Price Comparison between Chinese Marble and Italian Marble

Marble is one of the most classic and commonly used materials in decoration design, and some luxury stones are also the first choice in decoration design. In layman’s terms, luxury stone is a natural stone with a more luxurious texture. Due to the combination of natural texture and color, it has special and precious attributes, which can push the beauty of high-end space to the extreme and lead high-end decoration, so it is also known as “stone luxury”. Luxury stone is widely used by people because of its unique natural and irreproducible luxury attributes, as well as rich and colorful colors and textures.

Among them, Calacatta Viola, Calacatta Gold, Arabescato Corchia, Carrara White Marble and Portoro Marble are all produced in Italy, which is known as the “Stone Kingdom”. They can be said to be famous stones in various interior decorations, with their unique Natural texture, noble and elegant temperament, exudes a luxurious and high-end feeling, and is the favorite of artists and designers all over the world. Of course, they are also very expensive.

But, you know what? There are 5 marbles from China that are very similar to the above 5 luxury stones. They are not only very popular for mid-to-high-end projects, but also the king of performance among marbles, and now their influence is growing. Then I will share with you these popular marbles!

1. Abstract White VS Calacatta Viola

Marble Name: Abstract White

Place of production: Made in China

Price: $55~80

Features: Abstract White has a similar texture to Bvlgari marble, but the price is very affordable. The background color blue and white gradient transition is natural and smooth, and the lines are naturally distributed and well-proportioned. The texture of each marble is different, and the unique texture and color give it a strong modern feel. It is suitable for modern minimalist, Italian minimalist and other decoration styles, making the whole space full of high-level feeling.
Scope of application: Abstract White can be made into dining table, coffee table, and it can be applied to island and background wall to reflect the elegant temperament.

Marble Name: Calacatta Viola

Place of production: Made in Italy

Price: $370~450

Features: Calacatta Viola, also known as Bvlgari marble, is named after the large-scale use of the Bvlgari Hotel in New York. Its unique texture and color give this marble a modern feel, and it has received many designer’s favorites. Bvlgari marble has purple patterns flowing in its white texture. The texture is natural and swaying, full of simple and elegant beauty. It is very suitable for homes in various styles such as minimalist, wabi-sabi, French, American, and light luxury.
Scope of application: Whether calacatta Viola is used in large areas, partial decoration, or used for dining tables and coffee tables, it can experience the noble and elegant temperament just right.

2. Chinese Calacatta Gold VS Italian Calacatta Gold

Marble Name: Chinese Calacatta Gold

Place of production: Made in China

Scope of application: Chinese Calacatta Gold can be used in a large area and embellished a little. Dining table, island table, bar table, entrance, background wall can be applied.

Price: $65~90

Features: Chinese Calacatta Gold and Italian Calacatta Gold have similar textures. The base color is white and yellowish, with a unique gold thread texture. The interlaced color texture of gold and white subtly walks between the luxurious aura and the elegant demeanor, making the temperament of the space to a higher level. The luster of the stone is oily, the pattern is even, and it is natural and smooth. It is one of the latest and most popular products of modern minimalism.
Scope of application: Chinese Calacatta Gold can be used in a large area and embellished a little. Dining table, island table, bar table, entrance, background wall can be applied.

Marble Name: Italian Calacatta Gold

Place of production: Made in Italy

Price: $470~550

Features: Italian Calacatta Gold comes from the rare natural marble stone. The texture is moist and ductile. The golden mesh texture is matched with the purest white background in marble. White has a noble and pure feeling, while gold has its own light and charm. The texture is interlaced and blended, giving a strong sense of visual impact.
Scope of application: Italian Calacatta Gold is suitable for walls, floors, bar counters, countertops, washbasins, stairs, background walls, etc.

