Mysterious, Luxurious and Noble Granite Color


In the world of decorative stone, black granite and golden granite are highly coveted for their distinct looks and properties. Black granite is known for its deep, noble atmosphere, with its unique texture and black tones adding a sense of mystery and modernity to a space.

Golden granite exudes a warm and luxurious atmosphere, and its golden tone and diverse textures bring sunshine and warmth to the interior decoration.

This article will take an in-depth look at these two very different types of granite, revealing what makes them unique, useful and attractive in decorative designs. Let’s explore these two colors of stone together and explore their wonderful applications in interior decoration.

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Table of Contents

I. Black granite series

Black granite refers to a type of granite that is darker in color and mainly black. These rocks usually contain black minerals when they form naturally, giving them an overall dark tone.

Because the color of black granite can vary based on black, it can have different variants and names, such as midnight black, black pearl, black galaxy, etc. Their appearance characteristics may vary slightly, sometimes taking on dark grey, dark blue or dark brown tones.

They are mainly composed of black quartz, pyroxene and other minerals, so they have a dark tone overall, some may have tiny grains or shiny spots, some may be more uniform or pure black, some may appear deeper black, and Others may have faint grey, blue or brown tones. These rocks often show a slight sheen when exposed to sunlight or artificial lighting, and these slight color differences may also be affected by varying mineral content in the rock, making its surface more eye-catching.

Black granite can bring a bold and dramatic touch. Compared to a classic all-white countertop, a granite countertop with gold or white veins really stands out. From dark Nordic Black granite to sparkling black Galaxy granite that mimics looking up at the stars, here are our most popular black granite countertops.

1. Nero Mist Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $59 – $69/square foot


Nero Mist Granite is a dark-colored granite that typically has a black or very dark gray base color with subtle white or light gray veins scattered throughout the rock. This rock has a high contrast and fine texture, giving it a luxurious and elegant appearance.

Few granite colors are more stunning than the ever-changing Nero Mist granite, which features a soft black background complemented by tonal flecks and charcoal-toned veining. This dark-colored board is a great addition to a busy home as it is good at hiding stains and scratches.

However, it also adds an incredibly dramatic and eye-catching effect to a plain white kitchen. So if you like bold, masculine hues, it naturally also pairs well with dark wood or painted cabinets.

2. Nordic Black Granite

Origin: Russia
Price: $70/square foot


Nordic Black Granite is a dark-colored granite favored for its unique appearance and durability. It often has a dark black base with white or gray veins and spots.

Nordic Black Granite is a homogeneous stone with a large mineral structure that refracts light due to the presence of giant crystals beneath the surface. It contains closely connected metallic particles and white textures that never fail to impress. It’s durable and will stand out whether placed on top of light or dark cabinets.

This delicate granite stone has small variations, shallow depth, and is subtle enough to blend in with other granite patterns. It pairs perfectly with gold and copper accessories. Practical and stylish, it comes in black, onyx and charcoal, lightly accented with light gray and charcoal.

3. Desert Dream Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $70/square foot


Desert Dream Granite is commonly found in desert areas and usually has a warm color with dark brown, golden or orange markings, making it look like the imprints left by the movement of sand in the desert.

Although much more expensive, Desert Dream Granite is a premium granite that exudes luxury. Its sophisticated combination of black, grey, cream, burnt orange and gold patterns make it one of the most stylish granite stones. Durable and stunning, it instantly elevates kitchens and bathrooms into designer spaces, especially when combined with gold or copper finishes.

Desert Dream Granite is a strong and dramatic stone that can function as a bold accent in a neutral kitchen or as something more subtle in a moody setting. Durable and sturdy, it’s perfect for those who want a dramatic bathroom vanity and kitchen countertop.

4. Black Galaxy Granite

Origin: India
Price: $45/square foot


Black Galaxy Granite is primarily produced in India and is known for its black base with flecks of gold or silver accented by a shimmering metallic sheen.

Black Galaxy Granite is a newer stone that has become popular over the past 40 years or so for its durability and beauty. Its copper, gold and white flecks sparkle in the light due to deposits of bronze minerals. This stone has a strong visual impact and is often used on stairs, floors and countertops.

Like all granite, it performs well in high traffic areas and is low maintenance. Black Galaxy Granite features a deep black background with green/black shading and the occasional bit of white in the background. When highly polished, its metallic flecks stand out more, but the stone also looks beautiful with a matte finish.

