Top 10 Pink Stones

Natural stone comes in many colors. Each color has a unique style and texture. The blue one is as healing and charming as the sea. What about the pink one? What is the style of pink stone? What kind of effect does it have as interior decoration? The next article will answer you by introducing 10 pink stones.

1. Pink Onyx Stone

Origin: Iran

Application scenarios: Floor, wall, background wall, desktop, and other decorative spaces.

Features: The first impression of pink onyx stone is often sweet, dreamy, lively, and playful, just like a girl who is in her cardamom age, inadvertently showing a smart and soft mood. Pink seems to be a huge contrast to the hardness and calmness of marble. The light pink, through the elegant neon light, exudes bursts of refreshing and unique breath, the powder is more delicate and harder, pleasing to the eye, natural, harmonious, and translucent pink crystal is fashionable and elegant.

Scenario application: The pink onyx stone material is very delicate, the light transmission effect is good, the color is natural and harmonious, and the decoration is very good.

Pink Onyx Marble Washbasin


2. Pink Agate

Origin: China

Application scenarios:  Interior decoration, wall decoration, floor, washbasin, etc.

Features: Pink agate is embellished in home design, which can show nobility and taste, and each pink agate has a natural and beautiful texture, which is unique. The use of pink agate slice patterns in home design can bring many dazzling forms and create a lot of brilliant visual power for the living space.

3. Pink Rose Marble

Origin: China

Applicable scene: Floor, wall, bathroom, sink, island, etc.

Features: Pink rose marble has an irregular texture, and the stone base color is lighter than the texture color, which looks like a pink rose. Pink rose marble has natural, retro color and low color saturation, which can be easily matched with other stone materials or furniture. If it is used to make a desktop, the decorative effect is very good, and it is a kind of pink stone that many girls will like.

Pink Rose Marble Effect


4. Rainbow Onyx Pink Marble

Origin: France

Applicable scene: Background wall, ground, etc.

Features: Rainbow onyx pink marble texture is clear, color is dreamy. The undulating water ripples add to the mystery of pink marble, like the sunset on the horizon. Decorating the bathroom with pink marble can greatly reflect the presentation of the space. The faint lines are more mysterious and charming in the fog.

Pink Marble Bathroom

5. Light Pink Marble

Origin: China

Applicable scene: Ground, countertop, table, sink, stairs, etc.

Features: Light pink marble has soft tones and rich and varied textures. The material structure is delicate. With white and pink color elements, with a romantic and sweet style, pink marble is especially suitable for families with girls at home.

Pink Marble Table

6. Rosa Lady Pink Onyx

Origin: Turkey

Applicable scene: Ground, background wall, stairs, desktop, etc.

Features: Rosa lady pink onyx has a red line flower mesh texture, the texture is special, and the effect is very amazing as a local decoration. Rosa lady pink onyx is like a plum blossom in a snowy day, gorgeous and elegant. It is very beautiful as a background wall or desktop, and it is a pink marble that will not disappoint.

Pink Marble Slate

7. Flower Pink Marble

Origin: Turkey

Suitable for: Interior decoration, background walls, countertops, floors, etc.

Features: Flower pink marble has good light transmission, with light red background, white shell texture, Flower pink marble pink background and pure white shell texture, so that the space presents a Southeast Asian style, and instantly has the taste of sea breeze, creating a Natural style.

Pink Marble Vanity


8. Rosa Norvegia Marble

Origin: Norway

Applicable scene: Interior decoration, table, washbasin, background wall, etc.

Features: Rosa Norvegia Marble has a pink and white texture, good gloss, versatile color styles, very youthful and beautiful, pink marble is a color that young people like very much, no matter what decoration it is used for, the effect is better than expected.

Pink Marble Countertop

9. Pink Marble Quartzite

Origin: Brazil

Applicable scene: Indoor and outdoor decoration, floor, wall, etc.

Features: Pink marble quartzite is light red, granular structure, delicate material, compact structure, due to the unique crystal structure of pink marble quartzite, it presents colorful and unique pink and texture, with special decorative effect.



