Top 10 Best Quality Marbles in China

When it comes to marble, many people will not think of China. In fact, the marble produced in China is not worse than the marble in the United States, Spain and Italy. Compared with the world marble industry, the Chinese marble industry started late, but the Chinese marble manufacturers are not inferior. The 10 Chinese-made marble products introduced next are all capable of fighting and resisting. They not only have good looks, but also have high cost performance. The exquisite quality is also worth choosing.

Table of Contents

1. Black Silk Marble

Base color: Black

Texture color: Off-white

Application areas: High-end interior decoration, components, black marble wash basins.


Black Silk Marble is a black dense structure marble with white veins. It is produced in Guangxi and Hubei, mainly in Guangxi.

Black Silk Marble produced in Guilin, Guangxi Province has black background, good luminosity, white pattern, durability, frost resistance, abrasion resistance and hardness reaching international standards in terms of quality indicators. Radiation, no pollution to the environment, Black Silk Marble can reach the national export standard, and Black Silk Marble in Guangxi has superior conditions and the most advanced production equipment. Black Silk Marble is the best product for modern upscale architectural decoration.

2. Silver White Dragon

Base color: Black or gray

Texture color: The appearance of Silver White Dragon is divided into two types, black and gray. Black Silver White Dragon is a black background with white texture, and gray Silver White Dragon is a dark gray background with white texture.

Application area: Silver White Dragon is recognized by professional authorities and industry insiders as the ideal material for the decoration of various modern buildings and luxury residences because of its clear black and white, beautiful shape, elegant and luxurious, and high appreciation value. Silver White Dragon is also often processed into various handicrafts, such as marble table tops, marble kitchen countertops, white marble wash tops, white marble wash basins, etc.

03-Silver-White Dragon-black-marble-background-wall

Silver White Dragon is a black dense structure marble with white veins. The origin is Guangxi and Hubei, mainly Guangxi. The Silver White Dragon produced in Guilin, Guangxi has a black background, good luminosity, white pattern, durability and frost resistance. Wear resistance and hardness are up to international standards in terms of quality indicators, and radioactivity indicators are in line with national Class A standards.

3. Tree Black Marble

Base color: Black

Texture color: Black and white

Application areas: High-end interior decoration, components, black marble wash basins.


Tree Black Marble refers to black and white wood textured marble. Tree Black Marble has a clear banded structure and is wavy and curved. The rock mass is a granular metamorphic structure with moderate hardness and good gloss.

4. Hermes Grey Marble

Base color: Blue, gray, black, some between blue and gray

Texture color: The texture has white lines, ice cracks and less reticulation, and some have black oil spots.

Application areas: Hermes Grey Marble is used in the corridors and bar counters of office buildings, the decoration of home bathrooms, and the decoration of balconies.

Hermes Grey Marble has rich texture, intoxicating layered colors, low-key fashion, strong decoration, delicate material, good luminosity, suitable for indoor marble floor and marble wall paving.

06-Hermes-Grey Marble-kitchen-cabinet-countertop - 副本

5. East White Marble

Background color: White

Texture color: Straight

Application areas: High-end interior decoration, components, light-transmitting panels, white marble wash basins, white marble countertops, handicrafts.

07-East-White Marble-decorative-pillar

East White Marble is a high-grade finishing material. East White Marble is mainly used for buildings with high architectural decoration requirements, such as monumental buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations and other large public buildings For interior walls, columns, floors, stair treads, etc., East White Marble finishes can also be used for balustrades, service desks, wainscoting, window sills, baseboards and more.

6. Panda White Marble

Background color: White

Texture color: Black and white textures alternate, on the white base plate, the black texture flows freely and unrestrainedly.

Application areas: Interior decoration, such as marble floorings, marble background walls, marble countertops, marble tables, etc.

09-Panda-White Marble-flooring

Panda White Marble is black and white, just like the body color of giant pandas, hence the name Panda White Marble. Panda White Marble is like a traditional Chinese ink painting. The smoked ash and black ink swayed on the white paper are full of exquisite poetry, showing its own unique charm among thousands of stones.

7. Cold Emerald Marble

Base color: White, green

Texture color: Black, random

Application areas: High-end interior decoration, components, marble wash basins.


Cold Emerald Marble, a natural stone with onyx, the main color combination is black, white and green, evenly distributed, and the surface of the board has differences such as black and green, which is deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.

8. Danton Green Marble

Background color: Green

Texture color: Green

Application areas: Indoor walls, green marble countertops, outdoor walls, outdoor floors.

Danton Green Marble, also known as Dandong Frozen Onyx, is made of serpentine silakarn, with a hardness close to that of Shoushan Stone, and it is frozen. Marble made of forsterite skarn, emerald green. Produced in Donggou, Liaoning Province. The color of Danton Green Marble blocks is green onion, with light green, medium green and dark green. The weight is as large as more than ten tons, and the size is as small as about one ton. The specifications vary in length, width, height and shape. Danton Green Marble slate is hard, bright in color, rich in special structural patterns, clear and natural. Danton Green Marble is one of the best stone products and is very popular in the market.


9. Taiwan Dark Green Marble

Background color: Green

Texture color: White and green mesh texture, interwoven vertically and horizontally on a dark green background.

Application areas: Background wall, green marble countertop, outdoor floor, outdoor wall.

14-Taiwan-Dark Green-Marble-countertop

Dark Green Marble is produced in Taiwan, China. The color of the stone is full and pure, with a sense of calmness and luxury.

10. Chinese Carrara White Marble

Background color: White

Texture color: Yellow tendon line or gray tendon line, different thickness, texture like mountains, water and clouds.

Application areas: High-end interior decoration, components, white marble wash basins, white marble carvings, etc.


Chinese Carrara White Marble is produced in Hezhou, Guangxi. The Chinese Carrara White Marble has always been the first choice for architectural decoration, such as interior and exterior walls, window sills, lines, floors, etc.

China’s stone industry has been developing towards high-quality, multi-functional and intelligent stone products, so the quality of stone products has been greatly improved. Looking at the above marble products produced in China, do you think Chinese marble materials are also good? In the future, you can choose stone decoration materials no longer limited to countries such as Italy. Chinese marble materials may be a choice with high cost performance and appearance.

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