The Choice of the Best 3 Marble Dining Tables

In modern society, people pay more and more attention to high-end furniture. Furniture is no longer only to meet the needs of daily life, but also needs to meet the texture and beauty. The natural marble dining table has attracted the attention of consumers with its gorgeous appearance and very practical features.

Different from other architectural marbles, the texture of each piece of luxury stone is different, the texture is clear and curved luxury stone, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like to bring everyone a visual feast time and time again, installed in the living room, It can make the living room more elegant and generous. Today, I recommend a variety of beautiful and luxury stone dining tables, which are enough to contrast all the sense of luxury in your dining room!

Table of Contents

I. Marble Dining Table

Advantages of marble stone dining table

As a dining table design with stone countertops, the marble stone dining table is chosen by many modern-style decoration families, because the dining table of this material has many advantages that ordinary wooden dining tables do not have. Let me introduce them to you one by one.

(1) Fashionable and beautiful

Marble material is a common design element in modern style. This bright and smooth material is arranged at home, and the visual effect is also very fashionable and high-end, which can enhance the grade and gorgeousness of the space. The use of marble on the table top can also make the dining atmosphere more dignified and elegant. Fashionable and generous, it is the biggest highlight of the marble dining table.

(2) Hard enough and wear-resistant

Marble dining tables are different from ordinary wooden table tops, which are easily scratched or scratched by some sharp tableware. Marble is a hard and wear-resistant material. If ordinary tableware is used routinely, it is difficult to make scratches on it.

(3) Waterproof and easy to care for

The wooden table is more afraid of water, and it is more troublesome to take care of, so many people will add a layer of transparent rubber pads on the table when they buy a new wooden table. As for the marble table, for ordinary post-dining care, the surface is flat and not afraid of water, and it can be directly cleaned with a wet rag; of course, if it is stained with water or the like, it can also be directly wiped dry. On the countertop, you don’t need to worry, just let him dry naturally.

1. Bianco Carrara White Marble


Bianco Carrara White Marble is produced in Italy, with white as the base color, with natural and unique textures such as light gray silk, dots, and fine particles. His traces can be seen in the well-known world landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Pantheon in Rome, and he is also the raw material for many famous statues. Bianco Carrara White Marble can be said to be a leader in the design of light luxury dining tables, and therefore has more extensions of luxury stone dining tables.

2. Amazonite Green Marble

Amazonite Green Marble is produced in Brazil. Its surface color is intertwined with green, gray, white and brown. It has a strong aesthetic sense, so it is very popular among designers and homeowners.


3. Pandora Marble


Pandora Marble is produced in Brazil. Its natural texture and transparent crystals interpret the color of light luxury and fashion. It was once sought after by many stars and Internet celebrities.

4. Ice Jade Marble

‎Ice Jade Marble is produced in Yunnan, China. It is a natural marble with jade texture. The main color combination is black, white and green. ‎‎With warm lighting or metallic accents‎, if you like the new Chinese style, an ‎Ice Jade Marble dining table is also very suitable in the living room.


5. Calacatta Viola Marble


Calacatta Viola Marble is produced in Italy, also known as Calacatta purple marble. The unique texture and color endow Calacatta Viola Marble with a strong modern sense, which is not unassuming, but also reflects its elegance just right. Therefore, it is liked by many people in Europe.

II. Quartzite Dining Table

Advantages of marble stone dining table

(1) Hard

The hardness of quartzite is second only to diamond in nature, above 6 on the Mohs scale, and some can reach 7. This makes the countertops made of quartzite less prone to scratches. Quartzite is hard but not brittle, and unlike natural marble, it breaks easily.

(2) Heat resistant

Quartzite is one of the heat-resistant stones. Even after a long time of cooking, the heated pot will not leave any marks on the countertop made of quartzite. At the same time, the heat dissipation of quartzite is excellent, and there will be no blistering or cracking due to local temperature differences.

(3) Diverse appearance

Quartzite has a variety of natural appearances. Mainly divided into black, white, blue, brown, metallic, and precious and rare green, rose. Each color of quartzite may also have various patterns, which are bright and natural.

(4) Easy maintenance

Quartzite itself does not have many voids, as long as the surface is polished, it can be effectively waterproof.

(5) Stable in nature

Quartzite is non-conductive, non-magnetic, has a good shock absorption effect, and is resistant to acid and alkali erosion.

1. Jokul Silver White Quartzite

Jokul Silver White Quartzite is produced in Brazil. It is an entry-level version of light luxury style. The texture of this luxury stone is like a piece of white snow-capped mountains. A mood in harmony with nature.


2. Blue Onyx Marble


Blue Onyx Marble is produced in Africa, raw materials from Labrador semi-precious stones, the symbiosis of black mica and gemstones, Blue Onyx Marble on the table is colorful and eye-catching.

3. Emerald Marble

Emerald Marble is produced in Brazil, a rare emerald green, full of high-end sense, natural cracks, revealing unique and flexible lines.


III. Sintered Stone Dining Table

The sintered stone dining table is an upgraded version of the marble dining table. It has the advantages of the marble dining table, and at the same time avoids most of the shortcomings of the marble. There is no problem of radiation and penetration. If you like marble countertops, the sintered stone dining table is a good choice.

Advantages of Sintered Stone Dining Table

(1) Anti-fouling

Sintered stone is currently not 100% stain resistant, but it comes close. It’s non-porous, so it won’t absorb liquids, and common or stubborn stains are usually easy to remove from the surface. In addition, sintered stone resists most chemicals, uncommon acid reactions, and keeps surfaces flat and clean.

(2) Heat resistant

Sintered stone is manufactured at extremely high temperatures, so it can absorb heat. Cookware such as hot pans placed on the sintered stone will not damage the sintered stone due to the heat, but a tripod is recommended as a stand for the hot cookware.

(3) Hard and durable

Sintered stone kitchen countertops are very hard, durable and can withstand most impacts. In fact, they are second only to stone or quartzite in durability and are generally unaffected by wear and tear. However, we still recommend taking protective measures for daily use.

1. Arabescato Corchia Sintered Stone


Arabescato Corchia Sintered Stone is as white as jade and as bright as a mirror. It is simple and clean. It adds a little artistic temperament to the home. Its unique and characteristic texture highlights the inspiration and imagination that the design brings to home life, and provides infinite possibilities for space extension.

2. Calacatta Golden Sintered Stone

Statuari Sintered Stone is a precious and unique white dolomite with dark grey veining. Thanks to its sophisticated and elegant design, Statuari Sintered Stone can elevate any project from ordinary to extraordinary. Statuari Sintered Stone is a spectacular variety of stone that brings light to the floor, wall or countertop.


3. Statuari Sintered Stone


Statuari Sintered Stone is a precious and unique white dolomite with dark grey veining. Thanks to its sophisticated and elegant design, Statuari Sintered Stone can elevate any project from ordinary to extraordinary. Statuari Sintered Stone is a spectacular variety of stone that brings light to the floor, wall or countertop.

IV. Conclusion

As a piece of furniture that is frequently used at home, you can choose some high-quality stone materials. After all, the whole family eats and drinks here, and the marble dining table is in the space of the hall, and the high-end and elegant marble dining table is arranged. It can enhance the sense of class of the space. The above is the introduction about the material of the marble dining table. If you have any ideas and needs about the marble, please feel free to contact us!

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