How to Use Onyx Marble in Interior Decoration?


In the field of interior design, onyx marble has become one of the materials favored by designers because of its unique characteristics and aesthetic value. Its translucent characteristics and diverse colors give it a wide range of application spaces, from kitchens to bathrooms, from countertops to decorative wall panels, where it can exert its unique decorative and artistic feel.

Through the illumination of light, onyx marble can produce charming light and shadow effects, adding charm and uniqueness to indoor spaces. Let’s take a closer look at the various applications of onyx marble in interior design and the unique appeal it brings in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

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Table of Contents

I. Color of onyx marble

1. Black onyx marble

Black onyx marble presents a deep black color, sometimes with a faint sense of transparency, giving it a unique light and shadow effect under the light. It often has unique textures and mottled textures, giving it a richer and more varied appearance.

This stone has a wonderful dark tone and can be used in a variety of projects. It has a unique look and feel and can be used on wall cladding, bar tops, fireplace surrounds and sink bases.

2. White onyx marble

White onyx marble presents a pure, bright white color, sometimes with a slightly translucent texture. The texture is usually soft and may have subtle markings or veins, but is predominantly white overall. White onyx marble is a classic design with elegant illusions of orange, pink and gold that will transform any room into a sparkling paradise.

This is a gorgeous white onyx marble containing natural microcrystalline quartz. Gold and gray textures give it a stunning look. It can be used in both home and commercial applications. However, it is primarily used on countertops and floors.

3. Blue onyx marble

Blue onyx marble has a dark to light blue hue that may have a hint of transparency. The color is usually evenly distributed, but may have a mottled or irregular texture. This is a natural stone with a royal temperament. Due to its decorative elements it is used both at home and at work. This blue onyx marble has a smooth surface and a strong structure.

Blue onyx marble adds a tranquil ambience to any room, lighting up your home at night or becoming an eye-catching feature in your workplace, mainly due to its orange and white flames.

4. Green onyx marble

Green onyx marble exhibits a light to dark green hue and may have transparent or translucent qualities. The color may range from an evenly distributed green to a mottled, finely textured texture. Relax and let greenery take over your house with this natural onyx marble that perfectly showcases the stone’s origins in a stunning landscape.

It has a smooth texture that brings a royal and luxurious image to your design space. This green onyx marble has a variety of desirable properties that can complement your architectural design. There are lovely green waves on this stone. Due to its low absorption capacity, it is suitable for outdoor decoration.


5. Yellow onyx marble/Honey onyx marble

Yellow onyx marble is also known as honey onyx, orange onyx or golden onyx marble, showing varying degrees of color from light yellow to deep yellow, showing a warm, mellow golden yellow tone, similar to the color of honey, sometimes with a slight sense of transparency. Fine texture and mottling may also be present.

This lovely onyx marble is a natural gift. It has a unique golden hue with a pale yellow and honey-colored onyx texture. It is mainly used to create unique patterns and shapes. This onyx marble is easy to install and maintain.

6. Brown onyx marble

Brown onyx marble comes in a variety of shades of brown, which may range from dark to light brown, or have hints of red or orange. The texture may show rich stripes, spots, or a mixture of colors.

Brown onyx marble is one of the most beautiful and attractive stones. This brown onyx marble has a unique pattern, which is why it is in high demand for both interior and exterior designs.

7. Pink onyx marble

Pink onyx marble comes in a bright pink hue that may vary from light pink to deep pink. The appearance may be uniform in color, or may have a mottled, textured or striped pattern.

This pink onyx marble is also known as Lady onyx Pink Marble. Its white base has pink and green veining. This marble has a lovely light pink appearance that will add beauty to your interior and exterior.

8. Red onyx marble

Red onyx marble comes in a rich red hue, which may be deep, vivid red, or may have markings in shades of dark brown, orange, and more. Its surface may have a smooth or grainy texture.

Due to its bright and vivid color, red onyx is often used in interior decoration such as countertops, floors, walls, etc. Its bright red color adds energy and enthusiasm to a space.

II. Application of onyx marble in home furnishings

The contrasting colors and fantastic patterns of onyx are absolutely wonderful in many areas of the home. People use onyx to decorate wall panels, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, butler’s pantry countertops, floor and wall tiles, and even modern sinks and toilets are made from onyx.

Mix onyx with other materials to create spectacular ultra-modern interiors. This gorgeous natural stone looks well with concrete, steel, glass, and wood. When really dark timbers are paired with onyx characteristics, the result is quite striking. This contrast draws attention to the stone’s inherent beauty. Because of this, onyx components are frequently used to create gorgeous backdrops in monochrome designs.

Let’s look at five different ways to use onyx in your home decor to create a luxurious look.

