How to Maintain Onyx Surfaces?


Onyx, this elegant and precious stone, is unique in interior design with its unique texture, color and gorgeous appearance. Its unique aesthetic value and highly ornamental appearance make it a treasure pursued by many decoration designers and owners.

However, to maintain the beauty and durability of onyx countertops, proper care and maintenance is crucial. This guide will give you details on how to properly care for and maintain your onyx countertops, so you can enjoy their unique charm for a long time.

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How does Onyx look when placed in your space?

Onyx marble is a refined stone that brings elegance and sophistication to any living space. Beautiful swirls and spots give Aravalli Agate its alluring appearance, making it a rare natural stone.

We have a range of stunning colors like green, pink and white mixed with waves and swirls of red, gold or brown. Our selection of onyx marbles that capture the hearts of homeowners include White Fantasy, Aravalli Green, Pink Fantasy, Aravalli Rose and more.

Additionally, you can purchase polished and honed finishes from trusted onyx manufacturer George Marble.

I. Onyx marble care and maintenance steps

As a leading onyx exporter, we ensure that our customers are aware of the fragility of this gemstone. It is a soft and porous marble that is relatively susceptible to scratches, abrasions, moisture or acid. But don’t worry, with proper care and maintenance, you can make it last longer.

Therefore, onyx manufacturers in Udaipur suggest the following care tips for your guidance.

● Clean

Onyx countertops are made from a naturally occurring silica-based soft stone. They require good care as their surfaces are susceptible to acids and can be damaged by common household liquids such as vinegar, coffee, lemon juice and red wine. Additionally, it’s best to avoid homemade cleaners, regular kitchen cleaners, and window/glass cleaners, as they often do more harm than good.

1. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners

Any onyx exporter will recommend regular cleaning to avoid any stains on the surface. But it must be wiped with mild soap and a soft microfiber cloth or soft-bristled brush. Using only soft fibers and chemical-free cleaners will help prevent stains from remaining and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your onyx surface.

Avoid abrasive cleaners as they can damage the appearance of onyx countertops. Make sure to read labels first to avoid using anything too harsh or acidic. Instead, buy products with a neutral pH.

2. Wipe up spills

Like all natural stones, and as mentioned above, onyx countertops are porous, so it is necessary to clean up spills when they occur rather than letting them sit unused. Blot up the liquid with paper towels, as wiping can spread the liquid. Allowing acidic substances like lemon juice or wine to remain will corrode your countertops, darkening the stone.

You can use a soft microfiber cloth to clean onyx countertops, but you usually get the best results with a soft paper towel. Also, remember not to pour or spray cleaner directly onto onyx. Being porous in nature, it may absorb some liquid, affecting its appearance.

3. Keep surfaces free of soap or moisture

The most important tip for maintaining the shine of an onyx slab is to remove any residual soap or water after cleaning. Although you need to be gentle when removing the cleaner, don’t let it build up for too long. Pat the surface dry and remove moisture thoroughly to avoid further damage.


● Seal

One of the main limitations of onyx stone is its porosity, which makes it susceptible to moisture, stains, and bacteria. Therefore, it requires stone sealant to prevent any damage caused by water or spills.

While sealants won’t necessarily make your onyx countertops stain-proof, they will slow down the absorption of spills and keep their durability and shine intact longer. However, since they will have the required supplies and equipment, it is recommended to have this properly completed by your countertop supplier. Be careful if they don’t offer the service and you have to find a contractor. Onyx is a rare stone that is unlike other natural stones that are sealed, such as granite and marble.

If you are considering sealing yourself, do thorough research to ensure you are purchasing the right product. Avoid using ordinary stone sealants as they can damage the surface. Ask your countertop supplier or installer for recommendations on suitable products.

For onyx countertops to remain beautiful and durable, sealing is required every one to three years. The frequency depends on how much abuse the countertops receive, the cleaner you use, and the color of the stone. Light-colored surfaces are more susceptible to staining than dark-colored surfaces and will need to be sealed more frequently. Likewise, your countertop supplier should be able to provide a resealing schedule for best results.

