Top 10 Best Granites for Stairs

Nowadays, the staircase decoration of houses uses a variety of materials, and many houses are decorated with granite staircases.

Granite is composed of multiple minerals, mainly composed of quartz, feldspar, pyroxene, amphibole, and other minerals, so its characteristics are wear-resistant, compression-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and the flower pattern composed of a variety of minerals is very Natural, so suitable for decoration.

It is precisely because of its complex composition that the colors are diverse, so what kind of granite do you have? Then, by introducing 10 kinds of granite stairs, I will take you to understand what granite stairs are like!

Breed NameColorBreed NameColor
1. River white Granite6. Black Galaxy Granite
2. White Pearl Granite7. Baltic Brown Granite
3. Andromeda White Granite8. Tan Brown Granite
4. Juparana Grey Granite9. Blue Pearl Granite 
5. Spray White Granite10. Butterfly Green Granite

1. River White Granite

Type: River White Granite

Grade: Mid-range

Features: River White Granite is favored for its inherent beauty. Each slab of this white granite staircase appears completely unique in its appearance and natural design.

This white granite staircase has grey swirls and patches. Further adding to its appearance are burgundy spots scattered sparsely across its surface. The white and grey veining of the River White Granite varies little, with small dark burgundy spots.

Application scenarios: Indoor/outdoor

River White Granite Stairs

2. White Pearl Granite

Type: White pearl granite

Grade: High-grade

Features: The chemical composition of white pearl granite is stable, the rock structure is compact, the acid resistance is strong, the surface is not easy to undergo chemical changes, and does not contain any harmful minerals. It has high wear resistance and hardness, strong weathering resistance, and excellent physical properties.

white pearl granite color is beautiful, noble and elegant, natural granite, without any pollution and side effects, is an ideal building material.

Application scenarios: Indoor/outdoor

White Pearl Granite Stairs

3. Andromeda White Granite

Type: Andromeda white granite

Grade: High-grade

Features: Andromeda White Granite is a creamy white natural stone with grey and pale green textures.

The grey-green texture of the Andromeda White Granite staircase is striped with irregular edges. The distribution directions of these veins are basically the same, which makes the overall floor feel very harmonious. The area of the gray texture will be slightly larger than the area of the green texture. These light green veins give the entire floor a light green background color. In addition to these striped veins, there are also some dark brown dotted veins on the slate.

Application scenarios: Indoor

Andromeda White Granite Slab

4. Juparana Grey Granite

Type: Juparana Grey Granite
Grade: High-grade
Features: The Juparana Grey Granite staircase has a texture like a landscape painting, and it looks like the waves are rolling in the sand, without excessive publicity and luxury.
Among many granites, the Juparana Grey Granite staircase is quite fresh and refined, it has the characteristics of stable color and complex stripes.
The natural texture of Langtaojin granite stairs is ever-changing, the color is natural, and the decorative effect is extremely strong. Not only can be reprocessed, but also suitable for various decorative styles, with simple, Mediterranean, post-modern, and more individual decorative styles.
Application scenarios: Indoor

Juparana Grey Granite Staircase

5. Spray White

Type: Spray white

Grade: Mid-range

Features: Spray White is a wavy, medium-coarse-grained, off-white granite. The base color is white. The floral pattern is wavy. The rock features are wavy, medium-coarse-grained, gray-white granite.

The texture of Spray White is beautiful and durable like layers of surging waves. Unique white background, wavy and fine line color matching, calm and fresh texture, white and black, more distinct layers, more elegant and elegant, with the beauty of elegance, calm, low-key luxury.

Application scenarios: Indoor and outdoor decoration/components/countertops.

Spray White Granite Stair

6. Black Galaxy Granite

Type: Black Galaxy Granite

Grade: High-grade

Features: Black Galaxy Granite is a high-purity black with some bright crystals evenly interspersed, just like its name, looks like stars in the night sky. Black sand granite is the most popular among builders and designers.