10. Pink Onyx Crystal Marble

Origin: Concentrated in Brazil, the United States, Madagascar

Applicable scene: Wall, floor, washbasin, bathtub, etc.

Features: Pink onyx crystal marble is pink because it contains a trace amount of titanium element, with extremely fine and moist grease luster, and impeccable color. Therefore, due to its unique color properties, people have always regarded pink onyx crystal marble as a representative of sweetness, tenderness and innocence, symbolizing romance, elegance, and nobility.

Pink marble can make the whole space elegant and romantic, with exquisite personality. The washbasin, bathtub and wall made of natural pink crystal look charming and dreamy after light transmission.

The above is the introduction of 10 pink stones, so do you know what kind of interior decoration style pink stone can match? Choosing a decorating style that you like is not that easy. After all, the visual effects presented by different decoration styles are different, so it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the choice of decoration style before decoration, to know what kind of decoration effect you want. Next, we will introduce 10 common interior decoration styles, so that you will no longer be confused when doing interior decoration.

10 common interior decoration styles

1. Modern style: In the decoration style, the modern style is a more popular style, which is deeply liked by the public.

2.Chinese style: Chinese style is a decoration style based on traditional Chinese interior decoration. The cost of Chinese-style decoration is relatively high, and most of them are mainly decorated with dark wood furniture.

3. American style: American-style furniture is mostly dark furniture, the characteristics of the space give people an elegant and charming feeling, and it is also a decoration style that many modern young people like.

4.European style: The European style is dominated by magnificent decoration, the shape is more complicated, and the decorative materials are high-end and atmospheric, so it is also loved by many people.

5. Nordic style: The Nordic-style decoration focuses on light decoration and heavy decoration. There is nothing special about the hard decoration of the space. It mainly depends on the soft decoration to distinguish the space and the decoration space.

6. Simple style: The minimalist style is characterized by simple shapes, pure textures and fine craftsmanship on the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and even lamps and utensils.

7.Rustic style: The pastoral style is also a decoration style that is very popular among modern people. Fresh small flowers and fabric elements create a warm home atmosphere.

8. Mediterranean style: The Mediterranean style is a decoration style with blue sky, white clouds, and ocean as elements. The space is mainly composed of blue, white and yellow, and more decorative elements such as arches, mosaics, and antique bricks are used to make the space fresh and natural.

9. Southeast Asian style: The Southeast Asian style is a decoration style with tropical colors and elements as the main decoration. Ceiling fans, rattan, silk curtains and other decorative elements are often used in the space, which looks simple and natural.

10. Mix and match style: The mix-and-match style is also a popular decoration style now. There is no specific style. It is to decorate the space with certain style elements that you like.

How to decide the choice of decoration style?

1. The more important thing is to find the feeling. Through, decorating diary, reading books, flipping through pictures, checking information, pick your favorite style, not sticking to the house type, area, structure, economic affordability, just like buying clothes and shoes, find the style that suits you.

2. Second, the extension from point to surface. For example: you like a certain European-style table very much, you must have it, it shows that you have a soft spot for European-style design, and extend this feeling to accessories, furniture, floor, wall color, lighting, a little extension, From the point to the surface, from the part to the whole, the whole home style is formed.

3. In home decoration, the selection of materials is very important. Just like a decent outfit, the right choice can be the icing on the cake.

A good-looking home decoration starts with the decoration style. If you can choose a good-looking decoration style, the visual effect of the decoration will be very beautiful. Therefore, for those who have never experienced decoration, they must first understand the choice of decoration style, then compare the differences between 10 common interior decoration design styles, and then choose the right one according to their own preferences and the structure of the house decoration style.

The above is the introduction of 10 pink marbles, as well as 10 common interior decoration design styles, and suggestions on how to determine the decoration style. I hope this article can help you, thank you for watching, if you are interested in pink marble or interior design, please contact George Marble.

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