Luxury Bookmatched Calacatta Viola Marble for Countertops QT-001

Material Luxury Stone/Quartize
Item NO. QT-001
Brand George Marble
Thickness 15-30mm
Usage Interior Wall and Flooring Decoration
Finishes Honed, Polished, Hydro
Size Cut to Size and Bespoke
Non-standard Size Slabs

Luxury Bookmatched Calacatta Viola Marble for Countertops QT-001


Product Details


Calacatta Viola Marble is named after the large-scale use of the Bulgari Hotel in New York. Its unique texture and color give this marble a modern feel, which is loved by many designers. 

Calacatta Viola Marble is also called Calacatta Violet because it is one of the Calacatta marbles, with a slight purple color. It is subdivided into Calacatta Viola Violet. Calacatta Viola Marble is just the right amount of luxury because of its elegance. 

The world’s top stone textures and the luxury and diversity of jewelry are combined into the building, and each other’s radiance and beauty are self-contained. From the whole to the part, like a fine product, every detail should be pondered and appreciated. Create a coveted elegant living style.

Design Effect

The texture of Calacatta Viola Marble, with purple patterns flowing in the white series, the texture is natural and swaying, full of simple and elegant beauty, it is very suitable for minimalist, wabi-sabi, French, American, light luxury and other styles of homes. The unique natural texture of Calacatta Viola Marble gives the work a strong modern feel. Many people like it and make it into a dining table and coffee table, and apply it to the island and the background, because it will not be overly flamboyant, but it can also reflect elegance just right The temperament, natural materials and simple and elegant design highlight the natural atmosphere and the taste of the owner.


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