1. Onyx marble floor

Using onyx marble flooring can be expensive. But onyx’s unique look can help you create a luxurious interior design. High-end hotels and offices also choose onyx for flooring, adding sophistication to minimalist themes. Choose from a variety of pastel, light or dark colors to get the right look.

2. Onyx marble decorative wall

Consider creating an accent wall in your living space, perhaps paired with a versatile TV stand. Cover a portion or an entire wall with onyx marble tiles to create a majestic backdrop for your lifestyle. Choose warm tones like honey yellow, or bold crimson onyx. Since onyx marble is a translucent material, it can be backlit. You will want to install a light that will highlight the deep veining features of this beautiful marble. When light enters the stone, it emits a soft glow that enhances the overall look and feel of the space.

If you’re looking to add a statement wall that exudes glam, consider this onyx lighting wall. Your eyes immediately drift to the wall, right? The best thing about onyx is that it comes in a variety of colors and shades—from light gold and warm honey yellow to orangey red and deep red onyx, you can choose from. Remember, when it comes to onyx, no two onyx slabs look the same. So please choose wisely. Exotic colors and abstract grain patterns add a visually unique look to this fine marble.

3. Onyx marble for kitchen backsplash

Of all the places that everyone wants to show off, kitchen countertops are one of them. In addition to countertops, onyx marble is also used in sinks and kitchen basins. One can use onyx for interior decoration in the form of slabs, mosaics or even tiles. Add a touch of beauty and durability to your kitchen space with beautiful onyx marble.

4. Onyx on kitchen countertops

A unique kitchen backsplash can liven up the look and feel of your entire kitchen. You can add a colorful onyx marble slab that contrasts with your kitchen theme, or choose something that fits the overall look. For example, if your kitchen has a clean white theme, choose green onyx to give your kitchen a warm glow.

5. Onyx marble bathroom

Onyx is a richly patterned translucent gemstone. You can use it as a base for your washbasin, as a material for your bathroom counter or as a frame for your bathroom mirror. Use a small amount of onyx to add a touch of magnificence to your bathroom.

High-quality onyx marble can double its beauty if used in the bathroom. You can use onyx for bathtub interiors, vanities, bathroom accent walls, or bathroom sinks. Onyx works best when used as a highlighter or eye-catching decoration in the bathroom. Onyx combines elegantly with materials such as dark wood, steel and glass.


6. Onyx marble staircase

Backlit onyx can create a beautiful look for your staircase and give it a warm glow. Turn your staircase into an artistic expression with richly textured and colorful onyx marble on the steps. This is a great way to make your staircase beautiful and add luxury without clutter.

Onyx marbles are striking because they are translucent gemstones that can transmit light when lit from behind. Cover your stair treads with backlit onyx to instantly add elegance and style.

III. Best choice for low-traffic areas

Onyx should only be utilized in low-traffic locations for bathroom vanities or kitchen countertops. The softness of this onyx marble makes it more suitable for butler’s pantries, rarely used bathrooms, around fireplaces, or around bathtubs where the delicate onyx marble is less likely to be damaged. In active, busy kitchens, onyx works best in less trafficked areas of the room, such as the backsplash. When combined with stainless steel appliances and black or dark wood cabinets, a white onyx backsplash will look stunning.

In the natural stone industry, onyx is still used for kitchen countertops due to its unique appearance and unparalleled luxury style. However, it is important to note that compared to other types of gemstones, onyx is fragile and requires extra care. This delicate onyx marble does not withstand activity in a high-traffic kitchen well. Common activities like chopping vegetables or moving pots and pans can easily scratch or chip the counter surface.

Additionally, onyx may be etched by acidic liquids such as ketchup, wine, or lemon juice. Also, it’s important to use a cutting board rather than cutting food directly on the counter. Requires proper care and maintenance. Onyx marble needs to be sealed frequently and cleaned with special stone cleaners to avoid damage.

George Marble offers the most exquisite and popular stone types in the natural stone industry. Although onyx is not as popular as granite and marble, stone manufacturers are wise to retain onyx to satisfy the needs of homeowners interested in creating dynamic design elements in their homes. Onyx is perfect for bathroom surrounds, butler’s pantry counters, and fireplace surrounds, instantly making your room feel luxurious. Adding some white onyx panels to your space will satisfy even the most discerning clients.

IV. Conclusion

Onyx is recommended for decorating your home, but it is not as simple as it seems. Before purchasing onyx marble, read about the material. Learn more about the different types of onyx available on the market and their corresponding prices. Conducting research before decorating your interior will help ensure you make the right choice.

It is best to think about the theme of the interior decoration before shopping. Now that you know several ways to use onyx in interior decoration, you can decide where to use it and which variety to choose.

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