Top 10 Beige Marbles

Although the marble market is now dominated by grey series marble and white series marble, the warm beige marble still has an extraordinary position in home decoration. You must know that beige marble has always been a hot product in the marble market in the early years. It is warm and elegant, majestic, and quite popular.

Of course, as a particularly rich material, marble is not only a dazzling array of colors, but also rich and diverse in the same color system. There are many varieties of beige marble, such as the common ones: Sunny Beige Marble, Bianco Botticino Marble, Omani Beige Marble , Royal Botticino Marble, Turkish Beige Marble, Crema Marfil Marble, Galala Cream Marble, Ottoman Marble, Aran White Marble, Sofitel Gold Marble and many more. Today, I present to you 10 popular beige marbles for your appreciation.

Table of Contents

1. Sunny Beige Marble

The origin of the Sunny Beige Marble is Egypt. It is a kind of beige series in marble. Due to the brilliance of the reverse section, Egyptian beige marble is cut vertically to form a parallel pattern during processing, such as Sunny Beige Marble, due to the suture line. It forms a pattern developed in parallel with the sedimentary layer, and the natural defects of the marble toward the suture are covered up, and there is little problem of chipping; cutting along the layer will form a cloud-like or irregular ring pattern. Therefore, Sunny Beige Marble is listed as a high-grade decorative stone, mainly used for buildings with high requirements for decorative grades.


2. Bianco Botticino Marble

Bianco Botticino Marble is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, components, wash basins, carvings, etc. Bianco Botticino Marble is used more in hotels and guesthouses. The surface of Bianco Botticino Marble has a light gray pattern, but the luminosity is poor, it can be glued, and it can be processed into mosaic or special-shaped products later.


3. Omani Beige Marble

Omani Beige Marble is an ideal high-grade interior decoration material. The color is mostly beige, and the surface patterns have two kinds of large patterns and small patterns. The large patterns are mainly twill patterns, and the small patterns are small circles, like shell cut surface patterns. Omani Beige Marble can be made into veneer for advanced decorative engineering, and is often used for interior walls, floors, railings, floors, window sills, services in public buildings such as hotels, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, etc. Desk, elevator door face finish, etc. In addition, Omani Beige Marble can also be used to make murals, handicrafts, daily necessities, etc.


4. Royal Botticino Marble

Royal Botticino Marble is produced in Iran. Because this area is still a marine environment in the distant ancient geological era, Royal Botticino Marble, like many marble varieties in this area, is a typical sedimentary metamorphic rock, that is, the limestone on the seabed is under the action of gravity and seawater pressure. Sedimentation, and after millions of years of metamorphism, formed the marble shape today.

Royal Botticino Marble is known as the king of beige marble. Because of its texture similar to jade, the color is soft and warm, with a slight yellow in white, good wear resistance and not easy to age. Therefore, it is the best marble, which is very suitable for interior decoration.


5. Turkish Beige Marble

Turkish Beige Marble is mostly used in indoor and outdoor wall decorations, countertops, outdoor floors, etc. The background color is yellow and the texture is golden yellow. Turkish Beige Marble is formed from sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks of sedimentary rocks. It is a metamorphic rock formed by recrystallization of limestone, usually accompanied by the texture of biological remains.


6. Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil Marble has four types: COTO regular beige, ZAFRA red beige, SP lightning beige, and ZIVAS watermark beige. The background color is beige, with a small amount of thin red lines and excellent luminosity. It is the first choice for high-end architectural decoration. The use of this marble is also very popular in small decoration projects and small quantities of houses.

The unique beige color of Crema Marfil Marble can be matched with any of the different colors of stone and decorative styles, which is one of the reasons why Crema Marfil Marble is so popular.

The main component of Crema Marfil Marble is calcium carbonate, its content is about 50%-75%, and it is weakly alkaline.

