What Are the Colorful Granite Colors?


Although most granite is predominantly gray, pink, black, or white, blue and other colorful variations are sometimes available. Blue granite is usually formed from blue minerals such as kyanite (lapis lazuli) or blue plagioclase. This blue color can range from dark blue to light blue, and sometimes even takes the form of spots or stripes.

In addition to blue, colorful granite may contain other colors such as yellow, green, orange, etc. The combination of these colors can create unique patterns and patterns, giving the rock a colorful appearance. This colorfulness makes granite popular in areas such as decoration, architecture, and sculpture to add beauty and personalization to a space.

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I. Blue granite countertops

Blue granite is not as popular as other common granites, as it is relatively rare and not a popular choice among the masses. However, for some occasions where uniqueness, rarity and personalization are sought, blue granite may become one of the popular choices.

Blue was not popular many years ago, but with the modern pursuit of product diversification, blue granite has developed rapidly, and many excellent and stable blue granite materials have emerged. It reminds us of gems, the sky, and the ocean, which makes us no longer obsessed with the tedious things of life, but has a poetic symbolic meaning. Let our home life become more elegant and fashionable.

Blue granite kitchen countertops bring a sense of calm to the outside space. Often compared to the ocean, their swirling patterns induce dynamic movement in kitchen surfaces and add tranquility to bathrooms. Their color intensity and pattern range from deep saturated blues and intense textures to lighter, more muted tones, depending on the look you’re going for.

★ The formation of blue granite

Blue granite is a special type of rock whose blue color makes it different from other common granites. Blue granite is usually caused by changes in the minerals and composition of the rock. A mineral called kyanite is one of the rare ingredients that causes granite to appear blue.

This blue color is usually formed by blue minerals such as kyanite (lapis lazuli) or blue plagioclase as magma cools and crystallizes. This unique blue color is often mixed with other minerals to form beautiful granite samples. The blue color of this rock can vary from dark to light blue, sometimes even with spots or stripes. This rare blue granite is highly prized for its uniqueness and rarity in nature.

1. Bolivia Blue Granite

Origin: Bolivia Plateau
Price: $50 – $70/square foot


Bolivia Blue Granite is a high-quality granite that comes from the South American country of Bolivia. The stone is known for its deep blue hue and unique veining, often with mottled white, gray or black mineral flecks that create eye-catching patterns.

When people mention this material, most people know it as a luxury stone product. Of course, it also has a not-cheap price and enviable appearance. Commercially, people call it granite, but in reality, it is quartzite. Of course, it also has ultra-high hardness and very good physical properties. It is very suitable for use in some villas and high-end hotels. From 2023 to 2025, we believe that this material will continue to be popular and will be chosen by more people.

2. Blue Louise Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $60 – $90/square foot


Blue Louise Granite is a high-quality granite from Brazil. It is characterized by its striking blue color, often varying shades of dark to light blue, sometimes with subtle flecks or veining of gray and white.

The blue background is filled with colorful rust colors, which makes this material look very ancient and historical. At the same time, the clean and fresh blue makes the material feel stylish and modern. In particular, the eclectic appearance gives this material an artistic feel. The use of this material fills your kitchen with art and luxury, making it unique.

3. Amadeus Granite

Origin: India, Finland, Brazil
Price: $50/square foot


Amadeus Granite is a high-quality granite from Brazil known for its unique appearance and elegant color. This granite typically comes in black, dark brown, and light gray colors with fine flowing golden and white veins that create gorgeous and eye-catching patterns.

Amadeus Granite is a medium-grained granite that is predominantly black and gray with beautiful crimson and green tones. It is ideal for those who want a kitchen countertop with dark markings. Like a musical overture, its dramatic textures swirl and flow across its surface, forming dense patterns that look almost like flowing water.

Amadeus Granite adds sparkle and flow to an otherwise static countertop. This is a creative choice for large spaces, as its dynamic blue hue on a pale background may be overbearing for smaller spaces, unless you want a statement countertop.

4. Blue Pearl Granite

Origin: Norway
Price: $50/square foot


Blue Pearl Granite is a well-known granite from Norway. It is mainly dark blue, often with silvery white or gray pearlescent mineral spots, hence the name blue pearl.

Blue Pearl Granite’s distinctive markings look a bit like short brush marks. It contains numerous spots of duck egg blue on a dark gray to black background. As a coarse-grained granite, its feldspar crystals reflect light, creating an iridescent magical effect similar to mother-of-pearl.

This attractive stone with blue tones is a striking alternative to black and white granite. Blue pearls are unique and rare and do come in different undertones. Its pattern is not always dense; some areas of the stone may have lighter blue veins than others, giving it a dazzling look and feel.

5. Brass Blue Granite

Origin: India
Price: $45/square foot


Viewed from a distance, Brass Blue Granite looks like a bird’s eye view of a massive ocean wave. It has a dark background with white spots and smaller gray and black swirls. It is a medium variation granite with blue veins of various sizes on its surface, forming deep and elegant patterns, accentuated by sharp fragments.

