Luxury Pandora Stone for Interior Decoration QT-002

Material Luxury Stone/Quartize
Item NO. QT-002
Brand George Marble
Thickness 15-30mm
Usage Interior Wall and Flooring Decoration
Finishes Honed, Polished, Hydro
Size Cut to Size and Bespoke
Non-standard Size Slabs

Luxury Pandora Stone for Interior Decoration QT-002


Product Details


Luxury Pandora Stone is composed of four colors of gray, white, gold and black, and the texture changes like waves. Natural stone luster, showing artistic and natural style. Integrate Pandora into the space, give the space a sense of mystery, inject a touch of color and fashion into the space, and add a little fun to life.

Design Effect

Luxury Pandora Stone is like the mottled tree shadows scattered by the sunlight through the branches and leaves, clearly reflected on the snow, and like a pool of Baguio flowing slowly under the moonlight. The application of Luxury Pandora Stone becomes the finishing touch of the whole space, like the first ray of golden sunlight in the autumn morning, the whole interior space is vivid and full of charm.


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