Top 10 Premium Black Stones

As one of the purest colors, black has a strong abstract expression, which transcends the depth of any color. It seems to be the limitation of imagination. In fact, black can be an infinite imagination. Next, I will recommend some black stones, such as black marble, black granite and black onyx.

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I. What is black marble?

Black marble is a kind of marble, but its material is not the same as marble. Black marble is actually black colored limestone used for building decoration materials. Its structure is dense, usually containing some impurities or showing a variety of beautiful lines due to its special structure. Although the hardness is not large, it has a beautiful appearance, is not easy to deform, has high strength, long service life, strong compressive and impact resistance, and stable performance. The main materials of black marble are calcite (content less than 5%), limestone, forsterite (content between 5% and 40%) and dolomite (content more than 40%). The main component of black marble is calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%. Others include magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide.

II. What are the top 10 types of black marble?

1. Portoro Marble

Place of Origin: China, Italy, Afghanistan, Australia

Category: Marble

Classification: Portoro Marble is divided into large patterns, medium patterns, small patterns, etc. according to the layout effect, and can be divided into two types according to the pattern effect, one is fine-grained golden yellow, the other is striped gray and white, the layout effect of Portoro Marble is beautiful, each has its own merits.


Features: The background of Portoro Marble is black, the pattern is golden yellow with fine lines, and the luminosity is good. The basic color is black, and the golden yellow stripes are intermittently distributed evenly in stripes, just like a layer of yellow gold flowers sprinkled on the black satin surface, giving people a sense of stability and nobility, and it reflects the unique richness of Portoro Marble after use. Magnificent, gorgeous and noble, it is a rare gem in stone.

Scope of application: Wall finishes, floors, countertops, pillars and background walls, etc.

2. Silver Dragon Marble

Place of Origin: China

Category: Marble

Features: The texture color of Silver Dragon Marble is divided into two types according to its appearance, black and gray. Black Silver Dragon Marble is a black background with white texture, and gray Silver Dragon Marble is a dark gray background with white texture.

Because Silver Dragon Marble has distinct black and white lines, beautiful shape, elegant and luxurious, and has a high appreciation value, it has been recognized by professional authorities and industry insiders as an ideal material for various modern buildings and luxury residential decoration.

Scope of application: Decorative materials for interior walls, cylinders, floors, etc. of large public buildings such as shopping malls, libraries, airports, stations, etc., and can also be used for stair railings, countertops, door faces, window sill, skirting, etc.

3. Port Laurent Marble

Place of Origin: Tunisia

Category: Marble

Features: The background color of Port Laurent Marble is black, and the texture is simple and neat, like a straight line interspersed in it. The thickness and thickness are harmoniously matched, making the entire layout appear clear, neat, and regular.

Whether it is the color matching or the texture structure, it looks very comfortable and simple. Generous, elegant and concise black and white tones, Port Laurent Marble brings people mysterious imagination and diffusion of thoughts, perfectly showing the luxurious and high-end atmosphere.

Scope of application: Floor, wall, background wall, etc.

4. Black Marquina Marble

Place of Origin: Spain, China

Category: Marble

Features:  Black Marquina Marble’s base color is black, root-like white flowers, good luminosity, easy to glue. The ideal quality of Black Marquina Marble is black background, the darker the better, but this material is generally prone to cracks, and if there are cracks, it must be penetrating.

Scope of application: Bathroom, stairs, etc.


5. Tree Black Marble

Place of Origin: China

Category: Marble

Features:  Tree Black Marble has a clear banded structure, wavy bending, and the rock mass is a granular metamorphic structure with moderate hardness and good gloss.

Scope of application: Tree Black Marble can be widely used in interior decoration, such as door covers, wall skirts, bar counters, Roman columns, indoor columns, bathrooms and handicrafts, etc.

6. Black Galaxy Granite

Place of Origin: India

Category: Granite

Features: Black Galaxy Granite is divided into large sand, medium sand, small sand, and thickness. The commonly used stone for our gate stone is Black Galaxy Granite. The particles are uniform and fine, and the gap is small.


Scope of application: Ground, wall, background wall, countertop, fireplace, etc.


