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Waterjet Medallion

Waterjet medallions are the art of cutting and combining stones of various colors and materials into beautiful patterns using high-pressure water. It can add elegance and class to your walls and floors. Geometric medallions add classical interest while remaining restrained.

Waterjet medallions can produce any design you dream of, from geometric to floral, abstract to realistic. You can choose from a rich selection of stone types, such as marble, granite, onyx, quartz and more.

You can also combine colors and textures to create striking contrasts or smooth blends.

Popular Pattern Selections

Luxury Waterjet Pattern

Waterjet medallions use a large area of stone pavement or wall to create a magnificent visual effect, making the home more noble and elegant. Its different patterns and color matching can decorate the space, adding layers and interest and showing your unique taste and aesthetics.

The luxury waterjet medallions can also choose high-grade marble and other superior materials, highlighting your noble identity and luxurious life.

Modern Waterjet Pattern

Modern style waterjet medallions usually use simple lines and geometric patterns with bold colors and shades of texture, making the space look more fashionable and modern.

Modern waterjet medallions can flexibly use different stone materials, such as marble, granite, quartzite, etc., making the decoration more personalized and diversified.

Waterjet medallion

Waterjet Medallion Features


Manufactured with high-precision waterjet cutting technology to cut complex and detailed designs.


Choose from a wide range of materials, colors and patterns to create a unique and personalized look.


Use in a variety of settings, from grand entryways and lobbies to bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor living spaces.


Made of high-quality durable and wear-resistant natural stone to ensure your medals will last for a long time.


Known for its striking visual appeal and stunning aesthetics, adding luxury and elegance to any space.


Made of high-quality durable and wear-resistant natural stone to ensure your medals will last for a long time.

Discover the modern design and luxurious elegance of the waterjet medallion. Which one do you like?

Waterjet Medallion FAQs

What are waterjet medallions?

Waterjet medallions is a process of cutting different colors, shapes and textures of stone materials into small pieces with a waterjet and then using these pieces to create various patterns and designs for floor or wall paving decoration.

What are the materials for waterjet medallions?

The materials for waterjet medallions can include natural stone materials such as marble, granite, quartz, limestone, slate, etc., as well as artificial synthetic stone materials such as artificial stone and composite stone.

Do waterjet medallions need maintenance?

Yes, waterjet medallions need regular maintenance to maintain their appearance and durability. Generally, it needs regular cleaning and sealing, avoiding exposure to strong acids or alkaline substances.

Are waterjet medallions easy to wear out?

Waterjet medallions are made of hard stone materials, so it is more resistant to wear and tear than other materials. However, slight wear and tear will occur over time, especially in high-traffic areas.

What areas can waterjet medallions be used for?

Waterjet medallions are suitable for various indoor areas, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It can also be used in commercial areas such as hotels, offices, restaurants, etc.

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