This beautiful granite has cool undertones that suit most interiors, especially for those who love blue. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Brass blue granite also contrasts beautifully with gold and copper fixtures, while brass fixtures and decorative accessories will accentuate its natural hue.

II. Colorful granite countertops

Granite, as a rock, can display a wide range of colors and patterns, and thus can be described as “colourful.” This colorfulness is determined by the content and structure of different minerals in the rock. A piece of granite may contain a variety of colors, such as gray, pink, black, white, yellow or blue, etc., which are intertwined to form unique patterns and patterns.

The attractive appearance of this multi-colored granite makes it popular in areas such as decoration, architecture, and sculpture. Because of its colorful colors and beautiful patterns, it is often used on countertops, floors, sculptures or building facades. Its colorful appearance can add vitality and unique charm to a space, so it has a wide range of applications in design.

Colorful granite makes people forget their worries and enjoy simple happiness. At the same time, with the emergence of more and more beautiful granite, and the development of diversified cultures, people began to pay more attention to materials with irregular texture and appearance. At the same time, such materials are diverse, simple to purchase, and often reasonably priced. It can also be combined with cabinets of different styles to make the entire kitchen pleasant and relaxing.

1. Patagonia Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $50 – $80/square foot


Patagonia Granite is a high-quality granite from South America. It is known for its colorful hues and unique texture. Common colors include light gray, dark gray and brown, with black and white veins, spots or patterns.

Obviously, this material is not cheap granite. Generally, people regard it as a luxury gemstone. The tendon distribution is bold and natural, a masterpiece of nature. It fully meets all people’s imagination and needs for luxury stone. Of course, the popularity of this material has made more people’s kitchens no longer ordinary. During your daily cooking, you can enjoy the perfect work of art with luxury stone countertops.

2. Black Fusion Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $40 – $80/square foot


Black Fusion Granite is a striking granite stone. This kind of granite often has a mainly black tone, combined with white, gray, golden and other color spots or textures, forming a unique and layered appearance. Its spots and textures intertwine to create a highly decorative and visually appealing finish.

Although Black Fusion Granite has black letters in its name, we can tell that this material is more than just black granite. In fact, it contains gold, red, white, gray, black and other colors, and is a typical multicolored granite. The high-quality material from Brazil has been recognized by global tabletop manufacturers and suppliers and used in many construction projects with excellent performance. In 2023, this material will continue to receive more attention and love from customers.

3. Sunset Canyon Granite

Origin: India
Price: $40 – $70/square foot


Sunset Canyon Granite is generally warm in color, with a variety of warm tones such as orange, red, brown, and yellow. The rocks, whose names allude to the colors of sunset, often have warm sunset-like tones and textures, making their appearance very unique and eye-catching.

Sunset Canyon Granite’s warm tones and rich colors add warmth and a unique visual effect to the space. It has great movement and will add interest to any room in your home and pairs well with a variety of other design elements. Consider rich, dark walnut cabinets for stunning contrast without the hard black edges.

4. Azul Celeste Granite

Origin: India
Price: $40 – $50/square foot


Azul Celeste Granite is a type of granite from Brazil known for its sky-blue hue. It appears in varying shades of dark to light blue, sometimes with white, gray, or black spots or veins.

From the name alone, you might expect azure granite to have a blue hue, and you won’t be disappointed. A harmonious mix of silver, grey, charcoal and dusty blue intertwine to create a rippled pattern that plays effortlessly across the surface.

This gorgeous stone is a popular choice for modern kitchen remodeling projects and looks stunning paired with chic weathered wood floors and dark cabinets, especially in saturated blue tones.

5. Uba Tuba Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $50 – $90/square foot


Uba Tuba has a warm and earthy color palette, predominantly dark green, often accompanied by metallic black spots and markings. Popular for its deep green color and unique appearance, it is commonly used in interior decoration areas such as countertops, floors, walls and more. Known for its beautiful color and durability, it can withstand scratches from knives and other utensils without losing its original look over time!

6. Verde Peacock Granite

Origin: Brazil
Price: $45 – $50/square foot


Verde Peacock is a unique granite originating from Brazil that is predominantly dark green with varying shades of green, as well as shimmering gray and gold flecks, veins and crystals, sometimes with light green or gold grains structure. This kind of rock usually has a metallic luster and bright appearance, and it may be named after the similar color of the green peacock’s feathers.

Verde Peacock is widely used in interior decoration and architecture due to its unique color and texture. This particular green variant has an iridescent quality, and its vibrant green and metallic flecks make it a common choice for countertops, floors, fireplace surrounds, restroom décor, and more. The look of this rock often adds a luxurious and artistic feel to a space.

III. Conclusion

Blue and colorful granite showcase the magic and diversity of nature. These rare color combinations make these rocks remarkable both in geology and decoration.

These colorful granites are not only geologically significant, but also provide an exceptional choice for architecture and decoration. Their unique colors and patterns can add life and character to indoor and outdoor spaces, becoming the focal point of a space’s design. If you still have any ideas and questions about granite color, please feel free to contact us!

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