Luxury Bookmatched Bit Blue Quartzite for Countertops QT-008

Material Luxury Stone/Quartize
Item NO. QT-008
Brand George Marble
Thickness 15-30mm
Usage Interior Wall and Flooring Decoration
Finishes Honed, Polished, Hydro
Size Cut to Size and Bespoke
Non-standard Size Slabs

Luxury Bookmatched Bit Blue Quartzite for Countertops QT-008


Product Details


Bit Blue Quartzite has bright and diverse colors, mainly dark green and light green. The straight texture makes various colors separate from each other and produces a gradient effect, the gradient from dark green to light green, and the gradient from light green to dark green.

Design Effect

The gradient of Bit Blue Quartzite's dark green and light green creates the beauty of the sky and the woods. The bright colors intersect, making the decorations free and unrestrained, bright colors and soft tones, romantic and ever-changing, and has a post-modern fashion sense of jumping.


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