Let’s Learn about the Marble Curved Staircase

As a classic art form, the curved staircase, with its ingenious conception and pleasing shape, cleverly connects the split-level structure of the building, increasing the flexibility of the space. At the same time, the curved staircase is cumbersome in craftsmanship and complex in shape, and a slight construction error will be self-defeating and fail to form the highlight of interior architectural decoration.

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Marble curved staircase is also the most difficult type of special-shaped staircase products. It is highly praised for its exquisite structural shape, and stops people because of its cumbersome and complicated construction technology. The existence of this contradiction, a little careless, will Self-defeating. In the actual installation process of many marble curved stairs, the spiral twist cannot be connected. The main reason may be that the size of the design drawings is wrong, or there is an error in the processing and bending size. Therefore, a high-quality marble curved staircase must have the key points of unified high-quality materials, scientific and accurate design, excellent processing technology and professional construction team.

I. What are the key points of process control for marble curved stairs?

1. On-site distribution is the most critical

Like all marble curved staircases, the split-level curved staircase is mainly composed of three parts: steps, platforms and guardrails. However, compared with ordinary stairs, the split-level curved staircases rise in a spiral shape, and the steps open radially. The handrail is also in the shape of a smooth curve according to the overall shape, so the lay-out has become the most critical process control point in the early stage of construction. When actually laying out the line, based on the design size, the entire marble curved staircase is formed into a whole, including the stair girders, stair steps, stair railings and other individual content unified data, and processed in a professional factory at the same time.

2. Overall consideration of the construction sequence

The seemingly complicated marble curved staircase, its construction content is nothing more than kicks, steps, fences, waistlines, handrails and other items. According to our mature installation procedures combined with the actual situation on site, after overall consideration, we decided to start the construction from the least affected stone skirting.

For the docking installation of stone skirting boards and handrails that need to rotate and rise according to an arc, its installation accuracy is very important. When docking, not only should the docking points be completely matched, but the extension line after docking should be on the upper, lower and left sides of the next contact. , The right deviation should not be greater than 2 mm, to ensure the smoothness and straightness of the overall effect of the marble handrail and cover.

The most difficult part of high-precision machining of marble arc-shaped spiral staircase parts is the rotating waistline, followed by the rotating handrail, followed by the rotating cover plate, the rotating side plate, and the steps. Because the stone handrail is suspended in the air, the extension line after the docking is easy to deviate, so the butt installation handrail should be installed by a trained senior technician.

According to the design requirements, the fence glass adopts special effect etched pattern glass, and the shape needs to be thermally bent. We follow the direction of the stairs, each glass is numbered according to its position, and then set out to make a template. The supplier completes the external processing work according to the template. After the installation of the panel glass is completed, the handrail construction is carried out.

3. Professional technology determines the success or failure of decoration

There is a huge difference between the old-fashioned earth method and the new precise method for the design, manufacture, and construction process of marble spiral staircase. If you want to achieve precision, beauty and luxury, you must choose a professional processing, manufacturing and installation team, and strive to make the marble spiral staircase more perfect. The highlight of the hall plays the role of finishing touch and enhances the overall value of the decoration.

II. What are the design principles and techniques for marble curved stairs?

1. Scientific and accurate design scheme

Sufficient scientific and accurate design drawings are the top priority of marble curved staircase design. If the size of the design is wrong, it will directly lead to the installation of the various parts of the marble curved staircase that cannot be spliced together. Therefore, in the process of designing the marble curved staircase, a scientific and accurate design scheme plays a vital role.

2. Ultra-high-precision processing technology

Marble curved staircase is the most difficult to process among special-shaped products. It is highly praised for its exquisite structural shape, and it is also prohibitive for its tedious and complicated construction technology. Due to the extremely difficult processing technology requirements, it is required to choose an enterprise that has accumulated rich experience in the production of curved staircases.

3. Professional installation team

Marble curved stairs are complicated in craftsmanship and complex in shape. Whether the basic frame is made of concrete or steel, it must be very precise. The curve of the wood veneer must be natural, and there should be no sudden changes in the curvature. For difficult installation requirements, experienced professionals are required for installation.


III. What are the advantages of marble curved stairs?

Marble has a natural beauty texture and rich colors, and the spiral staircase connects the upper and lower spaces. The perfect curve is a beautiful scenery of the home; The TV background is even more eye-catching, like a work of art on the side of the home.

1. Marble curved staircase is a trendy choice in decoration now, and the spiral staircase design will bring a strong expressive force to interior decoration.

2. The change of the linear flow of the marble curved staircase brings a dynamic effect to the whole boxy space, and the whole space seems to be lighter.

3. The complexity and shape of the marble curved staircase is a perfect curve, which determines its luxurious high-end, high-cost stair steps. The waste of materials and the cost of construction are a drawback that cannot be popularized.

4. The beautiful spiral of the marble curved staircase and the graceful lines of the upper body are presented in front of your eyes like a work of art. From the technical level to the embodiment of material value, the marble curved staircase is a treasure among treasures.

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