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Popular Marble Selections


White Marble

White marble is a popular choice for building facades, interior walls, floors and decorative elements. With a white base and a creamy texture throughout, white marble can create a clean and pure look.

White marble, especially calacatta marble, represents purity and peace, can give people a spacious and bright feeling, and add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space.

Grey Marble

Commonly used for countertops, table tops, interior floors, bathroom walls and backsplashes, gray marble can add richness to any space with a subtle sense of grandeur.

Gray marble incorporates neutral tones covering different color ranges. Its shades range from pearl to silver and gray ocher to graffiti.

White Marble
M-JB03L brown marble flooring 164

Black & Brown Marble

Black and brown marble can be contrasted with other colors or materials. Black and brown marble are also available in varying degrees of brightness.

Dark brown marble can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while light brown marble can create a calm and elegant atmosphere.

Blue Marble

Blue marble can create a relaxed, fresh ambiance and give a bathroom a luxurious, elegant feel, pairing well with white or silver light fixtures and accessories.

Repelling water and moisture, blue marble is ideal for wet areas, adding a splash of color and character to a kitchen and giving it a natural, organic feel.

O-LE95Y blue onyx marble166
Green Marble

Green Marble

In recent years, green marble has become more and more popular among modern young people. Green marble gives people a feeling of youth, fashion and luxury.

There is also a refreshing feeling, as if being in nature, which makes people relax physically and mentally, comfortable and peaceful.

In addition to being used for interior walls and bathrooms, furniture made of green marble is also gaining popularity.

Beige Marble

The beige marble is elegant, with the pure romance of white, adding a little more warm and noble. The warm texture and soft colors make it the best match for an elegant space. It expresses grace, magnificence, elegance and delicacy. Easy to create a relaxed and warm home environment.

Beige marble is suitable for decorating walls, floors, windowsills, sinks, and so on.

Beige Marble
More Colors Marble

More Colors Marble

Due to the different impurities contained, the color of marble will be different. Because of this, there are many varieties and colors of marble. Marble is delicate, uniform, bright in color and beautiful in pattern. It is an excellent building material.

Different colors of marble can be used for interior decoration, such as flooring, making countertop, artistic carvings and decorating. No matter what kind of use, it shows an unparalleled style and beauty.

Marble Features

Dense Structure

High compressive strength, not easy to deform or crack.

Decorative Properties

Various colors and patterns give people a solemn and elegant impression.

High Gloss

Easy to clean Low water absorption.

Natural Ingredients

No pollution, environmental protection and health.

Processing performance

Good performance, can be sawed, cut, ground, drilled, engraved, etc.

Abundant resources

The distribution is wide and the price is relatively low.

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Marble FAQs

Is marble porous?

Marble is a natural stone that can be porous, but this depends on the specific type of marble. Certain types of marble, such as Carrara marble, are more porous than others.

Does marble need to be sealed?

Normally, marble usually needs to be sealed to prevent staining and other forms of damage. Large sealed marble helps reduce its porosity and prevents liquids from penetrating the surface. It also helps protect the marble from scratches, etching, and other forms of damage.

Can marble scratch?

Although marble is a relatively hard stone, it is not as hard as materials such as quartz or granite, and can be scratched by materials harder than it. Scratches on marble can be caused by a number of things, including abrasive cleaners, sharp objects, and even certain types of natural stone. The degree to which marble is susceptible to scratches depends on its specific type and finish.

Is marble resistant to high temperatures?

Yes, marble is resistant to high temperatures, but placing very hot objects directly on it is not recommended to avoid damaging its surface or causing cracks.

Will marble be stained?

Yes, marble can be stained. Stains can be caused by a variety of things, including food and drink spills, oil-based substances, and even water with minerals or other impurities.

Is marble countertop durable?

Marble countertops are durable, but their durability depends on several factors, including the type of marble, the thickness and quality of the slabs, and how well they are cared for and maintained. With proper care, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, and cleaning up spills and messes promptly, marble countertops can last for years or even decades.

What is the difference between marble and granite?

Marble and granite are natural rocks, but granite is harder, more durable and more resistant to staining. And marble is more elegant, more sophisticated and more diverse.

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