom counters cost $185 to install and kitchen counters cost $600 to install. The average cost to install a multi-board kitchen countertop is $925.

$10 – $20

Cost of removal and disposal of existing countertops. The cost depends on the size and type of counter being removed.

$85 – $215

Additional Sink Hole Cutting, Most estimates include a sink hole. Here is an estimate for a second bathroom sink or prep sink in the kitchen.

$90 – $125

IV. Granite maintenance and maintenance costs

1. How much does it cost to repair scratches and other cosmetic problems?

Repairing scratches on granite countertops typically costs between $10 and $60 per square foot. How much you’ll spend will depend on the area you need repaired, with repairing a single scratch costing much less than repairing an entire surface.

Alternatively, refinishing or polishing the countertop can hide shallow scratches, although you will need to fill in deeper flaws. Professionals refinish granite countertops by sanding the surface, applying a silicone-based sealant, and polishing. Expect to spend $5 to $20 per square foot to have your granite countertops professionally refinished.

2. How much does it cost to repair chips or missing parts?

As with scratches, repairing chips or cracks in granite countertops typically costs between $10 and $60 per square foot. The cost to repair larger missing parts depends on the quantity missing. Your granite repair expert may recommend replacing severely damaged sections.


V. DIY and professional installation costs

After researching the material costs of granite countertops, you may consider saving on the overall price of this upgrade by installing them yourself. If you have the skills and at least one other person to help, this can be an effective way to cut down on labor costs and any additional expenses such as old countertop removal or sink cutting costs.

However, for most DIYers, it is not recommended to undertake this installation project. Instead, you should budget for the additional cost of hiring a professional granite countertop installation company. On average, you’ll pay between $35 and $85 per hour for granite countertop installation labor. Slab shipping may be included in the labor cost, but if it isn’t, you could end up paying an additional $150 to $200 in shipping costs.

Sink cutouts cost about $100 per sink, and the cost of removing the old countertop during installation is about $100 to $200. Total labor costs range from approximately $600 to $1,500, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

VI. Conclusion

Taking the above factors into consideration, you can come up with a rough granite cost estimate. Please note that this is only an estimate and final actual costs may vary based on a variety of factors. To obtain an accurate cost estimate, it is recommended to contact multiple suppliers and installation contractors to obtain detailed quotes, customized to your specific needs. If you want to get a quote quickly, you can also contact us right away.

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