What Materials Can the Marble Be Combined With?

Materials are the main material basis of architecture and interior design. The division of space, shape and style are all reflected through the use of materials. A textured space requires an organic combination of various materials to create a dramatic and creative effect.

Marble does not need too much complicated processing technology, it can give people a variety of beautiful experiences with its own patterns. The combination of marble and different materials can give it a better visual experience.

As one of the most widely used decoration materials, marble frequently appears in high-end luxury homes at home and abroad, and its natural texture can bring natural visual art effects. In the combination of marble as the main material, what eye-catching and excellent visual effects will be collided?

Table of Contents

I. Home improvement usage of marble and wood materials

The use of marble and wood in home decoration is the most frequent. For example, most of the furniture is made of wood, and the window sills and floor tiles are mostly made of marble. The combination of the lines outlined by the wooden texture and the marble will make the whole space look more luxurious, and the embellishment and outline of the wooden texture will weaken the cold feeling brought by the stone and highlight the linear artistic sense.

What are the benefits of combining marbleand wood materials?

The use of marble and wood in home decoration is the most frequent. For example, most of the furniture is made of wood, and the window sills and floor tiles are mostly made of marble. The combination of the lines outlined by the wooden texture and the marble will make the whole space look more luxurious, and the embellishment and outline of the wooden texture will weaken the cold feeling brought by the stone and highlight the linear artistic sense.


2. The marble stoneis relatively hard, and the overall feeling is too hard. In order to prevent injury during collision, the edge position is rounded with wood. Compared with marble stone, wood will appear softer, which will give people a feeling of hardness and softness, which is just right.


3. Marble countertops and bases with wood trimming process abandon all complicated and redundant decorations, and combine traditional Chinese elements with modern elements to create a more charming space atmosphere. The vertical wooden stripes can give people a better visual impact and make the items appear more neat and capable.


4. Nowadays, more and more people live in apartments, and children spend more time playing and running at home. Therefore, in order to prevent collision and injury, the process of rounding corners can be seen almost everywhere in today’s home decoration, which can not only avoid collision and injury, but also make the furniture with rounded corners more beautiful. The material has both a hard side and a soft side.


5. The most common combination of wood and stone is a wooden base and a marblecountertop. The texture of the wood is relatively soft. As a base, it can prevent the ground from being scratched during the movement, and the flexibility of the wood is relatively good, and it is not easy to break. Marbleas a countertop, because of its firm texture and relatively wear-resistant, will give people a natural rough and rustic feeling. Combining the two materials, the collision of rigidity and softness can be more integrated with the space environment.


6. In addition to rounding, the edge trimming process can also neutralize the sense of oppression caused by the edges and corners of the marble. The upper and lower sides of the countertop are trimmed. Compared with rounded corners, it inherits the advantages of rounded corners to avoid collision and injury. It also has the original angular material of marble, and the textures of both stone and wood combine to complement each other. The unique texture of wood and the natural pattern of marble do not require too many complicated decorative designs, but only rely on the imprints given by nature to show their unique charm.


II. The home improvement usage of stone and glass materials

Marble is mostly used for the decoration of the TV background wall in the living room. Marble mainly relies on natural lines and texture effects to play a decorative role. The stone decoration theme wall is divided into two kinds: natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone is a natural stone that is polished and parqueted on the wall for decoration, among which slate or schist is a good choice.

The application of materials is relatively concentrated. The large area of light-colored textured wallpaper highlights the visual impact of the painted glass background, while the fully paved solid wood composite floor provides a warm and comfortable feeling for the home. This kind of design space has primary and secondary, which seems to be more holistic.

Glass appears as a screen, wall decoration, background wall or space partition, and has become a wonderful material with great artistic expression in the home space. Clever use of some glass accessories can make your home more lively and refreshing. Cabinet door mirrors, screen mirrors and mirror paintings made of high-grade lens glass are graceful and luxurious, and will also add a bit of elegance to the living room.

Marble is very common in the decoration of stair steps, and the marble wear-resistant texture is also beautiful, which is the first choice for many villas. In the modern simple and luxurious decoration style, it is a very popular practice to match stone stairs with glass railings. Today we will share the common ways of making glass railings on marble stairs!

What are the common ways to make glass railings on marblestairs?

1. Inner and outer facades of marble-clad glass railings

In this way, the glass railing needs to be pre-made as a steel channel foundation, and the marble wraps the inner and outer facades of the glass railing, so that a relatively complete inner and outer facade can be formed. Good integrity and beautiful design. This is also the most common practice of ,marble glass railings now.

2. Marble-clad glass balustrade on the outside and shaped with steps

In this way, the glass railing also needs to be pre-made as a steel groove foundation. The inside of the glass is made of marble steps, the facade outside the glass is made of ,marble, and the outside shape is to follow the steps of the stairs. In this way, the shape of the steps can be better highlighted, so that the glass also has the shape of the steps rising step by step. This is also a much-loved way.

3. Make marblesteps on the outside of the glass railing

In this way, the outer facade of the glass railing can be made of marble or not. However, glass railings also require steel channel foundations.

4. The marblesteps are used as the fulcrum of the proportional railing

This method is relatively simple. The glass railing directly acts as a fulcrum on the marble tread to fix the glass, and the requirements for the foundation are not so high. This method is now used more in public places.

5. The inner surface of the marble is flat, and the glass is directly fixed on the side

In this way, the glass railing does not need to be the steel groove foundation in advance, and only needs to be fixed directly on the inner side with expansion screws after the inner side of the marble is completed. In this way, the fixing screws of the glass railings are clearly displayed outside, and the stairs need enough space.

6. The new combination of steel railings and glass railings

This method is a new model, which has both the transparency of glass railings and the artistic sense of steel railings. It is the preferred method of light luxury style.

III. Home improvement application of marble and metal materials

The collision of marble and metal creates a spark of fashion and high-end. One is cold and arrogant, the other is warm, and the relationship between the two complements each other, not only showing a design style that leads the fashion trend, but also an artistic presentation of a quality lifestyle.

The texture pattern of natural marble, like flowing clouds and flowing water, looks messy, but has a unique rhythm and charm. When matched with metal elements, the luxurious charm of marble is irresistible.


Because the marble texture has distinct layers and rich changes, both in texture and temperature, the metal with a warm luster achieves a perfect fit, bringing a unique visual feast. Even if two different materials, marble and metal, are combined into one soft-packed item, it can show the charm of light luxury without losing agility, and show the extraordinary personal taste of the owner.


The light luxury home made of metal and marble makes the space look fashionable and light luxury, and a touch of ingenious gold always catches the eye inadvertently, and the whole is not dull but full of texture.


In the dining room, white marble and metal collide with fashion and elegance.


In the bathroom design, gold and white marble make the whole space full of brightness and comfort and feeling.

IV. Conclusion

From color, span to the use of materials, the collision of various elements and marble is eye-catching. Even the high-cold marble can release a powerful force, form a visual tension, and awaken the sense of luxury in the home.

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