Typography Design of Marble Stone


Natural marble, because of its natural texture and high-grade texture, is loved by people, and it is also a common material for high-end decoration.

As we all know, natural marble is the treasure of the earth and the product of nature. The texture accumulated over hundreds of millions of years is the object that many home improvement materials are competing to imitate. These natural textures give designers the space to create, giving natural stone a different art. In home decoration, marble is often used in background walls, floors, walls and other places.

The texture of natural marble is natural. Even if it is mined in the same mine, there may be some marble slabs with relatively poor texture and insufficient square size, and these marbles are usually rejected by customers. In fact, as long as the layout design is good, some seemingly bad marble slabs can also make a high-value decorative effect.

Marble stone typesetting design is really important. People have always pursued the beauty of harmony and symmetry. Whether it is obsessive-compulsive disorder or not, harmony and symmetry can give people a comfortable feeling, whether it is architecture or painting, etc. And so on, all pursue the beauty of harmony and balance. Natural marble stone can show the beauty of symmetry through typesetting design, and can also form different decorative art effects with smooth and random patterns.

Table of Contents

I. What are the common marble stone typesetting designs?

1. Marble stone pairing

Marble stone pairing is to rearrange and integrate the texture of the stone. Commonly there are double spells, four spells, eight spells or even more. Two large slabs may be able to spell dozens of schemes, and the marble stones of the same texture are symmetrically spliced. Strong tension and expressiveness, creating a luxurious atmosphere with ease.

Marble stone double-stitched pairing

Marble stone double-stitched pairing has a strong tension and expressiveness, and easily creates a luxurious atmosphere. The high-level sense and atmosphere you want are presented one by one.


Marble stone four-fold pairing

There are V-shaped collages and inverted V-shaped collages for two pieces of marble slabs, and radial and diamond collages for more than four pieces.


2. Marble stone chase line

Marble stone chase line is to splicing the same piece of marble with connected sections, retaining the texture direction of the original marble layout, so that the marble stone texture can be better continued. Marble stone chase line presents the original picture with the most natural beauty. Marble stone chase line has more spatial extension, and the overall feeling is scattered, orderly and imaginative.


3. Marble stone degree of turbulence

Marble stone degree of turbulence, using random placement to reflect the natural beauty of natural marble stone, exquisite designers, typesetters aesthetics and skills, not only to achieve order in chaos, but also the coexistence of design aesthetics. Modern people pay attention to naturalness and randomness. Both marble stone pairing and marble stone chase line may seem deliberate. The random placement of marble stone degree of turbulence may better reflect the natural beauty of natural marble stone.


II. A special marble stone typography design

Marble stone mosaic is a mosaic made by introducing, cutting and grinding natural marble stone into mosaic blocks of various specifications and shapes. It is the oldest and traditional mosaic variety. The earliest mosaic is inlaid and assembled with small stones pasted.

Marble stone mosaic has a pure and natural texture, a very natural marble stone texture, natural style, simple and elegant, and is the highest grade type in the mosaic family. According to its different processing techniques, there are two matte and bright surfaces of two forms, the specifications are square, bar, rounded, round and irregular plane, rough surface and so on.

Decorating walls or floors with marble stone mosaic not only retains the simplicity of natural marble stone itself, but also enriches the patterns. Natural marble stone mosaics are cut into small particles by machine and made by hand. Due to the durability of the mosaic material, it will not peel off and change color due to environmental time. It is a high-end decorative product. Natural marble stone mosaics are durable, never fade features. Marble stone mosaic is widely used in all kinds of building decoration and interior decoration, and it is an ideal high-end decoration product.


Mosaic products are not equal to edge products. For the sales and production of regular standardized mosaic products that are mass-produced and meet market demand on a large scale, or when supplying and producing projects with a large amount of engineering, the general edge material or waste cannot meet its needs. At this time, to carry out the normal mosaic production and supply, then only open large or block material to achieve.

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