Marble Staircase—a Design with Great Texture

Marble may be the best material for stairs. The plasticity of marble is very good, and the recently popular combination of famous stairs, marble steps and glass handrails. Simple and high-end atmospheric, suitable for modern minimalist style. And the marble itself is sturdy and durable, and after a long time, it will look brand new when it is re-polished.

In recent years, marble prices have been declining. Has entered the homes of ordinary people. Moreover, the stone stairs are natural and environmentally friendly, and there is no chemical pollution. It is said that the steps of the stairs are a symbol of a person’s ascending step by step, so villas, hotels, office buildings, etc. like to choose high-end and atmospheric marble for stair steps. Marble is a commonly used stone for stair treads. Marble colors are very rich. After protection, the gloss is more high-end and atmospheric.

Table of Contents

I. What are the advantages of marble stairs?

1. Marblestairshave super high appearance, no deformation, high hardness and strong wear resistance.

2. Marblestepshave no peculiar smell, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and maintenance-free.

3. Marblestone for stairsare physically stable and well-organized, and the surface of the impacted crystal falls off without burrs, which does not affect its plane accuracy.

4. The material of the marblestairsis stable, can not be deformed for a long time, the linear expansion coefficient is small, and the mechanical precision is high.

5. Marblestone stairshave the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-magnetic and insulation.

6. Marblestaircasesare easy to clean, and the choice of stone steps has a lot to do with the decoration style. In recent years, the more popular gray series, beige series, and dark series, you can choose according to your own decoration style, the railings of the stairs It is also a very important part of the steps, and some unprofessional installation techniques will also make the entire stair steps have a different feeling.

1. Processing method of stone stairs


① Edge polishing

Edging polishing refers to the edges on the steps, because the edges are easily ground off when stepping on the marble stairs, so edge grinding is generally done to prevent accidents from being too smooth on the steps of the stairs.

Processing methods are: straight edge polishing, round polishing, small beveled edge polishing, semicircular edge polishing.

② Broached groove

Broached groove refers to the groove of the workpiece processed by the broaching method. It can increase the beauty of the space, play a certain decorative effect, guide water flow, and prevent slippage.

The processing methods are: pull 3 anti-skid grooves, pull 2 anti-skid grooves, pull 2 copper wire grooves, pull 3 copper wire grooves.



Why do stair baseboards? Let’s talk about what it does:

① Pressed seam

Generally, floor or stair treads are laid. When installing, a little expansion joint will be reserved on the side of the wall. For the sake of beauty, it is necessary to use skirting to press the seam.

② Retaining wall

Avoid direct contact with the wall during daily cleaning and care of the stairs, and stain the wallpaper, wall covering or paint, and the stair skirting plays a protective role.

The processing methods are: triangle skirting, trapezoid skirting, straight skirting.

2. Stair step size measurement and stair type

Common civil buildings such as residences, schools, office buildings, theaters, canteens, hospitals, kindergartens, etc. are suitable for stair steps:

Rise height (r/mm): 156~175, 140~160, 120~150, 150, 120~150

Tread width (g/mm): 250~300, 280~340, 300~350, 300, 260~300


A: Stair side riser

B: Step leading edge

C: Stair tread

b: Step width

h: Step height

When choosing the step size, not only its appearance should be considered, but safety is the most important thing. Avoid too large gaps and sharp edges and corners in the size design.


Under normal circumstances, the size of the marble stone stairs is 900mm, and a platform must be set at the 18 steps. The height of the steps is generally 170mm. The vertical distance from the first step of the villa stair to the top step should be greater than 220mm, and the distance from the highest step of the stairs to the roof must be greater than 2000mm, so as not to produce a sense of depression. The height of the handrails on both sides of the stairs is between 850 ~ 900mm, and the diameter is 550mm.

- Straight stairs


In recent years, in interior decoration, the words of high-grade gray and gray marble are very outstanding, the popularity continues unabated, and it is more popular. Due to the inherent gloss and wear resistance of marble materials, home decoration is often used on the ground and stairs. High-grade gray marble straight stairs, immersed in life, become the texture aesthetics of life.

- Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase is a common type of marble staircase. It is usually arranged in a circle around a single column. The platform and steps are both fan-shaped planes. The inner width of the stair steps is small, forming a steeper slope. The structure of the spiral staircase is more complicated.


The spiral staircase is the most difficult to process among the special-shaped stone products. It is highly praised for its exquisite structural shape, and it is also prohibitive for its cumbersome and complicated construction technology. Therefore, a high-quality spiral staircase is a high-quality material with a uniform style, scientific and accurate design scheme, excellent processing technology and professional construction team, these key points are indispensable.

Due to the extremely difficult processing requirements, 20% of the stone spiral staircases in China are undertaken by George Marble Stone Manufacturer. The processing capacity of George Stone’s special-shaped products can be called the leader in the industry. It is the best choice for the production of Chinese stone spiral staircases to make amazing and difficult spiral staircases.

