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What is Onyx Stone?

Onyx is a type of chalcedony, which is itself a form of microcrystalline quartz. Onyx has layers or bands of color that are nearly parallel and straight, which enables expert gem cutters to remove material to produce cameos and intaglios with amazing depth and contrast.

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Onyx is a gorgeous, translucent, natural stone. It is more translucent than marble, making it an ideal stone for lighting or creative purposes. We can find the product that best suits your needs in agate that comes in a variety of colors and textures. 

Work closely with your architect to assist in the preparation of designs and drawings. Using the right materials, modern equipment combined with professional design advice, precise cutting for the perfect look.

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Part of the magnificent collection of natural stones, Onyx marble utilizes thousands of aesthetic possibilities, in a variety of colors and textures, from which we can find the product that best suits your needs.

Pick the Block

Slab Fabrication

We also work closely with your architect to assist in the preparation of designs and engineering drawings. After your approved custom design, determine the best Onyx, and use a stone saw to cut Onyx blocks into raw slabs of the required thickness, or semi-finished products in the shape of strips and blocks.

Slab Fabrication

Made to Measure & Cut

Combined with modern equipment and professional design advice, the raw slab is shaped and cut according to the length and width dimensions required in the custom design with a cutting machine, and the Onyx slab of the specifications you need can be perfectly adapted to the decoration of your home.
Made to Measure & Cut
Cross Cut
The slab texture produced by the cross-cut shows a cross-section of sedimentary veins, swirls formed by veins and layers of stone.
Onyx Cut Cross Cut
Vein Cut
Vein-cut slabs have almost parallel vertical grains, exhibiting lines or layers of deposits of similar hue.
Onyx Cut Vein Cut
 Cross CutVein Cut
Appearance of VeinsVeins and layers of stone in cross section create a swirly or cloudy appearance.The veins run vertically or along the length of the stone slab. Parallel veins run along the entire surface.
ToneCross-cut will result in a mix of darker and lighter shades in the same slab.Vein-cut showcases lines or layers of darker or lighter color in similar shades.
EffectA non-directional surface with various shape designs, often with ornate or cloudy effects. Appears in floral designs, spots, crystals and more.Favors the natural grain of the stone, resulting in a harmonious surface showing continuous and almost rectilinear lines along its path.

Color Collection


Indoor Wall Decoration

To decorate the walls in a perfect way, Onyx is the perfect choice. The beautiful Onyx marble comes in different unique style colors and thus offers many options for home improvement purposes.

It can bring brightness to background walls, washroom and kitchen walls.

Indoor Outdoor 01
Indoor Outdoor 02
Flooring Stairs 01
Flooring Stairs 02

Flooring & Staircase

The reflective properties of Onyx make it an excellent choice for floors and staircase, creating a glow and accentuating patterns that instantly bring elegance to your house.

Countertops & Vanities

Countertops for cabinets and vanities are one of the most popular uses for Onyx, and they’re trending right now!

You can choose from a range of texture and pattern options to complement the rest of your home’s decor.

Countertops Vanities
Countertops Vanities 02
ReceptionDesk&Bar Desk 01
ReceptionDesk&Bar Desk 02

Reception Desk & Bar Desk

Due to the backlit nature of Onyx, this charismatic stone can be found around the world in retail malls and reception desks in places such as hotel lobbies.

At the same time, it will also be applied to the bar counter. Placing lights behind the translucent Onyx slabs creates a beautiful glow effect, making them ideal for reception and bar counters.

Washbasin & Bathroom

Onyx slabs come in white with gray swirls and it’s going to grace the entire bathroom! This striking stone creates a luxurious vibe in this bathroom.

Lighting fixtures strategically placed on the ceiling and bathtub accentuate the effect of this beautiful stone. 

Onyx extends from the wall to the floor, providing a continuous look. The white washbasin is in harmony with the white and gray tones of the bathroom.

Washbasin & Bathroom 01
Washbasin & Bathroom 02
Fireplace 01
Fireplace 02

Fireplace & Background Wall

The Onyx collection offers a departure from the classic living room, with its rich textures and contrasting colors creating a captivating effect. The beauty of agate has been used by various civilizations throughout history.

Today, onyx stone adds an air of elegance and luxury to backdrops and fireplaces. In this way, you can create a dramatic effect by making the onyx slab the focal point of your living room. Also, you can add it to any size, shape and color you like!

Decorative Objects

Onyx is a Quartz based gemstone that really delivers the WOW Factor! It has the most vivid, vibrant colors of all stone types.

This translucent stone works best when backlit. Therefore, it is often used to make decorative objects, with a unique light effect.

Decorative Objects 01
Decorative Objects 02

So why wait? Experience the beauty and versatility of onyx for yourself today!


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