The Application of Marble Veining in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Marbling is a big part of the kitchen theory, and it’s been on my mind for a while. I think if you were to poll people who decided to ditch all other stones and go big on marble countertops, there would be quite a few people suffering from what I can only describe as “marble remorse”.

But unlike what you might expect, this regret isn’t because the cost might have burned a hole in their pocket, or because it was discovered that marble does have a tendency to chip and stain easily. No, I believe the remorse is that their choice of using marble kitchen and marble bathroom ideas was not bold enough.

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Table of Contents

I. Classic simple marble textures and dramatic marble textures

While classic white marble is not to be underestimated, it has a striking texture, accented in black that cuts through the piece in a wild way that can make a real eye-catcher in a kitchen or bathroom and make the space really sing . Dramatic textures, whether on countertops, backsplashes or sinks, have grown in popularity over the past few years.

But this year, the demand and the barriers to entry will be higher than ever. I can’t say I’m surprised. Strong veins bring a lot to the party. It adds movement and thus depth to surfaces, can be a wonderful focal point, adds a touch of luxury and of course looks stunning.

Many interior designers and brands are noticing the growing demand for dramatic textures and people asking for marble decorating ideas.

II. Marble veining is applied in the kitchen

1. Clean lines

With a book-matching marble splashback in this kitchen, the use of clean lines and simple hardware makes the marble veining stand out, adds depth to the design, and shines thanks to the neutral kitchen and backdrop. Clean lines, pale finishes and simple hardware mean that despite the theatricality of marble, it retains a sense of refined elegance.

2. Use colorful marbles


In this kitchen, the stone is a striking combination of colors, from charcoal to light gray to gold and green. The latter is used very subtly in modern kitchen cabinet ideas and forms a complementary scheme further accentuated by warm metallic tones.

3. Dark marbles


In this kitchen, choosing a dark marble for a more opulent look, black quartzite becomes a distinctive feature and a triumph for dark interiors. The richness of the stone contrasts with the textured walls and a more Spartan look. It feels serene, but still special.

4. Combine sink and countertop


Combining the sink and countertop for double impact thanks to the boldness of the marble, the countertop and recessed sink add drama to this otherwise quiet kitchen. In a different, more luxurious design, it might feel over the top, but balancing it with understated elements like wood and limewashed walls softens the overall look – add on gray kitchen ideas The marble veining feels like a pale and very interesting one.

5. Go vertical


Think of the end of a stone waterfall, think of a splash. When investing in textured stone, a vertical application that flows upwards from the ground can really have a stunning effect. Minimalist kitchen designs are replacing overhead cabinets with feature floating shelves, which also present the perfect opportunity to bring a stone backsplash all the way to the ceiling. Round or recessed range hoods also work well in these designs and create another eye-catching design feature.

6. Avoid connections


Designing elements in the kitchen to properly cater to the edge of the waterfall, the mitered edge of the countertop and the height of the backsplash is critical to ensuring the accurate flow of texture in the stone. Good workmanship is important for creating luxurious, thick countertops and seamless looking islands. For example, when designing a 40mm thick island, you will need to accommodate the island edge within the size of the slab to create a flowing vein effect from the top and down the edge. The size of the island, the length of the bench and the height of the splashback need to be carefully considered when working with textured stone.

III. Marble veining is applied in the bathroom

1. Use marble veinings on walls and floors for a seamless, dynamic effect


A plain white shower is in danger of being dull. But with bold use of marble veining, and a seamless wall and floor look, this designed bathroom space makes an instant impact the moment you see it. Shower enclosure ideas have never been so glamorous. Its artful chrome fittings enhance the luxurious touch and add to the refined hotel ambiance. It’s more dramatic, maximizes the look, and feels more cohesive and fluid.

III. Conclusion

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