Marble Doorsills and Windowsills

Threshold, this small detail that is not easy to find, has functions such as water blocking and transition space in the space. In real life, most kitchens use floor tiles, while other rooms are not necessarily made of bricks. Therefore, in order to better connect the two, and to close the mouth of these two different materials, the threshold stone must be rescued.

Threshold stone, a kind of stone used to separate two different ground materials and different functional areas, is generally in the form of a rectangle, which perfectly connects the gaps between floor tiles or floors. At present, there are two common threshold stones on the market, one is tile threshold stone, and the other is marble threshold. As a natural stone, marble threshold is very popular in the market.

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I. Marble threshold


Marble thresholds are a unique home element and the best solution for homes that want to maintain their original aesthetic over time, as the inherent properties of stone have been used in the construction of buildings and major works since time immemorial. The brilliance and charm imparted by stone allows you to create the perfect marble threshold, perfect for comfort and warmth in your home, while also better expressing your entry threshold.

Different types of stone can be used to create a marble threshold, and thanks to the natural texture imparting a wide variety of colors, all of these varieties are able to adapt to any setting, be it classic and traditional or modern and avant-garde. Therefore, there are many varieties of marble for thresholds, and for a refined effect that will not go unnoticed, all variants of Travertine stone can be used to obtain a compact and versatile marble sill saddle.

Travertine is a marble used for thresholds and is characterized by the presence of many small holes that can be properly grouted to make the material waterproof. After grouting, the stone can be sanded, polished or brushed to complete the finish of the marble threshold. For these reasons, this stone is also ideal for achieving marble shower thresholds.


For those who prefer more assertive tones, classic Travertine or Walnut Travertine manufactures marble thresholds in a more brownish colour than the first, which can be paired smartly and judiciously with other natural materials such as wood.


For luxury homes, the preeminent threshold marble is Bianco Carrara, which features extraordinary brilliance , will not leave you indifferent. Likewise, Calacatta, with different light and dark shades, or other types of beige colored marble can be used as threshold marble.


On the other hand, to add a little flair to a home with a contemporary style, other marbles for thresholds, such as Black Silk Marble/Nero Marquinia with bright and intense colors, can also be perfect. If the house is equipped with transparent colored doors, also suitable in combination with dark floors, the contrast will have a great effect. For continuity with the wooden doors and floors, tobacco brown marble sill saddles are available, with strong brown tones, able to bring a profound sense of warmth and hospitality to the whole.


II. What are the advantages of marble threshold?

1. Natural texture

Marble has natural patterns and colors, overall natural, durable and beautiful, and has both modern aesthetics and classical taste, with great visual impact force.

2. High wear resistance and hardness

Marble is a common material used for thresholds, and marble actually includes all kinds of dolomite and calcite, which are collectively referred to as marble. At the same time, it has the characteristics of waterproof, wear-resistant and high hardness, which is very suitable for use as a threshold. It is a material that can achieve decorative space and perfect functions at the same time.

3. Easy to clean

With the development of science and technology, the production technology of marble is getting higher and higher. Their surface will be exquisitely polished to show a smooth and moist texture. Combined with surface active treatment technology and light introduction technology, the surface will be anti-fouling and easy to clean.

4. Cost savings

Another advantage of installing marble threshold is that it saves materials and labor to smooth the ground level of two different areas. Accordingly, if marble thresholds are not used, more decoration costs will be required.

5. Transition material

If it is in the kitchen and bathroom, it is best to install the marble threshold, because the marble material can prevent water seepage and overflow, and the marble material is smooth and not rough, which is convenient for family members to walk back and forth. Moreover, the special texture of marble can be used as a transitional material, making the space smooth and beautiful without appearing cluttered.

III. Marble threshold stone installation method

The first step in the installation method of marble threshold is to make a water stop pier first, which can be made of cement slurry or waterproof slurry. The water stop pier must be 1-2 cm higher than the space on both sides to effectively block water. Fill the sill recess with waterproof cement mortar, and then fix the sill with adhesive, so as to prevent water from entering another space along the sill recess. If you want to enhance the waterproof effect, you can also add Silicone to the joint after installing the threshold to enhance the waterproof effect. In addition, when choosing the color of the threshold, remember to choose a color with a large difference in tone from the floor, so that pedestrians can notice that this is the threshold, prevent tripping, and have a better role in distinguishing space boundaries.

IV. Marble windowsill

There are many marbles for windowsills to choose from for your home. Travertine stone represents the perfect solution to achieve the best combination of elegance and functionality. In particular, Travertine Noce marble window sills are suitable for any style of furniture, starting from classic, through rustic, to modern, thanks to the characteristic texture that makes the stone unique and unparalleled.

Walnut Travertine window sills decorate the surrounding space, giving the house its unique style. Botticino is a very elegant marble that varies in color from beige to violet, due to the evergreen color and resistance of the material not afraid of external aggression, it is suitable as marble for many home windowsills.

Among the most classic marbles for windowsills we find Bianco Carrara, one of the most popular marbles in architecture for the brilliance deriving from the very fine grain and for a background color ranging from absolute white to more intense shades tending to gray.

V. How to make marble window sills beautiful and waterproof?

The most popular window sill decoration method nowadays is to lay marble countertops. No matter what color and style the owner chooses, it will instantly make your window sill beautiful, clean, comfortable and happy to look at. However, there are also many problems in laying marble quartz countertops. First of all, the owner must select the marble of qualified quality, especially pay attention to whether the radioactivity meets the standard.

On the open-air balcony, if there is a window sill to be paved with stone, be sure to pay attention to the horizontal plane, or slightly tilt to the outside of the window sill. If the workers are not professional enough to lay them, and the paving is inclined to the inside of the windowsill, when it rains, a lot of water will accumulate on the marble countertops. Marble windowsill has a waterproof trick! First of all, the original waterproof glass glue on the window sill must be shoveled off, otherwise, the marble countertop cannot be laid flat, nor can it be in perfect contact with the window. After all the waterproof glue has been disposed of, be sure to ask the worker to re-apply the glass glue at the position of the original glue (that is, the joint between the window frame and the window sill), and then lay the marble countertop. By doing so, you will no longer have to worry about water seepage.

Marble thresholds and window sills are perfect and timeless home decoration choices. What kind of marble style depends on personal choice, and choosing the most suitable one according to the decoration atmosphere and style of the whole home.

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