Black has always been regarded as a mysterious color, and the embellishment of golden sand makes Black Galaxy Granite more elegant. The luxurious visual enjoyment and experience are an important reason for the higher price of black sand granite.

The luxury of appearance is not the only reason for the high price of AAAA, the excellence of performance is the essence of the high price of black sand granite countertops. Black Galaxy Granite has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and there is no need to worry about limited erosion at all.

If you are looking for building materials, it is completely suitable for your needs and is the product of choice, it will allow your designer to have unlimited creative design inspiration and allow him to transform into reality.

Application scenario: Indoor

Black Galaxy Granite Stairs

7. Baltic Brown Ganite

Type: Baltic brown granite

Grade: Mid-range

Features: This is a Baltic Brown Ranite with a brown-black background and large grainy brown textures. In the eyes of people in the industry, Baltic Brown Ranite is excellent. It not only has uniform particle size and balanced color tone, but also has a dense structure, hard texture, good acid and alkali resistance, and good weather resistance.

Baltic Brown Ranite surface features irregular intricate circular patches of brown and beige for dark and medium tones, with natural tones that blend in with almost any type or style of decor.

Application scenarios: Indoor and outdoor walls/floors/pillars/steps/pedestals/steps/cornices

Baltic Brown Granite Stairs

8. Tan Brown Granite

Type: Tan Brown Granite

Grade: High-grade

Features: The reason why Tan Brown Granite is so popular is inseparable from its unique pattern. Tan Brown Granite is mainly a red-colored gall-like structure with a brown background. According to the subtle changes in color, crystal, and pattern, as well as the different angles of cutting blocks, it can be divided into dark red, light red, large flowers, and small flowers.

In the eyes of people in the industry, Tan Brown Granite is not only delicate in texture, but also full of changes in details. It is used to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces in high-end places, which can make the space calmer and more atmospheric, revealing an elegant and low-key connotation temperament.

Tan Brown Granite is one of the popular granites. It is a darker granite that combines chocolate brown, black and grey tones.

Application scenarios: Indoor

Tan Brown Granite Stairs

9. Blue Pearl Granite

Type: Blue Pearl Granite

Grade: Mid-range

Features: Blue Pearl Granite is a dark granite with a granular and crystalline composition of blue minerals. Blue Pearl Granite has a polished and honed surface finish.

From bright cobalt blue to soft pale grey, different shades of blue make up this stunning selection from Blue Pearl Granite. A series of large and medium-sized crystals form the basis of its pattern, tightly compacted to create a sparkling visual spectacle. While each slate is unique, the consistency of the pattern makes it a favorite for designers who want a reliable stone.

The deep, shimmering blue of Blue Pearl Granite stairs is a gorgeous color that shrouds areas of the house in vibrant light. Cheerful and fresh, thanks to its tonal composition, it stunningly decorates interiors, bringing dramatic power to the most boring decor.

Application scenarios: Indoor/outdoor

Blue Pearl Granite Stairs

10. Butterfly Green Granite

Type: Butterfly Green Granite

Grade: High-grade

Features: Because of the mysterious and dark color of Butterfly Green Granite, it is full of a very noble temperament, so Butterfly Green Granite is widely used in the decoration of many high-end residences.

Ordinary granite is mostly gray, and Butterfly Green Granite is different from ordinary granite. Its color is green as a whole, and the texture on the stone is special, showing an irregular shape.

Among all the current stones, Butterfly Green Granite has the best ornamental value, and it is one of the more popular decoration building materials. Many young people hope to decorate their homes with the feeling of nature, and the choice of Butterfly Green Granite is the best choice for this decoration style.

Application scenarios: Interior and exterior high-end decoration/components/countertops/washbasins

Butterfly Green Granite Stairs

So, the above is the introduction of granite stairs. If you are interested in granite or stone, you are welcome to consult, thank you for reading.

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