5. Black Pearl Granite

Origin: India
Price: $45 – $80/square foot


Black Pearl Granite is a gorgeous granite named for its deep black base that is studded with shimmering pearl-like luster accents.

The appearance of Black Pearl Granite can sometimes have a black or dark gray base color studded with tiny silvery white or metallic flecks and crystals with black and blue flecks. This reflective effect gives the rock a unique sheen and depth, making the space appear more textured and luxurious.

Black Pearl Granite can be polished or brushed to create a more dramatic effect. If you want to use this color on your walls or floors, you can cut it into tiles for a unique look.

6. Midnight Black Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $80 – $100/square foot


Midnight Black Granite is a black-toned granite that gets its name from its dark appearance, which is usually a uniform deep black surface that may have faint gray or blue tinges, and some hints of gray, white, or gold. spot. Does not have obvious spots or veins like some other granites.

The dark color of this stone is so eye-catching that it will stand out from any other colors in your home. If you love having a unique kitchen full of personality, this might be the right choice for you!

II. Golden granite series

Golden granite is a kind of granite whose color is mainly golden. This stone usually has varying shades of golden-yellow tones, and may sometimes be mixed with crystals or flecks of other colors. Its color may vary depending on the type of rock, its crystal structure, and the presence of other impurities in it. Golden granite may have shades of golden yellow, light yellow, golden brown, and sometimes different shades of color layers or spots, giving it a unique texture and appearance. Overall, golden granite is known for its warm, bright golden hue and is often used in interior decorations to bring light and visual appeal to a space.

Statement gold home accessories and decor remain popular this season. Gold granite color complements white and moody kitchens, especially those with black and dark green kitchen cabinets. For those who prefer warm tones such as creams, yellows, browns and ochres, golden granite is the first choice, with most golden granites remaining consistent in color.

1. Almond Gold Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $50/square foot


This stone has an amber color with rich nutty brown and amber undertones. Some even notice a hint of green in its gentle glow. It features an overall “block” effect rather than texture and waves. Almond gold blends beautifully with wooden countertops, warm interiors and more traditional design aesthetics.

Although the gold is bold, the flecks don’t overpower other design elements and soften the space with a metallic look. This dark stone adds richness to the home as its light color enhances the energy in the kitchen, living area or bathroom. It is one of the popular granite colors that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the current design trend in pastel shades.

2. Picasso Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $75/square foot


Picasso granite, also known as “Crazy Horse,” will bring life to any kitchen or bathroom countertop, fireplace or even flooring. Like Picasso’s artwork, this granite is dominated by difference and contrast. Contains greys, golds and browns with light and dark textures to suit both modern and classic spaces. Picasso granite enhances a variety of materials, from natural wood to synthetic surfaces.

Although its golden-brown veins create crazy patterns, the colorful flecks give this stone a cohesive, natural look, making it incredibly versatile. It provides a bold edge to traditional kitchens while adding brightness to darker environments.

3. Namibian Gold Granite

Origin: Namibia
Selling price: $70/square foot


The color of this granite is like the shimmering Namibian desert sand, blending cool whites and grays with warm creams and golds. Namibian Gold is an exotic colored stone that combines perfectly with warm surroundings, bringing a natural shine to interiors. Installed in the right space, this attractive natural stone can bring rich desert tones to interiors.

When choosing a granite countertop for a kitchen or bathroom, Namibian Gold is a popular option for both the countertop and the accent backsplash. Depending on your interior decorating style, it can mimic opulence or complement a more rustic setting inspired by arid plains and ever-changing desert dunes.

4. Kashmir Gold Granite

Origin: India
Price: $50 – $80 per square foot


Kashmir Gold Granite is a popular granite color that has been around for a long time. It has a predominantly golden hue, often with flecks or veins of black and gray, creating a look full of texture and warmth.

This granite is commonly used in flooring, countertops, walls, and decor. It has a bright, durable look and is prized for its unique golden hue and texture. “Kashmir Gold” granite provides a sense of nobility and elegance in design and decoration, and its golden hue is often used to enhance the brightness and warmth of a space.

III. Conclusion

Black granite and golden granite are two treasures of interior decoration, each showing completely different charm and value. Whether you prefer the deep appeal of black or the warm glow of gold, both granites offer colorful options for your designs and bring a unique aesthetic to your space. If you have other ideas and doubts about the color of granite, please feel free to contact us!

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