Top 10 Green Marble Stones

When it comes to marble, the first thing that comes to mind may be white or black, so let’s talk about something different today. Green, yes, there may be people who don’t know there are green marbles. Green is relatively rare in marble, but it is also a very distinctive decorative effect. It is applied in many places. Next, I will take you to the end of ten green marbles, let’s take a look.

Breed NameColorBreed NameColor
1. Amazonzite Green Marble6. Green Onyx Marble
2. Rainforest Green Marble7. Prada Green Marble
3. Emerald Green Marble8. Ice Jade Marble/Calacatta Green
4. Verde Marble9. Imperial Green (Royal Green)
5. Ming Green Marble10. Bamboo Jade Marble

1. Amazonite Green (Tiffany Brand Stone)

Name: Amazonite Green Amazonite Onyx

Variety: Luxurious Stone

Origin: South America

Application: Background Wall\Entrance\Desktop\Mesa

Features: In 1837, the famous jewelry watch brand Tiffany & Co. Tiffany was born in New York, USA. Innovation and design are the two cornerstones of Tiffany’s brand heritage, and Tiffany’s blue (t-blue), which represents steadfast love, has become the iconic symbol of the brand.

Produced in Brazil, the surface color is green, gray, white and brown intertwined, with a tropical rainforest-like color and texture. The color is like the rainy season of the tropical Amazon, full of vitality. When used for space decoration, it will give people a yearning for and closeness to nature.

The lines are fresh and elegant, exuding natural aura, just like the green and green of the Amazonite River Basin. It combines the color and texture of tropical rainforest, so that the luxurious space is always closely integrated with the natural ecology.

Scope of application: As a high-grade stone, Amazon Green can be used for indoor and outdoor high-grade decoration, such as various building components, countertops, etc.

The green background wall color is fresh and unique.

Amazonite green from Brazil broke into the eyes of Tiffany designers with a unique fresh fashion. The large area of lotus leaf green, mottled tan and random patterns show the enthusiasm and vitality of the rainforest and become the finishing touch of Tiffany’s offline stores.

Going back to the source of the mine, the Amazonite green blocks also coincide with the lucky color of Tiffany blue (t-blue). Its elegance makes people forget their worries at a glance and immerse themselves in the beautiful imagination brought by nature.

2. Rainforest Green Marble

Color: Green

Texture: Chaotic

Features: The surface of green rainforest green marble has dark brown twill like wood grain. The unique texture gives it a unique charm, which can evoke people’s yearning for nature and the meaning of return. Can be widely used in a variety of different styles of space environment.

Application: Floors, walls, countertops, columns, windowsills, etc.

Variety introduction: Originating from India, it is the best in this category. It has the color and texture of the tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia, so that the luxurious space is always closely integrated with the natural ecology.

Application effect: Rainforest green marble can be used in classic style and modern styles, because rainforest green marble is a kind of texture and color change that cannot be copied by nature, and it has a feeling of returning to nature. It evokes a strong return to the natural environment such as sunlight, air, and water. It is very suitable for the environment of various styles of space, especially when the background wall is used, it has an unparalleled decorative effect. It is used in classic style for a unique ornate texture that adds space.

Rainforest Green Marble Bathroom

3. Emerald Green Marble

Color: Green

Texture: Chaotic

Features: The emerald green marble is finely organized, solid, and resistant to weathering. The emerald, green marble slab is dark green, with dark green lines crisscrossing the slab, like the ripples on the green lake, and like a green forest, full of vitality.

Application: Floor, wall, countertop, footing, column, door cover, windowsill, etc.

Emerald Green Marble Toilet

I have to say that using emerald green marble on the wall in a large area is really beautiful. The irregular texture of the marble itself and the deep green color make the whole space as beautiful as inlaid with gems.

Emerald Green Marble Background Wall

Topical use is also beautiful, It and other materials of the same color, or black and grey are very good.

Green Locker

4. Verde Marble

Name: Verde marble

Variety: Marble

Application: Background wall, bathroom, local area

Features: Verde marble has different shades of color and three-dimensional natural texture, as if telling the long-term culture of stone. Texture abstraction, like van Gogh’s works, creates a classic trend with unique texture and natural beauty, depicting the temperament of home. The natural texture of verde marble presents three-dimensional convex and concave layers, and the changes in shades of ink reflect the changes in color levels.