● Polishing

Using pot racks, hot pads, or trivets in the kitchen can help protect your countertops from damage. Over time, your onyx countertops will still develop micro scratches, stains, and other imperfections. To minimize damage, always use a cutting board in the kitchen. Keep in mind that once it’s damaged, it’s much more difficult to repair and can cost a lot of money and time. You can hire a professional to polish your onyx countertops to repair these imperfections and keep them smooth and beautiful for a long time.

Whether bathed in backlight or natural light, the unique beauty of onyx comes in a variety of options. It truly is a stunning natural stone choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops. However, its care and maintenance can be tedious. If you are considering purchasing an onyx countertop, you will need to invest in its maintenance.

Whether you are using onyx for countertops or as backlit accents, onyx is a stunning natural stone. You can find a variety of Onyx stone options at George Marble for your premium home remodel.

● Use fiberglass backing with onyx marble

Onyx manufacturers always recommend installing a strong fiberglass backing to compensate for its fragility. Otherwise, its softness and susceptibility to acid, scratches, etc. will lead to frequent wear and tear. So, with a strong backing, you can install an onyx surface for your kitchen countertops or wall tiles.

II. Onyx marble care and maintenance skills

Onyx is a beautiful natural stone because of its unique patterns and colors. Due to their chemical composition, primary care for these gemstones is the same. But keep in mind that they are more porous than granite and therefore require more care and maintenance since they are calcium-based.

This means that onyx marble is very susceptible to acid etching. Etching occurs when acid eats away at the stone’s surface under a microscope, sorting it out by dark spots within the material’s body. Any spills should be wiped up immediately.

Remember that onyx marble is much softer than granite, so you should always take care of it in a good way:

1. Do not sit, stand or kneel on the onyx marble table.

2. Do not cut directly on the surface. Scratches may occur.

3. Do not drop heavy objects onto the surface.

4. When exposed to extreme heat for a long time, it is recommended to use a hot plate.

5. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

6. Do not scrub any part of the countertop vigorously. For aggressive cleaning, pre-moisten exaggerated area and wipe clean.

7. Do not allow water to accumulate in the sink and faucet area for a long time.


III. How to repair onyx marble scratches?

Since onyx is one of the softer types of natural stone, it is more susceptible to scratches. No matter how small they appear, these scratches can be unsightly. They can easily ruin the stunning elegance of your countertops. Therefore, in addition to learning how to clean onyx countertops, you must also learn how to repair scratches. Please follow these steps:

Step 1

Sand the scratches just like you would paint a vehicle. Shop for countertop polish, polishing pads and wax pastes. Using a countertop-specific product for this step is ideal because doing so ensures that your onyx countertop won’t be damaged in the process.

Step 2

Prepare the affected area by spraying it with water. Next, pour a small amount of polishing product onto the polishing pad. Rub the pad over the entire scratched area in a circular motion. Make sure you apply enough pressure to spread the polish all over the surface. Rub the affected area for about 40 seconds. Take a clean towel and wipe off the polish. If necessary, repeat this process until the scratch is completely erased.

Step 3

Rinse the polished area with water and wipe with a dry towel. Reseal the surface to prevent further damage. You can start using your onyx countertop again after approximately 12 hours.

IV. Conclusion

Proper care will not only extend the life of your onyx countertops, but also allow you to enjoy its unique beauty and gorgeous appearance for a long time. So hopefully this guide has provided you with helpful information on onyx countertop care, allowing you to provide the correct care and maintenance for your valuable onyx stone.

In fact, onyx is an excellent choice for countertop stone. Care and maintenance can be tedious, but the results are often beneficial. If you are considering installing onyx countertops in your kitchen, please feel free to contact George Marble. As one of the largest stone manufacturers in China, we offer a variety of onyx countertop options that will dazzle you.

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