Top 10 Best Blue Stones

Everyone is familiar with stone, so why is stone widely used in interior decoration? Does stone have any unique advantages?


1. The texture is fashionable and high-end

The texture of the stone is relatively bright and high-grade, and it has a more fashionable and generous visual effect when it is released alone, which is a bit similar to the feeling of pottery, and the texture and color of the stone are rich and varied. It is used in interior decoration, and the effect is very good.

The texture of the stone is high-grade, which is suitable for the decoration style of modern people.

2. Durable

Renovation is a major event in life because the renovated house often has to live for more than ten years or even a lifetime. Therefore, in terms of the quality of the decoration, the more durable the better, and in terms of durability, the stone itself is not afraid of insects, ants, and durable. Wear-resistant erosion, not afraid of moisture, is a very durable material.

The stone has good stability and is very durable.

3. Easy to take care of

After grinding, the surface of the stone can be very smooth, and the stone itself is not afraid of moisture, so it is very convenient to take care of, you can directly wipe it with a damp cloth, without worrying about water penetration, moisture, and decay.

The stone is not afraid of moisture, and it is very easy to take care of.

So, after talking about the advantages of stone in interior decoration, do you know which stones and what colors do they have? Let’s talk about blue stone today!

The variety of blue stones in nature is extremely rare, and its formation has a long history. The pure blue stone is at least 1 billion years old, and the annual mining volume is limited. All over the world, pure blue natural stone can be seen in parts of Brazil, South Africa, Turkey and so on.

Blue natural marble can play a finishing touch in the application of interior design. The natural random texture and color are more like a unique decorative painting.

Then George Stone will bring you to know 10 kinds of the best blue stone, so that you can better understand the blue stone.

1. Bolivian Blue

Common application range: Floor, background wall, stairs, desktop decoration, etc.

Blue has been hailed as a symbol of loyalty, constancy, love, and honesty. Bluestone is also known as the “Stone of Destiny”, which can bless the user’s safety and bring good luck, so many people will collect it. Bolivian blue looks like an oil painting, but it seems to be covered with a mysterious supernatural color.

Using Bolivian blue stone as the background wall is like engraving an ocean on the wall, making the whole space full of vitality. It is like a painting made by nature, vivid and flexible.

Bolivian Blue Marble

Decorating the ground with a large area of Luxury stone, it is like going deep into the bottom of the lake, exploring the original land in the depths of nature, mysterious and dreamy, quiet, and profound, making people indulge in the moment physically and mentally. Living in such an environment is already a high-level artistic enjoyment.

Blue Luxury stone no matter where the decoration is, the unique style can drive the whole space and make the overall environment more advanced.

2. Bulgari Blue

Common application range: Ground, background wall, wall, washbasin, booth, table, etc.

Bulgari Blue marble, the gray and white background is randomly scattered with blue lines of different shades and thicknesses. Just like its name, it exudes a romantic atmosphere, but it does not lose its generosity and cleanliness. It is perfect for interior decoration.

Bulgari Blue marble has clear lines, deep and steady like the vast ocean, and mysterious and unknown like the endless night sky. The texture of blue is particularly clear and charming, as if being in a natural blue always gives people a quiet and comfortable feeling. A noble and elegant color, with a velvety texture, more profound charm, and inner quality.

Luxury Blue Marble

The blue marble is applied on the ground with clear color and texture like wood grain, with myriad gestures and extreme elegance. The natural surface color difference is quite meaningful. The texture is clearly layered, just like the ripples under the blue sky, and the colorful gestures like the wind blowing wheat waves, harmonious and flexible, full of vitality.

Bulgari Blue marble unique parallel and oblique textures, with different thicknesses and clever combinations, not only break through the monotony, but also enrich the sense of extension, and also give the overall dynamic beauty to the static background of the stone. Whether blue marble is used as a floor, a wall or a table, the effect will not disappoint you.

3. Dream Blue

Applicable scope: Background wall, wall, dining table, floor, entrance, countertop, etc.

In nature, the blue of the stone is very difficult to obtain. The blue of dream blue marble is combined with the classic gray tones. Under the background of the light, the effect is dreamy. The blue-gray dream blue marble is also very reused by designers. The natural charm is irreplaceable by anything else, and dream blue marble shows unparalleled style and beauty.

The blue marble is the first choice for light luxury style, it is perfect no matter where it is used! Every corner of the home built by blue marble is the best check-in point, with its own gorgeous feeling.

4. Lambeiro

Common application range: Indoor, ground, bathroom, background wall, etc.

Lambeiro blue marble records the appearance of the years with its unique light blue tone and deep color. The elegant lines of thickness and thickness are like the river of time, which tells its history in a low voice. It can be high-end atmosphere or low-key luxury.

Lambeiro blue marble calm and mellow blue gray interprets a unique and delicate texture, the texture of quicksand texture, changes like a surging river, and the traces of scouring witness the glory of the past. Reminds me of the deep blue under the sky. Whether it is a home, a villa, or a high-end venue, it is a good choice.