Verde Marble Background Wall

Verde marble is suitable for individual backgrounds, large hotel aisles and porch background wall space.

Verde Marble Tiles

5. Ming Green Marble

Name: Ming green marble

Variety: Green marble

Element: Serpentine skarn

Origin: China

Application: Background wall, ground, wall, toilet, washbasin, washbasin background wall

Features: The color of ming green marble blocks is green onion, which are light green, medium green and dark green. The weight is as large as more than ten tons, and the size is as small as about one ton. The specifications vary in length, width, height, and shape. Ming green marble slate is hard, bright in color, rich in special structural patterns, clear and natural. Ming green marble is one of the best stone products, and it is very popular in the international market. Most of them are exported, and there are few domestic sales.

Ming Green Marble Tiles
Ming Green Marble Washbasin

6. Green Onyx Marble

Name: Green onyx marble

Origin: Pakistan

Application: Living room, corridor, bathroom; expressions include straight boards, lines, railings, columns, etc.

Features: The green onyx marble background color is dark green, the layout texture has a yellowish brown texture and root lines, the jade is delicate and the permeability is good.

The color of green onyx marble is green, which is as fresh as the color of nature. It is a rare variety in nature and is widely favored by people; green onyx marble has a delicate and round texture, gentle texture, and good light transmission effect. It will make the whole space full of vitality and full of nature. This can be seen from the pictures of green onyx marble!

Green Onyx Marble Renovation Store

The effect of using a large area of the wall is particularly good, and the sense of luxury is full. Like a gem house.

Green Onyx Marble Flooring
Green Onyx Marble Background Wall

7. Prada Green Marble

Name: Prada Green

Material: Marble

Origin: Italy

Application: Background wall, bathroom, dining table

Features: Like Amazonzite green, Prada Green is also extravagant, but the difference is that Prada Green is more luxurious, like the green sea with choppy waves and bottomless depths. Green marble each block texture is different. The design is to show the unrepeatable nature of nature.

Prada Green Marble Decorative Wall
Prada Green Marble TV Background Wall
Prada Green Marble Wall for Livingroom

8. Ice Jade Marble / Calacatta Green

Color: Green

Texture: Chaotic

Origin: China

Application: Floor, wall, countertop, foot line, etc.

Features: The cold jadeite marble is composed of black, white and green. The abstract texture constitutes an elegant and domineering charm, just like natural jadeite inlaid in marble, like an art decoration.

Scenario Application: Ice Jade Marble produced in China; it is a natural stone with jade quality. The main color combination is black, white, and green. The distribution is uniform. The surface of the board has differences such as black and green.

Ice Jade Marble Background Wall
Ice Jade Marble Sofa Background Wall
Calacatta Green Marble Countertops
Calacatta Green Marble Vanity

Ice Jade Marble is rare and specialize, Jade Marble stone has stopped mining, so for the existing natural Ice Jade Marble, it not only has the ornamental value of mansion decoration, but also has collection value.

9. Imperial Green (Royal Green)

Name: Imperial green

Origin: Italy

Material: Marble

Features: Dark green marble is born with the noble blood of the royal family, showing its dignity and gorgeous fresh and natural green, stunning and charming interpretation of the spring living room.

Application: Mainly used for buildings with high architectural decoration requirements, such as indoor walls, cylinders, floors, stair steps, etc. of large public buildings such as memorial buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations the finishing materials can also be used for stair railings, service desks, door faces, wall skirts, windowsills, skirting boards, etc.

Imperial Green Marble Renderings
Imperial Green Marble Vanity

10. Bamboo Jade Marble

Name: Bamboo Jade Marble

Material: Imported Marble

Origin: Pakistan

Application: Green marble desktop, green marble TV background wall, bathroom, hallway

Features: The Bamboo Jade marble material is very delicate, with good light transmission effect, moist and bright, and natural transparency. The overall elegance is like the vast galaxy, natural freehand, smart, and free and easy, decorating a simple and elegant living space.

Bamboo Jade Marble Flooring
Bamboo Jade Marble Hotel Flooring

Scenario Application: Large area uses Bamboo Jade marble overall high-level atmosphere. Unlike white marble, green marble flooring is more natural and special, and the unique texture makes the whole space higher.

So, the above are the top ten green marbles introduced by George Marble. I don’t know if there is any that you like. If you also like marble, you can continue to pay attention to George Marble and introduce more high-quality products to you. I hope this article will be helpful to you, thank you for reading.

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