How to Use Pink Marble in Your Home Decoration?


There are thousands of colors in the world, but lovers only love pink. Pink is bright, warm and friendly, and is generally regarded as a symbol of youthful girls. When pink meets marble, pink has endless changes. If you want home decoration to be brilliant, color matching is indispensable. Any space will have a visual center, and the leader of this center is color.

Pink is gentle but not outstanding, especially skin pink, smoke powder and other colors, which will not have a sense of peeling while lighting up the space, but blend with marble just right. Marble and pink meet, and the feeling of collision is high-end and romantic. Pink especially matches light-colored marble. In a marble-paved space, matching pink components or walls properly can reduce the coldness of the space and bring romantic warmth.

The combination of marble and pink furniture can instantly radiate the space, either noble and elegant or fresh and romantic. It could be a pink sofa, or a pink chair, or sometimes a pink cushion. If you don’t want pink chairs or sofas, then put pots of pink flowers, or match them with pink curtains, blankets and ornaments to add bright colors to the cool and elegant space and bring a romantic atmosphere.

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Table of Contents

I. What are the varieties of pink marble?

Pink marble is a metamorphic rock, the main component is calcium carbonate, sometimes it also contains other minerals, such as quartz, mica, graphite and so on. The color and texture of pink marble are determined by the composition of the original rock and the conditions of metamorphism. Some are pure pink, and some have patterns of different colors. There are many origins of pink marble, among which Portugal is the most famous one, and there are also countries such as Turkey, Italy, and Iran.

Pink marble is a natural stone with soft and elegant colors and textures. It can be used to decorate homes, hotels, museums and other spaces to create a romantic, luxurious or classical atmosphere. Pink marble comes in different varieties and origins, such as:

1. Pure: No texture, pink undertone. This is the rarest variety, native to Portugal.

2. Different color texture: The background color is pink, but accompanied by brown, green or dark blue texture. It is the most mined variety and also comes from Portugal.

3. Same color texture: Both the base color and texture are pink. Produced in Türkiye, Italy and other places.

4. Pink jade/Furong jade: Pink marble with jade texture, produced in Iran.

5. Violet Marble: Pink marble with violet tones, from Italy.

II. Pink marble design

1. Accents in light wood tones


We love the light wood accents in this kitchen that complement the pink marble island. In an all-white space, peachy textures stand out and create a bold focal point. Gold hardware brings a metallic element to the matte rustic material, while a hint of black on the stove adds just enough contrast to make the design feel complete.

2. Incorporate statement furniture


We love the minimalist design of this space. Two pink chairs add a cozy, inviting texture along with a pink marble countertop table. Marbling is sure to be the focal point of the room thanks to its rich tones and soft mixed patterns.

For a cohesive look, use pink accents that match the exact hue of the marble furniture to tie the space together.

3. Add additional textures


The texture of this kitchen countertop isn’t just due to its marble material—these designers went a step further by choosing a counter with sculpted horizontal lines. We love the bright wall paint, which complements the light pink hue on the counter. A textured brass backsplash lends character to the room and incorporates contrasting materials.

4. Match your cabinets


This large marble slab is almost all white, but with bright pink stripes that really catch the eye. The colorful tones of the backsplash complement the minimalist matte cabinets for a cohesive style. Designed with natural wood trim and black and white accents, this marble texture is the star of the show.

5. Bring it to the floor


From the wall color to the trim in this bright bathroom, we can’t get enough of the pink hue. But it’s the floor that really stands out: Pink marble tiles in an offset pattern, paired with small geometric tiles for a layered look. The texture of the tiles is undeniably stylish, and the floor sets the stage for the pink furniture and sleek white cabinets to stand out.

6. Design emphasis tables


The pink and gray tones of this sideboard table add elegance to the space. Paired with bright white walls and textured trim, it adds color to the room without compromising its clean, airy vibe. We love the rustic artwork and metallic gold accents that hold the design together.

7. Make your marble shine


While the soft pink marble of this kitchen’s backsplash and countertops is a statement in itself, the vintage light fixture completes the room. Brass accessories are always a great choice to complement the marble material perfectly. We love that the designer went a step further and painted the cabinets in the same shade as the dark shade of marble.

8. Mix and match textures


An easy way to add a splash of pink marble to your space is through upholstery furniture – we can’t get enough of the variety of textures in these pieces. A soft, inviting sofa adds comfort along with a stylish marble side table. This room features wooden floors and a patterned colorful rug, an example of mixing and matching textures for dynamic finishes.

9. Explore quieter tones


We love the dynamics of this tiered marble shelving, which complements the room’s earthy tones. To create more depth, the designers chose to use brass and knotty wood surfaces. Perhaps what ties the whole space together is the subtle fuchsia of the shelves: their muted hue feels balanced in the neutral color scheme of the room.

III. Conclusion

We love the dynamics of this tiered marble shelving, which complements the room’s earthy tones. To create more depth, the designers chose to use brass and knotty wood surfaces. Perhaps what ties the whole space together is the subtle fuchsia of the shelves: their muted hue feels balanced in the neutral color scheme of the room.

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