7. China Black Granite

Place of Origin: China

Category: Granite

Features: China Black Granite is the most famous and the most productive granite in Hebei. Later, with the mining and export of other black stone species in China, especially the mining of similar stone species in Shanxi and Fengzhen in China’s black stone mining belt, in order to distinguish them, they were named Hebei black granite and Fuping black granite after their origin.

The black granite mined in Shanxi mine is named Shanxi black granite, and the black granite mined in Fengzhen mine is named Fengzhen black granite. The granites mined from these black mines are all hard granites, which are different from Mongolian black granite of basalt, Fuding black granite and other stone types with lower hardness. China Black Granite is mirror polished, and the luminosity can reach more than 100 degrees. So it is also known as the black mirror.

Scope of application:  Indoor and outdoor decoration of buildings, square paving, municipal garden engineering, dry hanging of external walls, etc.

8. Galaxy Legend Marble

Place of Origin: China

Category: Marble

Features: The background color of Galaxy Legend Marble is black, and the interspersed golden yellow and white textures make the texture of the entire board complicated. Pieces of golden yellow glitter like small stars gathered together. 

Galaxy Legend Marble, like the vast Milky Way, is all-encompassing, mysterious black holes, and intriguing. Whether it is a two-dimensional visual impact or a three-dimensional spatial experience, Galaxy Legend Marble conveys the immortal legend in the world of decoration.

Scope of application: Legend of the Galaxy is suitable for indoor walls, floors and background walls, etc.

9. Black Galaxy Marble

Place of Origin: Spain, China

Category: Marble

Features: Black Galaxy Marble uses black as the base color, with black and white texture, hard quality and bright color, bringing a high-grade, elegant and natural high-grade decoration effect to the space, showing the luxurious style of space taste. For space applications, the Black Galaxy Marble is perfect for modern styling.

10. Tea Color Onyx

Origin: Turkey

Category: Onyx

Features: The typical oriental colors of Tea Color Onyx seem to describe typical oriental culture. The color of Tea Color Onyx is light and elegant, and the texture is crystal clear. Tea Color Onyx is like this, it seems that thousands of years have passed, and hundreds of generations have changed, and the ancient tea ceremony has gathered together.

III. What are the precautions for using black marble?

1. Black marble is extremely prone to scratches

Black marble is the most difficult to conceal stone scratches among all stones. If there are scratches during transportation and installation, or scratches are caused by sand friction on the sole, it is difficult to achieve the same color of the glue, which will affect the later appearance.

Marble with a pure black background will have heavier traces of repair and glue repair, so be very careful in processing and construction. At the same time, the black marble is used for stone polishing. During the grinding process, the sand hidden in the grinding plate can easily scratch the marble, causing the surface to turn white.

2. Small space is not easy to use black marble

Black marble also has restrictions on its use. In some cases where the space is not very large, the use of black materials on a large surface will make the space appear cramped and depressing. Therefore, in the case of small spaces, it is not recommended to use black marble as the finishing material.

3. Black marble has higher requirements for crystallization treatment

When black marble is doing high-quality seamless processing, overall grinding, and crystal polishing, it is often due to the insufficient fineness of the gap glue and the insufficient color of the glue color paste, resulting in the whitening of the gap in the later stage.

4. Crystalline material is easy to corrode black marble

If the black marble encounters corrosive substances, commonly known as burning board, the acidic crystalline material will easily corrode the marble surface and cause whitening.

5. The dirt resistance of black marbleis not high

Black is a color with strong contrast, and the ability to hide dirt is not strong. Dust, stains, and pollution are all easy to show on the black marble, causing the visual effect to be gray, so the early protective treatment is very important.

IV. How to maintain black marble?

  • In order to properly maintain the black marble, it is recommended not to pour acidic substances into the black marble, such as carbonated and alcoholic beverages, grease, wine, vinegar and citrus fruits. If it is accidentally contaminated, it should be removed immediately so as not to affect its polishing effect.
  • When cleaning black marble, mild detergents that do not contain thinners or caustic substances are recommended.
  • Regular polishing and waxing of the surface of black marbleproducts with special waxes can maintain their luster.

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