Types and Applications of Marble Pattern

In the decoration of modern homes, the use of various distinctive building materials makes the decoration more high-grade, especially marble, a beautiful and practical material, which has played a very important role in many families.

Marble has become an important decoration in many places because of its unique texture and texture. And the overall effect of the marble pattern is more respected in many home improvement designs.

Table of Contents

I. What is the marble pattern?

Marble mosaic is a beautiful natural marble painting that people use artistic conception to replace pigments with marble. It mainly uses the natural unique color, texture and material of natural marble, plus ingenious artistic conception and design. Due to the rich and changeable layout effect of natural marble, and the fine texture and moderate hardness of marble, it is very suitable for the processing of patterns. Therefore, most marble patterns are made of marble, so pattern also refers specifically to marble pattern.

II. What is the processing principle of marble pattern?

Using computer aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC), the pattern designed by the designer is converted into an NC program through CAD, and then the NC program is transmitted to the CNC water cutting machine, and various materials are used. The CNC water-jet cutting machine cuts into different pattern parts, and finally, the various marble pattern parts are manually spliced and bonded into a whole to complete the processing of the water-jet marble pattern. The marble pattern is clear and clear, with a strong sense of hierarchy, and there are many varieties of colors.

III. What pattern types does marble pattern have?

1. Divided by shape

- Round marble pattern -


- Oval marble pattern -


- Square marble pattern -


- Rectangular marble pattern -


2. Divided by processing materials

Marble pattern, granite pattern, copy marble pattern, and mixed material pattern.

*Mixed material pattern: A pattern made of different materials. There are marble + granite pattern, marble + artificial stone pattern, artificial granite + artificial quartz stone pattern, marble + metal pattern, marble + tile pattern, marble + shell pattern.

IV. What are the types and applications of marble pattern products?

According to the various uses of pattern products, pattern products can be divided into the following categories.

1. Floor marble pattern

Pattern is widely used for floor decoration, such as hotel lobby floor, shopping mall floor, hotel floor, bathroom floor, presidential suite floor, family living room floor, elevator car and elevator hall and other ground places.


2. Wall marble pattern

Mostly used for background walls, living rooms, hotel lobbies, hotels, presidential suites and other walls. The most widely used wall pattern is the mosaic pattern, especially in European and American countries.


3. Desktop marble pattern, various furniture countertops marble pattern

Improve the decorative grade and artistic appreciation of furniture, and make furniture countertops high-end decorations and works of art.

Arc board marble pattern

A new product in pattern, the application is constantly expanding, and the scope of use is getting wider and wider.

Solid column marble pattern

Making pattern on the surface of the solid column increases the connotation of the column product and makes the column get rid of the monotony and dullness. Solid column pattern includes solid square column, cylindrical pattern, regular polygon column pattern, etc.

Relief marble pattern

Relief pattern is a high-end artwork in stone products. It integrates pattern art and relief art, so that relief pattern has both artistic charms.

Parquet fireplace marble pattern

Make the lintel and legs of the fireplace into a pattern. The pattern fireplace breaks through the style of the traditional fireplace and further increases the artistry of the fireplace.

Parquet furniture marble pattern

Making all kinds of pattern on furniture can not only improve the grade of furniture, but also increase the ornamental quality of furniture products, making furniture a kind of art.

V. What is the decorative effect of a marble pattern?

Marble pattern is a new form of frescoes. It is related to the architectural space and the architectural environment. The common picture is fixed and permanent. The premise of the concept of marble pattern is to consider the space brightness environment, color environment, texture environment, the external environment of the painting, and the architectural position where the pattern is located. If it is the main surface of the hall or the center of the auditorium, it should be based on light colors, using black and white, dark and light color pattern (such as colorful flowers) boards, and use clear layers and blanks to form an elegant landscape ink painting The pattern or landscape pattern not only beautifies the space, but also maintains the layering of the wall and the overall effect of the space. It looks elegant and luxurious, and can increase the depth and intimacy of the space.

Using patterns in sections on a longer wall will have the effect of shortening the length. The use of vertical pattern composition or the use of a high-brightness pattern on the upper part of the pattern will enhance the feeling of space. If the building space is too high, in order to produce the effect of reducing the space, you can do the opposite, and use the opposite method to the space elevation method to design the finish.

Marble pattern is the most fashionable and popular home decoration today, it makes your space unique, more personal and more tasteful! Can be decorated in high-end hotels, villas and indoor floors. The water jet pattern factory can be customized according to customer requirements, and the price is different for different patterns, materials and sizes.

Marble pattern allows the softness of the stone and the smoothness of the curve to be perfectly displayed. It is used in the design of ground decoration, with its unique texture and color, bright lines and elegant and changeable shapes. Different colors represent different moods, show elegant taste, and demonstrate the extraordinary taste and artistic accomplishment of the owner.

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