Blue marble unique and delicate texture, combined with the same color home, creates a dreamy blue home, high-end and dreamy.

Blue Marble Flooring

The use of splicing, combined with the laying of geometric patterns, adds a little retro feeling, giving people a fresh color and a high-end and exquisite style.

5. Fantasy Blue

Common application range: Indoor, living room background wall, floor, table, etc.

The background color of Fantasy Blue Luxury Stone is gray, with some black and white. The most amazing thing is the large area of natural blue. The color is mellow, elegant, and psychedelic, giving people a sense of ingenious craftsmanship.

Blue itself can be matched with any color in the popular palette, so it is more favored by designers. The color of Blue Luxury Stone is romantic, the layers are very three-dimensional, the appearance is transparent and bright, the texture is rich and unique, and it can be widely used in modern minimalist, Nordic, light luxury, and other styles.

Blue Marble Background Wall

Fantasy Blue Luxury Stone as a background wall can balance the rhythm of the space, create a luxurious and high-end visual sense, and you will feel better from the moment you step into the house, and you will be happy when you see beautiful things.

6. Blue Onyx

Common application range: Floors, walls, background walls, bathrooms, 3D water spray floor tiles, sinks, stairs, etc.

Blue onyx stone is one of the most popular marbles with bright colors and delicate textures. Sky blue is used as the base color, and the texture of yellow and white wanders in it, like a beating flame. Blue onyx stone is very good in interior decoration, designers like to use it to make some special decorations, the effect is amazing and very ideal.

Blue onyx stone dreamy colors and delicate and beautiful textures show a romantic and classical side. People who like this style will love blue onyx stone. If it, were you, where would you choose to lay it?

Blue Marble Flooring

For blue marble flooring, the retro and romantic feeling will come out immediately, as if a princess will slowly walk down in the next second, elegant and noble.

7. Grand Skylight

Common application range: Background wall, floor, wall, washbasin, desktop, island, etc.

As one of the rarest stone categories in the stone category, blue marble gives people a calm and serene feeling. Its blue and white natural textures echo each other, as open as blue sky, and white clouds, and as pure as the sea, always making people happy.

The blue and white shades set off each other like the sea and the sky, with one layer of white and one layer of blue, just like the waves on the beach and sea water. The strong Mediterranean style in the picture is elegant and smooth.

When used on the background wall, it is as if there is a slightly undulating sea on the wall, which is quiet and gentle. The entire background wall is the art of nature.

Blue Marble Background Wall

8. Fantasy Sapphire

Common application range: Background walls, decorative countertops, stairs, floors, etc.

Fantasy Sapphire marble has a quiet and composed sense of glamour. Saturation is not that high. Suitable for low-key and high-end interior style, a touch of blue can make people calm and relax, with a warm texture and luxurious style. It is very suitable for people with aesthetics and low-key.

The application on the stairs is also very amazing, as if there is a sense of mystery, you can’t help but keep looking down when you walk on it, who doesn’t like beautiful things.

9. Phoenix Blue

Common application range: Star-rated hotels, villas, clubs, bars, and other high-end places, with various specifications and thicknesses.

The background color of phoenix blue granite is black or coffee color, and the board surface is evenly distributed with brushed blue crystals. The blue crystals will transform into sparkling light, especially under the light, the blue feathers will shine, creating a unique atmosphere of romance and fantasy. The texture is clear, the color is bright, and it has the appearance of luxury stone.

Blue Granite Background Wall

Each piece of phoenix blue granite is a unique landscape painting, through the designer’s handwriting, whether on the ground or on the wall, through different degrees of color matching, and the lights complement each other, interweaving all kinds of unexpected wonderland.

10. Earl Blue

Common application range: Floor, wall, background wall

This light blue color gives a sense of calm and coolness and is used in interior design to make it more spacious.

On the layout of Earl Blue Marble, the gray and white texture is as if the dawn of the dawn has lifted the veil of the night, the sun has just woken up, and the earth is still hazy. The sun shines on the earth through the mist, and beams of bright light enter the room, which is quiet and elegant, quiet, and beautiful, illuminating people’s lives like the light of hope, and awakening a new vitality for the day. In ordinary life, extraordinary achievements can be achieved.

No matter the paving design of indoor and outdoor ground or background wall, it can be designed and collaged into different artistic shapes. That piece of blue enamel color is exactly the artistic color that our hearts desire.

Noble but not public, it is the gorgeous essence of blue marble. Earl Blue is a very classic blue enamel color. The variety of blue stone in nature is extremely rare. In the interior decoration design, its texture changes and color matching are used to add a Mediterranean style to the whole space, which greatly improves the decorative effect of building products. Grade, making it more noble value and charm.

In general, the decorative effect of blue stone is very good, you can combine your own creativity or the designer’s creativity to better play the blue color, you can also have a dream blue home!

So, the above is the introduction of the top ten blue stones. If you want to know more about marble, you can browse the George Stone blog page more. If you want to buy, you are welcome to contact George Marble.

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