Translucent Marble Stone—Ultra-thin Marble Stone

Stone is also a great tool for designers to improve the design scheme. Its original texture and unique texture are also a major feature when used properly. Everyone is also changing the use range and characteristics of traditional stone through new technologies and new processes, such as thinner, lighter, bendable and so on. Now, these requirements you want can be realized, just like the ultra-thin marble stone in the ultra-thin that I will introduce to you today, mainly from the following aspects:

  • What is Ultra-thin marblestone?
  • What scenarios can Ultra-thin marble stone be applied to?

Table of Contents

I. What is ultra-thin marble stone?

Is the ultra-thin marble stone a natural marble or an artificial marble?

Ultra-thin marble stone is to use the natural layered marble such as slate and sandstone in nature, and use modern nanotechnology to peel it off. It completely retains the texture and texture of natural stone, which is the crystallization of nature’s ingenious workmanship and contemporary technology, and its natural texture is unmatched by imitation stone materials.

Ultra-thin marble stone is a new type of building material product. It is an ultra-thin marble stone veneer composed of 100% natural marble surface and backboard. This material is ultra-thin, ultra-light, and has a natural stone texture on the surface, breaking everyone’s expectations. The inertial thinking of traditional stone.

What are the classifications of ultra-thin marble stone?

In addition to shale and sandstone, which are naturally layered, contemporary nanotechnology can also extract rough marble. According to the difference of stone, it can be mainly divided into ultra-thin slate stone, ultra-thin sandstone, and ultra-thin marble stone. Ultra-thin sandstone has a wavy texture on the surface, but it is easy to absorb dirt; ultra-thin slate stone has a purer color and higher hardness than ultra-thin sandstone; ultra-thin marble stone has a fine surface texture and the most abundant patterns.

What are the types and specifications of ultra-thin marble stone?

Ultra-thin marble stone can be divided into three types according to its functional characteristics: conventional ultra-thin marble stone, light-transmitting ultra-thin marble stone and ultra-thin marble stone wallpaper. The biggest difference between these three is the difference in the backing material.

In addition, the conventional thickness of ultra-thin marble stone is: 1.2~1.4mm, and the thickness of light-transmitting marble stone is 1.5~2mm. The specific specifications and structure are as follows.

1. Conventional ultra-thin marble stone


The surface of conventional ultra-thin marble stone is slightly rougher, and there are 2 standard sizes: 1220mm × 610mm and 1200mm × 2400mm.

2. Translucent ultra-thin marble stone

The standard size of translucent ultra-thin marble stone is also: 1220mm × 610mm and 1200mm × 2400mm.

02-Translucent- ultra-thin-marble-stone

3. Ultra-thin marble stone wallpaper

The backing material of the ultra-thin marble stone wallpaper is cotton, which can be kneaded like a cloth as a whole, with super flexibility and lightness. Its standard size is: 1220mm × 610mm.

II. What are the advantages of ultra-thin marble stone?

1. Natural

The surface of the ultra-thin marble stone is pure natural marble with natural texture, which cannot be copied.

2. Easy construction

The thickness of the ultra-thin marblestone wallpaper product is not more than 1mm, the flexibility is strong, it can be bent, and it is easy to construct in special shapes (such as cylinders, arcs, etc.) and saves costs and labor costs.

3. Ultra-light

The weight of conventional ultra-thin marble stone is about 1.5kg/㎡, the weight of the light transmission series is about 1.5~2kg/㎡, and the weight of theultra-thin marble stone wallpaper series is about 0.6~0.9kg/㎡, which is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation, and the construction is convenient and saving duration and labor costs.

4. Environmental protection

Marble backplane resin compounding will produce VOC heavy metal content that is harmful to human health. Ultra-thin marble stone production is heated at a high temperature of 120 degrees and cooled to 60 degrees. This process lasted about 4 hours, effectively removing volatile organic compounds. Compound resin, so as to achieve environmental protection. Due to the complex process and high cost, marble cannot do this step to reduce costs.

5. Flatness of the back plate

The resin of the super stone back plate structure is uniform and smooth, the resin layer is not separated from the stone, and it is not easy to fall off on the veneer, which is beneficial to the quality of the stone.

6. Toughness

Ultra-thin marble stone can be bent 360 degrees arbitrarily, and can be arbitrarily shaped. The stone surface does not break or fall off. Ultra-thin marble stonecan be used for curved finishes such as columns and cabinets. Due to the use of low-cost resin, the flexibility of the stone is reduced, but it is easy to break during the bending process, and it requires fine craftsmanship during manufacturing.

7. Stone coverage rate of 100%

The stone has no penetration phenomenon, the stone coverage rate is 100%, and the natural texture of each stone is better preserved after construction.

III. Why can ultra-thin stone be bent?

After the natural stone is separated by nanotechnology, the stone material itself has certain bending characteristics when the thickness is relatively low. At the same time, the separated materials are mostly made of soft glass fiber and glass fiber polyester. The stability of the material during bending is guaranteed.

IV. Why can ultra-thin stone transmit light?

Replace the adhesive and fixing materials such as glass fiber and polyester material with resin with light-transmitting properties, and then lay the ultra-thin marble stone on the tempered glass or plexiglass to increase the strength. The ultra-thin marble stone after lighting has the characteristics of light transmission, and the subtle changes in the texture and color of the stone under the flickering of light and shadow are more obvious, and the visual effect is excellent.

V. What scenarios can Ultra-thin marble stone be applied to?

Ultra-thin marble stone has a wide range of applications. It can be used for indoor and external walls and floors. In addition to conventional stone uses, it can also be used in furniture, lighting, ceilings, bathrooms, etc.

Ultra-thin marble stone is suitable for home improvement spaces, such as background walls, doors, furniture, cabinets, ceilings, bathrooms, etc. At the same time, ultra-thin marble stone is also suitable for tooling spaces, such as interior and exterior walls of villas, hotels, hotels, clubs, bars, nightclubs Wait.

Ultra-thin marble stone can also be compounded on different materials, such as MDF, cement board, gypsum board, metal board, plastic board, glass, acrylic board, honeycomb board, etc.

1. Outdoor application of light-transmitting ultra-thin marble stone


2. Indoor application of translucent ultra-thin marble stone

05-Indoor-application of translucent ultra-thin marble stone

3. Application of ultra-thin light-transmitting marble stone in furniture and finishes


VI. Conclusion

Ultra-thin marble stone has strict requirements on production enterprises, and the processing process is processed layer by layer. With the gradual introduction of ultra-thin stone into the market, we found that this kind of stone saves resources to a certain extent, is safe to use, meets environmental protection requirements, and has a relatively fast construction speed. Therefore, in recent years, ultra-thin stone has been favored by the public.

Although the characteristics and uses of ultra-thin marble stone have been introduced, in fact, there are many uses of ultra-thin marble stone, and its application range is far greater than that of ordinary stone. By compounding ultra-thin marble stone with other materials, it is produced and processed into another new type of plate, which is applied to other aspects of life. Different values are generated according to different applications, thereby creating more social value and economic benefits. This is also the biggest use of ultra-thin marble stone.

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