Luxury Black Ink Quartzite for Floors and Walls QT-003

Material Luxury Stone/Quartize
Item NO. QT-003
Brand George Marble
Thickness 15-30mm
Usage Interior Wall and Flooring Decoration
Finishes Honed, Polished, Hydro
Size Cut to Size and Bespoke
Non-standard Size Slabs

Luxury Black Ink Quartzite for Floors and Walls QT-003


Product Details


Luxury Black Ink Quartzite is a black and white marble stone. On the white base plate, the black lines flow freely and unrestrainedly, like an unintentional work after a natural intoxication. Luxury Black Ink Quartzite has a smooth surface, soft texture, beautiful and dignified, and elegant style.

Design Effect

Luxury Black Ink Quartzite's black and white interlaced lines interpret the long-term changes of marble natural stone. With black lines, it is like an ink painting, and it is a beautiful landscape wherever it is placed. Luxury Black Ink Quartzite can be described as the king of cost-effectiveness in the stone industry. It is not only suitable for home decoration, but also meets the requirements of hotel engineering. The extreme collision of black and white has become a classic in design.


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