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Bathroom & Washhand
Flooring & Waterjet
Reception & Table
Stone Carving

What You See is What You Get

3D Design affect VS Real Photo
2D flooring
3D flooring
Exterior staircase
Bookmatch flooring
Exterior Wall
Marble table
Reception table
Stone sink
Wash hand
Water fountain

Project Design

No one beats our experience or our innovation. Bring your own designs, choose from ours, or let us create something new for you using our design software automation system. We’ll help you see your ideas come to life with CAD Drawings and both 2D and 3D animation renderings. Our design team stays current on design styles and concepts from around the world, and we are never afraid to innovate or incorporate your ideas. We pay close attention to international trends, so our experienced consultants can help you from start to finish!

Measuring Service

Don't worry
Are you nervous about measuring for all the particulars for your order? Everything depends on accurate measurements, so never worry when you have George Stone on your side. We’ll help you verify your measurements. We may even be able to send an expert abroad to help you measure and calculate your order.
Ask us if you need help taking measurements for your order. We may be able to send a technician to your site.