The spiral staircase is complicated in craftsmanship and complex in shape. The basic frame must be very precise whether it is made of concrete or steel frame. The curve of the stone veneer must be natural, and there should be no sudden changes in the curvature. For difficult installation requirements, experienced professionals are required for installation. George Marble Stone Manufacturer has a group of professional installers with many years of experience, who can provide you with reliable installation services.

- Curved stairs


The marble curved staircase has a strong traffic capacity and a beautiful staircase shape. The flowing lines bring some dynamic effects to the boxy space. The whole space has a more sense of design and beautiful lines, just like seeing artworks in front of you. More importantly, it takes up the most space among many stairs, and is more suitable for designing with good decorative materials.

II. How to provide dimensions for curved stairs?

Step 1: Auto CAD drawing


Step 2: Paper form


III. What is the right size of stone stair steps?

The size of the marble steps should generally be adapted to the size of the human foot, and it is also related to the use function in different types of buildings. The dimensions of the step include height and width. The ratio of step height to width is the gradient of the stairs.

Marble steps can have different values under the same slope, giving an appropriate range to make people feel comfortable when walking. Practice has proved that the steps that feel comfortable when walking are generally smaller in height and larger in width. Therefore, when choosing the aspect ratio, the one with the smaller height is appropriate for the two sizes of the same slope, because it takes less effort to walk than a step with a larger height and width.

However, it should be noted that the width should not be too small, preferably not less than 240mm, so as to ensure that the center of gravity of the foot’s focus falls on the sole of the foot, and 90% of the heel force point is on the step. For adults, the minimum width of the stair tread should be 240mm, and the comfortable width should be around 300mm. The height of the step should not be greater than 170mm, and the more comfortable height is about 150mm.

The height and width of marble steps should be the same for each step of the same stair brand product, and the size should not change irregularly to ensure a constant relationship between the slope and the stride.

The width of the stairs is generally determined by the flow of people, in order to ensure smooth passage. The width of the ladder section for a single person should generally be 800 ~ 900mm; the width of the ladder section for two people should generally be 1100mm ~ 1400mm; the width of the ladder section for three people should generally be 1650 ~ 2100mm.

If more people flow, increase the width of 550 + ( 0 – 150) mm according to each flow of people. When the width of the stair section is greater than 1400mm, a handrail against the wall should generally be installed, and when there are more than 4-5 people on the stairs, a middle handrail should generally be installed.

Common civil buildings such as residences, buildings, theaters, canteens, hospitals, kindergartens, etc. are suitable for stair steps:

Rise height r/mm: 156~175, 140~160, 120~150, 150.

Tread width g/mm: 250 ~ 300, 280 ~ 340, 260~300, 300 ~ 350

In the choice of the slope of the modern granite stairs of the villa, many factors such as walking comfort, climbing efficiency, and space status should be considered. The angle between the slope line and the horizontal plane is the stair slope, which is generally 20 to 45 degrees, and the best slope is about 30 degrees.

Different styles and marble steps designs of stairs have different requirements for the slope of the stairs. If there are elderly people or children at home, it is recommended that the slope be 14 to 27 degrees.

IV. What is the right angle for the steps of the stairs?

Special function marble steps require different slopes. For example, the slope of the ladder is above 60 degrees, the special staircase is generally 45 to 60 degrees, the slope of the indoor and outdoor steps is 14 to 27 degrees, and the slope of the ramp is usually below 15 degrees.

Generally speaking, in places with large crowds, high safety standards, or ample area, the stair slope should be gentler, and for auxiliary stairs only used by a few people or infrequently used, the slope can be steeper, but preferably no more than 38 degrees, in addition to personalized stairs or optional spiral stairs due to space.

Here are some examples of marble stairs:


V. How to maintain marble stair steps?

1. The maintenance of marble stairsis divided into cleaning and protection, and the protection is divided into protection before stone construction and protection after stone construction. The daily maintenance of marble stairsis very simple and does not require special tools. At present, most of them use an advanced high-tech stone maintenance product—a penetrating protective agent.

2. The permeable protective agent dissolves in water and plays three roles in the protection process of marble stairs, namely cleaning and protecting the floor, removing possible moisture, and reducing the number of cleanings. Of course, if the marble staircase contains micro-grains, it can also improve the brightness.

3. Marble is a very noble natural building material. Ordinary cleaning agents not only fail to achieve the effect, but may also leave a part of fluoride in the stone, thus damaging the stone, so no matter how long the marble stairs are maintained , pay attention to the choice of cleaning agent.

4. After using the marble staircasefor several years, despite the daily waxing operation, there will still be scratches and unevenness, so it should be repaired by crystallization treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reasonable stair stone maintenance cycle, and use the stair machine to cooperate with the polishing pad for crystallization treatment, which can maintain the brightness of the stair stone for a long time.

Among the stones, marble is the first choice for interior staircase decoration, because it exudes nobility and elegance all the time. Marble staircases are very beautiful, look like aristocrats from a distant era, able to accentuate any style of decor.

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