3. Chinese Arabescato Corchia VS Italian Arabescato Corchia

Marble Name: Chinese Arabescato Corchia

Place of production: Made in China

Price: $65~90

Features: Chinese Arabescato Corchia and Italian Arabescato Corchia have similar textures. The base color is white, slightly translucent, with fine particles. Transforming the natural marble texture is like the ink cloud of milliseconds, making the space very comfortable and leisurely. The calcium carbonate content of Chinese Arabescato Corchia is more than 99%, which is not easy to break and deform compared with other marbles.
Scope of application: Chinese Arabescato Corchia is suitable for high-end interior decoration, components, sculptures, wash basins, countertops, and light-transmitting panels. Suitable for living room, dining room, study, background wall, high-end hotel, villa, large commercial space, etc.

Marble Name: Italian Arabescato Corchia

Place of production: Made in Italy

Price: $235~290

Features: Italian Arabescato Corchia is a kind of marble with grayish white background and black and gray stripes. Its texture pattern is relatively large, the texture is dark, and it is natural and smooth. The texture of Italian Arabescato Corchia is harder than ordinary marble, and generally does not need to be reinforced with a back mesh.
Scope of application: Italian Arabescato Corchia is usually used for sinks, bay window countertops, and walls, and can also be used on floors, walls, background walls, etc.

4. Chinese Carrara White VS Italian Carrara White

Marble Name: Chinese Carrara White

Scope of application: Made in China

Price: $37~48

Features: Chinese Carrara White and Italian Carrara White have similar textures. Chinese Carrara White has always been the first choice for architectural decoration with its snow-white board surface, cloud-like texture of mountains and rivers, and low price. The marble slate has a snow-white surface, yellow or gray rib lines on the surface, different thicknesses and textures like mountains and rivers, and low prices. High strength and toughness, light color, slightly light-colored stripes on the surface.
Scope of application: Chinese Carrara White is suitable for high-end interior decoration, components, wash basins, interior and exterior walls, window sills, lines, floors, etc.

Marble Name: Italian Carrara White

Scope of application: Made in Italy

Price: $85~110

Features: Italian Carrara White with light grey silk streaks on a white base. Delicate texture with a stylish feel. The best background color of minimalism, combined with smooth look and natural texture, concise and generous and coexist with details, creating a simple and pure and bright feeling. The unique texture adds a unique charm, giving people a romantic and unique enjoyment.
Scope of application: Italian Carrara White is suitable for floors, walls, carvings, countertops, fireplaces, crafts, mosaics, columns, tables, backdrops, etc.

5. Chinese Portoro Marble VS Italian Portoro Marble

Marble Name: Chinese Portoro Marble

Scope of application: Made in China

Price: $36~60

Features: Chinese Portoro Marble has a similar texture to the Italian Portoro Marble, and is one of the very precious stone varieties in marble. Black is calm and dignified, golden embellishments are vivid, and the endorsement of high-end sense is the combination of black and gold. Not only have beautiful colors and patterns, but also high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties.
Scope of application: Chinese Portoro Marble is mainly used for interior wall and floor decoration. In interior decoration, it is also commonly used in TV countertops, windowsills, door covers, stone pillars, fireplaces, etc.

Marble Name: Italian Portoro Marble

Scope of application: Made in Italy

Price: $100~300

Features: Italian Portoro Marble is a very precious stone in natural marble, known as the king of marble. Black background, golden pattern, fine lines, good luminosity. The color is gorgeous, and the decorative effect can fully reflect its unique magnificence, gorgeous and noble. It has always been the darling of the design world.
Scope of application: It is suitable to use Italian Portoro Marble to create high-end luxury interior space. Italian Portoro Marble is mainly used in interior walls, floors, countertops, window sills, door covers, stone pillars, fireplaces, etc.

Most of the mines in Italy are family-run, symbolizing the aristocracy, showing wealth, power, status and status. Since there is no mining period limit similar to China’s, Italian marble strictly controls the output, which keeps the price of marble high. The price of luxury stones mined in Chinese mines is more affordable than that of Italian luxury stones, but the texture and texture are not inferior to imported luxury stones. And at present, the luxury stones on the market sell for one less than one piece, and the scarcity and value-preserving properties are self-evident. If you think the price of Italian marble is too high, then these 5 marbles from China will be a good choice!

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