main_quartzite blue LX-0025
1_quartzite blue LX-0025
2_quartzite blue LX-0025
3_quartzite blue LX-0025
4_quartzite blue LX-0025
5_quartzite blue LX-0025
6_quartzite blue LX-0025
7_quartzite blue LX-0025
8_quartzite blue LX-0025
9_quartzite blue LX-0025
10_quartzite blue LX-0025
main_quartzite blue LX-0025

LX-0025 Quartzite Blue

MaterialLuxury stone/Quartize
Item NO.LX-0025
BrandGeorge marble
UsageInterior Wall and Flooring Decoration
SizeCut to size and bespoke
non-standard size slabs

LX-0025 Quartzite Blue


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