Why Do People like to Use Marble for Decoration Now?

As the main material of interior decoration, marble is full of classic texture and luxurious and elegant temperament. Marble’s natural texture is the pursuit of fashion. Recombining typesetting and splicing, the texture is melodious and undulating, which brings infinite refinement, fashion and luxury. Today, let’s take a look at the five characteristics of marble and why marble will become the first choice for top home improvement.

Table of Contents

I. Textures: Flowing textures create design surprises for the home

The texture of each piece of marble is different. The marble with clear and tortuous texture is smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, revealing a mysterious and fascinating luxury and extraordinary temperament. Used in every corner, it can bring a visual feast.


The beauty of the symmetrical design of marble

We often say that marble is a high-quality building material, with great inclusiveness, plasticity, a wide variety of marbles, thousands of patterns, and extremely artistic patterns. It is good to play the overall sense of the stone.

Marble has a symmetrical design, also known as Bookmatch, as well as chasing patterns and random patterns. Some marble textures are more directional, and the grains can form radial patterns with impact. And some marble textures have no rules, and sometimes the textures can form a very beautiful pattern. Today, let’s take a look at the beauty of the symmetrical design of marble, which is mainly used for wall design, floor design, etc.

1. Double bookmatch

The pattern has strong tension and expressiveness to easily create a luxurious atmosphere, and you can catch everything you want. The pattern of the marbles is like a mountain and flowing water, like a plain river, like an abstract picture, and also like an animation pattern, which means that only one can feel it.


2. Bookmatch

Two pieces of marble slabs are collaged with V-shaped collage and inverted V-shaped collage. When the area is large, more than four pieces of marble can be used for collage, and there are radial and diamond patterns.


II. Materials: Moving non-renewable natural art into the home

The value of a thing is often proportional to its long formation cycle. Like diamonds, natural marble is an artistic gift of natural evolution and a non-renewable resource. It is precisely because this concept is rooted in people’s hearts that we feel it is extremely precious.

Unlike other materials, the texture of each marble is different. Like the tree rings, it records the changes of nature with its own lines, and marble is famous for this natural beauty. Widely used in the home, it can make the space instantly refined and advanced.

III. Craftsmanship: free creation to meet individual needs

Natural marble has strong plasticity. With the gradual maturity of marble production technology, the current technology can realize various cutting and deep processing of marble, which gives designers more creative freedom and can better apply marble to interior decoration.


Marble Pattern

In the decoration of modern homes, the use of various distinctive building materials makes the decoration more high-grade, especially marble, a beautiful and practical material, which has played a very important role in many families. Marble has become an important decoration in many places because of its unique colour and texture, and the overall effect of marble pattern is highly praised in many home decoration designs.

Marble pattern is the most fashionable and popular home decoration today. It makes your space different, more personalized, more tasteful, and makes you enjoy a noble and comfortable home life. Marble patterns can be decorated in high-end hotels, villas and indoor floors. Marble water-jet pattern manufacturers can be customized according to customer requirements, and the price is different for different patterns, materials and sizes.

Marble pattern allows the softness of marble and the smoothness of curves to be perfectly displayed. It is used in the design of ground decoration, with its unique texture and color, bright lines and elegant and changeable shapes. The different colors of marble represent different moods, show elegant taste, and demonstrate the extraordinary taste and artistic accomplishment of the owner.


IV. Matching: Combining different materials to produce exquisite texture

Natural marble has natural texture and delicate texture, which can be perfectly matched with furniture of different materials such as wood and metal. Marble and metal furniture are matched, and the outline of metal can bring out the hard and full texture of marble, making the home space full of exquisite style.

1. Marble with wood

The use of marble and wood in home decoration is the most frequent. For example, most of the furniture is wood, and the window sills, floor tiles, etc. are mostly stone. The combination of the lines outlined by the wooden texture and the marble will make the whole space more luxurious, and the embellishment and outline of the wooden texture will weaken the cold feeling brought by the marble and highlight the linear artistic sense.

2. Marble with metal

The collision of marble and metal creates a spark of fashion and high-end. One is cold and arrogant, the other is warm, and the relationship between the two complements each other, not only showing a design style that leads the fashion trend, but also an artistic presentation of a quality lifestyle. The texture pattern of natural marble, like flowing clouds and flowing water, looks messy, but has a unique rhythm and charm. Marble is blended with metal elements, and the luxurious charm of marble is irresistible.


V. Trend: marble home fashion has been unstoppable

In this era of advocating nature and a natural way of life, people are more and more seeking to return to nature, preferring to bring home natural elements such as logs, stones, and plants. People who are concerned about fashion should know that there is nothing hotter than natural marble. It is not only active in the fashion, but also an active factor in the home environment.


VI. Conclusion

Marble is exquisitely matched by designers, or luxurious or simple, or timeless or restrained. It represents the solid foundation of a family and the prosperity of a family. All of this is our love for marble, a single love, and a high expectation and expectation for our family. Marble furniture improves the taste of life, feels nature, tastes life, and restores the meaning of life itself.

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