The composition of Crema Marfil Marble and its structural characteristics give it the following properties:

Good decorative properties

Crema Marfil Marble does not contain radiation and is bright and colorful, and is widely used in interior wall and floor decoration.

Excellent performance

Crema Marfil Marble has excellent machining properties, sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc. Crema Marfil Marble has good wear resistance and is not easy to age, and its service life is generally about 50-80 years. In addition to the first time, it also has the characteristics of non-conductivity, non-magnetic conductivity, and stable field potential.


7. Galala Cream Marble

Galala Cream Marble is popular in interiors due to its low radioactivity, and its warm, comfortable and glossy color. Galala Cream Marble has a beige base with a large glossy surface and is divided into various colors, including tofu pattern, uniform dot pattern, and crystal line pattern. The texture distribution of Galala Cream Marble is natural and smooth, and it is also wear-resistant and heat-resistant. The surface is smooth and delicate, which can give people a noble and elegant visual effect.


8. Ottoman Marble

Ottoman Marble is produced in Turkish mines, with creamy base color, rare hardness, extremely high luminosity, high bulk density, longer maintenance cycle than Crema Marfil Marble and Royal Botticino Marble, even as a floor, it is impeccable, Ottoman Marble is a high-grade marble decoration Taste.

Ottoman Marble’s unique light yellow, natural texture, set off a new vision of elegance, beauty and generosity. Natural Ottoman Marble is used in simple and elegant Chinese decoration. Its unique personality and style are high-rise buildings, and its light-colored style and white walls complement each other. Whether it is a door or window cover in home improvement, a background wall, or a hotel lobby or cabinet finish, choosing Ottoman Marble as a decorative material is the best choice.


9. Aran White Marble

Aran White Marble, produced in Turkey, also known as ivory beige marble, natural marble slab is a high-end finish material, smooth and delicate texture, warm and soft tones. The premium quality of Aran White Marble is as layered as jade. Aran White Marble is also popular with engineering and home improvement owners, mainly for buildings with high architectural finishing requirements.

Aran White Marble is one of the most popular beige marbles in decor and comes from Turkey. The texture is as warm as jade, and the color is warm and soft. These two characteristics give Aran White Marble a simple yet noble temperament. Aran White Marble can be matched with any color material without any sense of incongruity. Aran White Marble is known to be muddy. Not bad temperament, high gloss, and the color of the board surface is relatively uniform, the decorative effect is very strong, it is an excellent choice for decorative materials.

Aran White Marble has been widely used in various places since it was mined. Different types of minerals are formed in different regions, and different grades of prices are formed to meet the procurement and application of different levels of needs. Aran White Marble has more minerals to choose from, and each mineral has a variety of textures to choose from, so the mysterious veil of Aran White Marble can be esoteric.


10. Sofitel Gold Marble

Sofitel Gold Marble’s delicate beige is like a calm water surface, with golden lines criss-crossing, with a vigorous beauty created over hundreds of millions of years, breaking this tranquility, but it looks so natural and decent, exuding a natural and mysterious noble temperament .

The origin of the Sofitel Gold Marble is in Turkey. It is characterized by high luminosity, strong glaze, and a wide range of applications. Sofitel Gold Marble can be widely used in villa home decoration, high-end hotels, club halls, bathroom walls, floors or stair steps. , countertops, etc.



Beige marble has always been the main color of home decoration. Compared with grey and white, which needs a sense of design to support its momentum, beige marble appears extremely simple, but simplicity does not mean not gorgeous. In the decoration, it has always been the home of beige marble. It is luxurious and elegant, which is the adjective of beige marble.

As a very widely used interior decoration stone, beige marble has a wide variety of types. The surface of beige marble has obvious lines, and the pattern styles can be divided into strips, grains, flower shapes and other shapes, so it has a strong decorative function, and many families will choose this when they are interior decoration. A beige marble. Not only that, beige marble itself has many advantages, such as long service life, natural and smooth texture and other characteristics are very obvious.

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